Warwick Long Bay Beach, Bermuda

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Warwick Long Bay Beach

Warwick Long Bay Beach is one of those rare places you fall in love with straight away.

Despite not being a wide beach like its neighbouring Horseshoe Bay on the west, Warwick Long Bay is, as its name indicates, a long stretch of over half a mile of famous Bermuda pink sand.

It might not be one of the most famous beaches on the Island but it is definitely one of the most picturesque. Bordered by low grasses, grape and cedar trees, the beach features many little coves and rocks, and two huge boulders mark its main entrance on the western tip.

There is plenty of space here for everyone on this curvy stretch of sand, especially since the very popular Horseshoe Bay is just a walk away and attracts most of the South Shore tourists. You will not have to look for a quiet spot, the whole beach is a secluded place enclosed between cliffs and the ocean.

Local residents like to come here for early morning jogging, swimming or horseback riding on the path that runs along the beach in the South Shore Park.

The presence of the coral reef at about 60 metres from the shore makes for a great snorkelling beach. The reef stops most of the biggest waves and provides a calm pool for many fish species. Schools of parrot fish feeding near the shore in the late afternoon can be seen from the beach.

Families with kids, however, should be careful as the beach is wide open to southerly winds and the ocean can sometimes turn quite rough. The sandy bottom of the sea can also drop off suddenly and undercurrents are unpredictable.

Having said this, Warwick Long Bay Beach is great for a day out: there is a children playground in the South Shore Park and the facilities of the Horseshoe Bay Beach are only a few minutes away on a sandy path. There you will find toilets, showers and a food concession. During the summer months, a lunch wagon near Warwick Long Bay Beach offers light snacks too.

The beach is easily accessible via a short road winding down from a car park located off South Road and you can park your rental scooter here too. There is also access to the nearby Jobson’s Cove, another one of the beaches in the area. If you choose to come by bus, the beach is on the number 7 route.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful place while you are in Bermuda. It’s located only a few miles from Hamilton, so if you’re ship is docked here or you are nearby, take the time to discover this natural beauty. You’ll not regret it!

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