Things To See And Do In Kings Wharf Dockyard, Bermuda

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 Kings Wharf Bermuda

King’s Wharf is the premier port in Bermuda and the port of choice for the biggest cruise ships that visit the island. Located on the Island’s western tip and is also known as the Royal Naval Dockyard. It was built in the first part of the 19th century as a British Naval base and remained a strategic British military post until the US military established two bases in the 1950?s. The Naval base was on active service until the 1950s, when it was gradually discontinued. The dockyard still handled NATO and British shipping until its total closure in the 1990. But then, for long afterwards, the dockyard fell victim to abandon and neglect. This was till around 1980 at which time the dockyard underwent a total regeneration of it’s facilities and attractions, becoming one of the biggest and best tourist destinations in Bermuda.

Within the six-acre complex of King’s Wharf, you can find everything you need to have a fabulous time. And, all of it in walking distance. The other dockyards of Hamilton and St George’s are easily accessible by ferry too.

History runs everywhere in the Royal Naval Dockyard and one of the things not to miss is the Bermuda Maritime Museum. If you are looking for more authenticity and are not overwhelmed by the mild subtropical Bermuda climate, take a small trek up the 200 or so steps to the top of the world’s oldest cast iron Lighthouse. Your efforts will be rewarded with a splendid panorama of Bermuda and its shorelines – and, of course, you can take a breather in the local tearoom at any time.

Like everywhere in Bermuda, there are various options for everyone and every taste. Another highlight of King’s Wharf Bermuda is without a doubt Dolphin Quest: within the maritime museum. You can swim about and interact with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins – truly a fantastic and educative day out for kids and adults alike.

There’s plenty more to do than just the beach – maybe a trip to the Clocktower Shopping Mall for souvenirs (or discounted British products) or the Bermuda Arts Centre to check out local artists and their works. You could venture outside King’s Wharf complex to visit the Royal Navy Cemetery and Scaur Hill Fort and its park, built in the 1870?s in protection against a feared US attack.

King’s Wharf is a great starting point to discover more of the island: Somerset Island is only a quick stroll away across a 17th century bridge, the world’s narrowest drawbridge. From there, you also get a fantastic view of Cathedral Rocks. And there’s one of Bermuda’s ten golf courses in Somerset – possibly one of the world’s most beautiful places to have a golf club in your hand.

A visit to the Island would not be complete without water-sports and King’s Wharf, like the rest of Bermuda, is the ideal site for snorkelling. The Snorkel Park is equipped with marked trails, floating resting stations and there is a lot to discover: sunken cannons, angel fish, parrot fish, doctor fish – never mind amazing coral reefs!

The park provides entertainment for everyone too, with two amazing slides into water and the Jet Ski Safari. The fun doesn’t stop here. After a day playing in the water, hang around for one of the Island beach parties for an evening of entertainment with food, music and activities for all the family.

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About Kings Wharf Dockyard, Bermuda

Kings Wharf Bermuda Scooter Rental

History of Kings Wharf in Bermuda

Kings Wharf is a name by which cruise line companies commonly refer to The Royal Naval Dockyard. It is a location rich in history, being a former Royal Navy base, covering the West Atlantic. It was involved in many naval engagements throughout history, including the American War of Independence.

It was the British defeat in this war which led to the Royal Naval Dockyard being built. The port played a role in the Napoleonic Wars and the American War of 1812. The Dockyard was also used to protect allied shipping and convoys in the First and Second World Wars. However, in the post war years, the harbour fell into decline, resulting in its closure in 1957. In the 1980’s though, work began to regenerate the Dockyard and turn it into a tourist attraction.

Kings Wharf is now a leading tourist destination. It is the biggest and most visited port in Bermuda, welcoming numerous cruise ships every year. The harbour is situated in Sandy’s Parish, on the west side of the island. It is called the most popular berth for cruise ships arriving at Bermuda. The Royal Navy Dockyard complex covers 24 acres and has a wide range of features and attractions to enjoy. Kings Wharf has seen an additional dock and a marvelous mega-cruise ship dock erected on the site, and there are so many places to visit.

This is the place where tourists can pick up a little something in the all purpose Clock Tower Mall. This is as well as walking round the converted warehouse which has been turned into an artist supply store.

You can take a scenic tour around Kings Wharf and the Royal Naval Dockyard, showing you all the different places to see. These range from the local shops to historical structures and landmarks. This is alongside various contemporary, modern day attractions. If you would like to take a trip around the area and find out some interesting facts, then board the Trolley Train. It will transport you to numerous exciting stops, like Lagoon Park and the centre of the Dockyard district, where the conductor will tell you all you need to know.

You could grab a bite to eat at the high walled Victualling Yard. This is where officers in the Navy picked up food and provisions before heading out to sea. Kings Wharf has exceptional restaurants and bars, where you could eat and have something to drink by the waters edge. It is also known for its nightlife.

