Perot's Post Office, Bermuda

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The Perot’s Post Office is a place of great historical significance and a great place to stop off on your moped.

It is a classical government building on Queen Street, at the Par-la-Ville Park Entrance in Hamilton. The site is known for its shopping as well as being a seat of history and learning. The building was named after Mr. William B. Perot, the inaugural Postmaster General on the island.

He held the position back in 1821. Mr. Perot worked as a post man in Bermuda. His duties included covering mail deliveries from the ships which docked at the island. This was before eventually printing his own stamps in 1848. The Perot’s Post Office actually oversaw the introduction of the original set printed in Bermuda. And you can now see where it all happened.

This small quaint looking historical building has practically been perfectly preserved. It looks exactly the same as the day it was first built. The government has carefully managed the buildings upkeep and refurbishment; bringing it back to its former glory.

The building also serves as the perfect outlet to pick up the most recent stamps, as well as being a fascinating tourist destination. It is certain to put its stamp on your trip to Bermuda.

The Bermuda Post Office falls under the domain of the Post Office Regulations 1933 and the Post Office Act of 1900.

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