Visit The Wonderful Beaches In Sandy’s Parish

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Sandy Parish Beaches in Bermuda

Sandy’s Parish, in the south west of Bermuda, encompasses Somerset Island, Boaz Island, Ireland Island and a large portion of the Mainland. It was named after Sir Edwin Sandy’s, and tourists can take a trip to one of the many beaches in Sandy’s Parish.

They range from the isolated Hog Bay Beach, considered one of the more exclusive beaches on the island. It is present at low tide and can be reached by walking through Hog Bay Park. This small, compact beach is a premiere spot to go for a swim or go snorkeling. The bay has a broad southern shoreline and a vast stretch of coast. It is also a haven for turtles, due to the grass beneath the water and has rock pools housing crabs.

The appropriately named Snorkel Park is situated on the west side of the parish. This white sandy beach is in the dockyard, close to a popular berth for cruise ships. It is famous for its water sports, with kayaking, paddleboats, and of course snorkeling, among other features. Snorkel Park has a cover charge, but it also provides cabanas, sun chairs and loungers.

The Cambridge Beaches are a collection of private beaches for guests of the luxurious Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa in Bermuda. It covers Morning Beach, with its newly formed body of water and cascading waterfall. This is along with the picturesque Pegem Beach and Turtle Cove Beach. Guests could furthermore comb that section of Somerset Long Bay Beach, with its white sand, where parts can extend for about half a mile.

There are ten beaches at Daniel’s Head, nine of which are private, while the other is open to the public. They are found in an area comprising 17 acres, including nine luxury hotels.

Black Bay, in Ireland Island, is a group of three small beaches open to the public. They are also invariably present at low tide. The waters aren’t deep, making them ideal for swimming.

On the southern point of Ireland Island, you can find Bottle Beach. Tourists can also see that sweet little pubic beach at Callaghan Bay.

These are a number of the outstanding beaches to be found in Sandy’s Parish in Bermuda!

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