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Bermuda Cathedral

Visit the spiritual site in Bermuda folk make a pilgrimage to every year; tourists and residents alike. It is the universally admired Bermuda Cathedral. The magnificent Mother Anglican church is also known as The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity.

The cathedral is found appropriately enough on Church Street in the parish of Hamilton. It is a place of great religious and historical significance. This Anglican cathedral was first built in 1844 and is praised for its ethereal architecture. The building was forged from limestone indigenous to the island. It also features adornments fashioned from French Caen stones from Normandy. The cathedral has striking windows, lined with carved stones, cornices; gables and its world famous alter. It is truly a sight to behold.

The cathedral has a stunning sky scarping tower, 143-foot high in the air. It provides an amazing vantage point over the parish and the city of Hamilton. The structure is in the vicinity of the Royal Naval Dockyard and City Hall. This is along with the Great Sound, Bermuda’s North Shore and Front Street.

Bermuda Cathedral has constantly evolved through the years, having undergone renovation and remodelling.  But it has remained an important place of worship in Bermuda, with services held every day.

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