This beautiful berth boasts an operational boatyard and marvelous marina. It has various gorgeous beaches for you to visit. These include the pink sandy beaches on the southern shore that Bermuda’s famous for. There are also numerous stunning scenic views. You could travel to the northern shoreline, where you can take in the islands of Great Sound and Cavello Bay, by travelling down Harbor Road.

There are many wonderful excursions to be had. The berth has many places of interest. Tourists could take a ferry to Hamilton Harbour and see the capital, Hamilton City. They could visit Somerset Village and Somerset Bridge. This is alongside the Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, the longest standing cast iron lighthouse on earth. There is also Horseshoe Bay Beach and Fort Scaur, a fort on a hilltop, dating back to the 1870s. Many people visit the Heydon Trust Chapel, a historical cottage built in 1616. There is also the Heydon Trust. It is a stretch of beautiful parkland, with a bird sanctuary and a glorious garden. It covers 40 acres and has stunning ocean views.

Visitors can view historical houses, in pastel shades, dating back to colonial days. This is as well as viewing the homes of the rich and famous. You could also observe the local greenery and plant life and take in the spectacular scenery.

If you would care to witness the beauty of the local marine life up close, then you should visit Dolphin Quest. This fabulous attraction gives you the chance to see, touch and feed these marvellous creatures and watch them perform. You could also make your dream of swimming with dolphins come true, or ride on a super cool underwater scooter with dolphins swimming alongside you as you go. Many people also take a glass bottom boat tour of the waters off Kings Wharf, so they can observe marine life in their natural habitat.

If you love history, you could take a tour of the fascinating Bermuda Maritime Museum. Its premises inhabit The Keep, a historical key fort house on the dock. It has been renovated to house many interesting exhibits, documenting the history of the island. There are numerous other reminders of Bermudas past located across the island. The Royal Naval Dockyards and Kings Wharf contain a number of long standing historical forts, which have endured for centuries.

History buffs could visit Casemates, one of the longest standing structures on the island. It was originally a Marine barracks and later one of the most prominent prisons in Bermuda.

The island has a selection of nautical and ecological excursions for the whole family. You can learn all about the sea by visiting an aquarium or nature reserve. Bermuda is known for its water sports, such as sailing, yachting, swimming, diving, scuba diving and snorkeling. The island is furthermore famous for its reef, coves and ship wrecks, explored by tourists, treasure hunters and the curious alike.

If you wish to observe contemporary island craftsmanship you could pay a call on the Dockyard Glassworks or the Bermuda Clayworks. If you are a lover of the arts, there is the amazing Bermuda Arts Centre. It has the work of local and international painters and sculptors on display. There are many fabulous museums in Kings Wharf.

You could visit The Bermuda Craft Market, the biggest craft marketplace on the island, offering clothes, jewellery, glassware and items of woodwork.

The Bermuda Rum Cake Bakery has a delicious choice of cakes and confectionery containing that well loved local ingredient, rum.

If you would like to round out your day with a movie, you could attend the noted Neptune Theatre. This well known cinema is found in the Victualling Yard.

This is just an idea of the many wonderful things to see and do in terrific Kings Wharf. This is the perfect place to spend your holiday in Bermuda. Why not check it out for yourself?

Snorkel Park is a beautiful white sandy beach in Sandy’s parish, on the west side of the island. It is found in the Dockyard, close to the busy terminal where cruise ships dock. This family friendly attraction has a tunnel made of limestone by the entrance. The waters aren’t deep, making it just right for swimming. There are also numerous underwater pastimes available.

For instance, you can ride an underwater scooter and, obviously, go snorkelling. You can hire you all the gear you need at Snorkel Park. You can also set off on a Jet Ski safari. There are also many fascinating varieties of fish and marine life to observe, when you visit Snorkel Park Bermuda

If you are feeling hungry, then grab a bite at The Dockyard Pastry Shop. It is just a short step away from the Vitualling Yard. It offers its patrons a choice of delicious pastries, sweets and puddings, made fresh every day. You can choose from the finest teas and coffees, from English breakfast to an exciting cappuccino.

Customers could have some sandwiches and scones on the terrace. You could also have a little wine or a beer with your lunch. There is a vast selection to choose from.

Bone Fish Bar & Grill is a cool new restaurant which has just opened in the Dockyard, near the ferry terminal. The eatery has the striking Great Sound as a backdrop and offers tourists and island residents alike an extensive menu, for a pleasant nights dining.

The Freeport Seafood Restaurant is a family owned establishment in Royal Naval Dockyard in the west end of Bermuda. It is known for its fantastic fish and seafood and occupies a space which has existed since the 19th century. It now houses a contemporary bistro with a wide menu, cocktail lounge and internet access. It is considered a warm friendly place, held in high esteem by the locals.

Hammerhead’s Bar & Grill is a popular terraced bar on Snorkel Park Beach. The place on Maritime Lane, Dockyard lets patrons have a drink on the shoreline, while taking in the beachfront scenery. You will then know what it feels like to be at an island party. It is the perfect place to have a beer or a cocktail and a little something to eat. This is while enjoying the live music and watching the sun go down.

You could have a dreamy dessert, cone or sundae out of Nanninis ice cream parlour at Royal Naval Dockyard.

