Take In Some History At The Tucker House Museum

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Tucker House Bermuda

Would you like to visit the historical home of one of Bermuda’s most prestigious colonial families? Then why not visit The Tucker House Museum?

It is located on Water Street in the Town of St. George.

The museum is housed in the former home of a merchant, built in the 18th Century. This offers visitors an insight into what life must have been like in Bermuda of the past.

The home now belongs to the National Trust of Bermuda. It takes its name from the man that served as president of the island’s Governor’s Council from 1775 to 1807. His name was Henry Tucker and he lived in this house with his family. They were an influential local dynasty with connections to such luminaries as the islands second Governor and Queen Anne.

The museum is filled with numerous exhibits representing the life of this prominent family. It boasts classical pieces of furniture, family portraits and the finest silver on display. The kitchen meanwhile is a monument to the exceptional Joseph Hayne Rainey.

He was the free man whom, during the American Civil war fled to Bermuda, to escape the Confederates. But the man would later return to the United States to become the first African American male elected to the US House of Representatives in 1870. Rainey’s incredible life is commemorated in the Tucker House Museum.

It is furnished with an all purpose memorial room, deducted to Rainey. The museum has copies of speeches he made while serving in the House of Representatives, amongst other items. They provide visitors with an invaluable opportunity to celebrate both the life of an amazing historical figure and an illustrious Bermudian family.

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