Tom Moore's Tavern is Bermuda's Best Reception Location

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Tom Moore's Jungle Bermuda

The reception plays an important part in a wedding and the choice of the location is not something to overlook. Bermuda is a first choice destination for weddings and there are many venues to choose from, whether you are looking for something classy, luxurious, uncommon or unforgettable.

The winner of this year’s Best of Bermuda Awards by The Bermudian in the category reception location is somewhere with an old-world romance feeling for a wedding a bit different.

The Tom Moore’s Tavern is the oldest restaurant of the island and is often referred as a very appealing place as well as a poetically evocative one. It was named after Tomas Moore, the Irish poet who stayed there when he came to the island as Registrar of the Court of Vice-Admiralty in 1804. At this time, the tavern was a private home belonging to the Trott family. Built in 1652 by Robert Walsingham, the man in charge of the Sea Venture, it took the name of the Walsingham House.

Reputedly, Thomas Moore wrote many of his famous poems while staying in the house and the calabash tree he referred to many times is still standing 180 metres away from the tavern. The building is also one of the finest examples British Bermudian colonial architecture and still in its original state. Inside you can still find some amazing casement windows and an outstanding dining room fireplace so unusual that a replica was built in the United Kingdom for the Empire Exhibition of 1924.

These features added to some great joinery made in shipbuilder’s cedar contribute to the sense of history of the place, making it the best reception location. A wedding’s reception in Tom Moore’s Tavern will without doubt be wonderful and romantic and one that guests as well as the couple will remember for ever. There is enough room for 200 persons to dine or 300 to take part in a cocktail party. Depending on the weather, the reception can even be held on the outdoor terrace..

Of course, a venue on itself is not enough to guarantee the perfect reception and Tom Moore’s Tavern has the advantage to offer great food in English silver, Luxembourg china and German crystal, all of this on top of a  poetic and historic setting. The tavern is specialised in classic French, Italian and continental cuisine, and more specifically in seafood. If you come here during the summer, you will be able to pick your lobster in the big tank outside.

Expect to find every top-notch dishes you would want to eat on the menu. Mussels, salmon, scallops, pasta of the day or foie gras are amongst the choice of first courses. There are also salads and soups including the famous Bermuda fish chowder served with black rum and sherry pepper.

Some of the main courses are reputed to be a bit rich but the Chef specials is just too good to be missed. Anyone liking great food will be delighted with the quail filled with goose liver, morels and truffles, baked in puff pastry. For dessert, the baked to order soufflé of the day is always a success as are the ever changing cheesecakes.

Tom Moore’s Tavern has a unique charm made of a great decor, outstanding service and world-class cuisine. Without doubt, the best reception location for the wedding of your dream.

Tom Moore’s Tavern – 7 Walsingham Lane, Harrington Sound, Hamilton Parish, CR04; 441 293-8020;

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