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There isn’t many places that excels at practically everything they do and the Speciality Inn, on South Shore Road, is one of them. After having been voted the best place for breakfast and lunch in the previous years, it has now won the title of best diner place by the 2011 jury of The Bermudian’s Best of Bermuda Awards. The concept of the restaurant that makes it such a success with locals and tourists alike is an international menu based on Bermudian cuisine with an Italian style.

First, let’s make things clear about the name. Many people get confused and write it Specialty Inn when the actual name uses the Queen’s English spelling of Speciality Inn. Not that it makes a difference when it comes to the quality of the food and the 40 seats are full most of the time.

The Speciality Inn is a favourite of locals and families which is always a sign of quality in Bermuda. What has seduced most of the regulars is the fun atmosphere, the great and generous portions, the small prices and the unpretentious cooking. The Speciality Inn is the best diner on the island because it does good and down-to-earth food, and that’s it. You won’t find any nonsense nouvelle cuisine or experimental dishes, only tasty food that makes you feel at home!

This hasn’t stopped some famous visitors sitting at the Speciality Inn tables, such as actor Clint Eastwood and former US President Jimmy Carter. But these visits have not changed the philosophy of this local eatery which remains serving good food in a nice and relaxed environment. It doesn’t mean that the place doesn’t have any standards, and the quality of service is excellent. A few years ago, a waitress from the Inn was given the Best of the Best Award by the Bermuda Tourism Department for her great work.

The food at the Speciality Inn is just amazing and the choice is impressive too. There are influences from all around the world such as China, India, Mexico, Spain, Portugal and many more. There are many dishes available, whether you want some salad, soup, sandwiches (tuna, bacon, meatballs…), amazing burgers, homemade pasta dishes such as lasagna, barbecued chicken, roasted lamb, as well as 19 different pizzas, calzoni and stromboli dishes. Even more surprising, the restaurant now has a sushi bar with tempura dishes such as the Soft-shelled Crab, and various sashimi, tekami, nigiri and maki-mono.

The Speciality Inn is not only the best diner on the island, it also does breakfast and won awards for it too. The favourite items in Bermuda are the same as for a British breakfast, bacon, cheese and eggs, preferably scrambled. It is usually busy for breakfast, lunch and dinner so be sure that you book your table in advance to avoid disappointment. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will see the selection of desserts on your left, all homemade and that will awake your appetite should you not be hungry. If you can’t get a seat, don’t give up, they are also taking takeout orders so have a taste, that will definitely convince you to book for the next time.

Speciality Inn Bermuda – 4 South Shore Road, Smith’s FL05; 441-236-3133

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