Enjoy A Trip to Warwick Pond, Bermuda

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Isolated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda has very little reserves of fresh water, so a pond is always a haven for the fauna, especially native and migratory birds.

Warwick Pond, in Warwick Parish, is the second largest fresh-water pond of the island, after Spittal Pond. It gives its name to the nature reserve in which it is located, a 9-acre area of woodland rich in Bermuda cedars and large allspice trees.

The Warwick Pond is a reserve owned and managed by the Bermuda National Trust that streches along the Middle Road. It was acquired largely with the help of Dennis Sherwin, an American philanthropist. He was a fervent advocate of nature reserves and was a president of the Bermuda National Trust from 1987 to 1990.

In his memory, the reserved was officially renamed Sherwin Nature Reserve in December 19, 2009.

Surprisingly, Warwick Pond’s whereabouts are unknown to many locals and even more tourists. The advantage is that the place is usually very quiet and ideal for those who love to walk in nature as it was intended to be. Bird-watchers will be delighted with the many residents and migratory waterfowls. If you come here during the fall, you will be able to spot barn swallows, and if you are here in winter, you will see common snipes. All year-round, you can also see mourning doves and resident roosters.

Since 2003, walking in Warwick Pond is even easier thanks to the opening of a new walking trail. This was developed by the Bermuda National Trust with the help of Dr. David Wingate, a conservationist. He assisted with the new layout of the trail and the development of signs that explain to visitors all about the fauna and flora around them. You will then be able to identify the habitats of the reserve such as marsh, pond and forest as well as the animals and plants that live there. For example, you will be shown the difference between the native Bermuda Palmettos and the invasive Chinese fan palm trees.

The Warwick Pond itself is equipped with a lookout deck over the pond where you can take a break and enjoy views of the pond.
If you are looking for a more challenging and rigorous hike than the visitors’ trail, the Tribe Road 3 is a scenic trail that takes you uphill and down dales. This road links South Road to Middle Road and offers you rural views of tracks like the Spice Hill Road and the Bermuda Railway Trail. The extensive woodland of the Warwick Pond reserve forms a belt that goes along the entire length of
the railway.

The Warwick Pond reserve is located on Middle Road, at the foot of Longford Road. The entrance  is marked by a Bermuda National Trust sign on Middle Road, at the turnoff to Tribe Road 3. The road is now also connected to the Bermuda Railway Trail. The admission is free and the reserve is opened from sunrise to sunset every day of the week.

Warwick Pond, Bermuda

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