Wickets Restaurant, In Bermuda

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Wickets Restaurant

Sports fans can take an away trip to the fabulous Fairmont Southampton Hotel. This is where you can pitch a spot at the wonderful Wickets Restaurant in Bermuda. If you are a cricket fan it is sure to bowl you over.

This is a lovingly crafted sports diner, dedicated to one of the islands most popular games.  It is even named after the wickets, which are protected by the batsman during a match. The interior is awash with sporting memorabilia, with prints of great players and classic games. There is a set of wickets in a place of pride in the lobby of the hotel. The café also looks out on the swimming pool, with breathtaking ocean scenes in the background.

The Wickets Restaurant in Bermuda is a champion place to take the family. It presents the prime regional, Indian and American food, across the board. These cover awesome appetizers, from the brilliant Bermuda triangle fish cake and Fish Chowder to southern fried calamari and smoked chicken quesadilla. Wickets also lay on the yummiest Yellowfin tuna tacos and refreshing Caesar salad.

The restaurant serves up the hottest curry meals with paupadam, spices and rice. It furthermore has Chicken & Ribs, BBQ beef brisket and a line of sandwiches, wraps and burgers, to suit ant taste. This is along with a choice of puddings and desserts, from wonderful Belgian waffles to sweet chocolate cakes from Germany.

When searching for the top sporting restaurants in Bermuda, then this will past the test. You will be perfectly matched to Wickets Restaurant.


Wickets Restaurant has had a long run on the travel site Trip Advisor. It has been batting a thousand with members of the community.

One reviewer said about Wickets:

Look up the Maitre D’ , he is so awesome! Very professional to customers! He is great at his profession!

A fellow member said:

Large restaurant but not cavernous. Right next to the main pool at the Fairmont Southampton. Good and varied menu.

Another reviewer commented:

Had a few quick lunches poolside at the Fairmont Southampton during the recent Bermuda Regional Bridge Tournament. The staff were very accommodating. A  tasty meal at a reasonable price

A fellow review added:

The staff were great. I enjoyed their food – simple, presented well, and good quality.

Wickets Restaurant – www.fairmont.com

101 South Shore Road,

Tel: (441) 238 8000
Fax: (441) 238 8968

Wickets Restaurant

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