Tourists could go for a drink at The Frog & Onion Pub, close by the ferry terminal, Heritage Wharf andKings Wharf. This is a one of a kind establishment occupying a Cooperage dating back to the 1700s. The frog and Onion has four dining rooms, a bar, a beer garden and a patio area. You could take in theVictualling Yard and the classic structures made of stone in the background.

Whatever time of year it is, you could pick up what you need at Chezar’s Changing Seasons. This is a seasonally themed store in the Clocktower Mall. It offers products appropriate to the specific period. This is the place to buy suntan lotion, swimsuits and diving gear in the summertime. However, it also sells Christmas decorations, ornaments and gifts in the festive season. It is the store which provides for its customers 12 months of the year

If you are a lady looking for the perfect fashion accessory, then you can find it at Luxury For Less. It is an outlet in the Clocktower Mall with a wide range of items, from necklaces and earrings to bracelets, scarves and handbags.

If you are a tourist to Bermuda and you need a prescription, or you require medication replenished, then you can rely on The Dockyard Pharmacy. It is an efficient stop in the region of the Royal Naval Base dockyard. The Pharmacy will renew prescriptions on line too. It will also supply you with sunscreen, lotion or travel pills, whatever you may need.

If you are a surfer you will find a choice of products and clothing related to the sport at Makin’ Waves. They have a broad spectrum of shirts, hats, towels and rash guards, amongst others. It can gear out anyone looking to ride a wave. There are three branches of Makin Waves, but the premiere site is to be found on Front Street in Hamilton.

Football fans can find a premiere league of sports products at Sidekicks in the Clocktower Mall. This is the place to choose from a selection of soccer jerseys, scarves, flags and hats from all over the globe. Whatever team you support, you could find something bearing its name in this store.

The Littlest Drawbridge Gift Shop is an elegant gift emporium offering distinctive hand crafted mementos of the Royal Naval Dockyard. You could pick up souvenir vases, pens, bowls and goblets. There are also cedar oils, cones of incense and gift bags. They often contain Cuban cigars, fashion accessories such as jewellery and handles made of cedar, to name but a few.

For the most stylish ladies clothing in a design of Thailand, come to Orchid.

Grand Bazaar supplies customers with unusual gift items, specific to Bermuda. A great deal of the stock is imported from Turkey. They are comprised of bags, custom made jewellery and ceramic gifts painted by hand. This is alongside island hanging lanterns and mementos inspired by the local waters, amongst others. You will feel like you are in an exciting market place in Bermuda.

Bermuda Triangle is a wonderful store to get lost in. It has an exceptional choice of products, particular to Bermuda. They are often in the styling of an island cottage, all in pink. You won’t see wood carvings in the design of a doorstop, box or tropical fish anyplace else. They are additionally painted by hand, which makes Bermuda Triangle a truly unique gift shop.

Looking to pick up that little something special, or buy something for that special someone in your life? Whatever the occasion, you will find the perfect piece of jewellery at E. R. Aubrey Jewellers in the Clocktower Mall. The store has been open since the 50s and offers Destination Bangles and the Bermuda Lucky Stones. This is along with the most dazzling diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, Mexican fire opals and more.

There is a fellow noted jellewer to be found in the Clocktower Mall. It is also the site of Crisson Jewellers, a family based venture which has been operating since the twenties. The store is renowned for offering excellent watches and fine jewellery at a bargain price, lower than the American rate.

If you are on the lookout for the most stylish ladies fashions from the hottest spots around the globe, then you will find it at Calypso. This is your one stop for in Bermuda for the latest clothing from London, Milan, Paris or New York. You could then have the newest clothes this season.

The Bermuda Shop is a compact gift souvenir shop in the Clocktower Mall run by a Bermuda artist and chef. It lets you pick up a reminder of the island to take home with you. You can look over artwork while having something to eat and drink. The Bermuda Shop also offers such products as souvenir bone china mugs, mats, hand towels, soap, handbags, jewellery, Banana Dolls and more. (Do check out our Bermuda shopping section for more information about shopping in general in Bermuda)

If you believe in healthy living, there is a fantastic stock of health and beauty products, alongside toiletries items, available at Caesar’s Health Store. But there is more to this health shop in the Clocktower Mall. It will provide holiday makers with all the provisions they need, from sun tan lotion and beach clothes to snorkeling equipment. This is also the spot to try some authentic Bermuda tea, alongside interesting sauces and spices. The shop is moreover known for its delicious cookies, cakes and desserts, made right there on the premises.

Visitors wishing to take a scenic tour of the Royal Naval Dockyard and go sightseeing often go toFantasea Tours. It is a large tour and water sport provider that has been offering trips round Bermuda for two decades. The outlet is what travelers choose when they wish to go swimming, diving and engaging in water sports. This is along with chartering a yacht, among other exciting activities.

If you are searching for the greatest selection of informal sportswear, decide on Davisons of Bermuda. They have a line of top quality T shirts, cotton shirts, shorts and jackets for both male and female customers.

Dockyard Linen and Crafts in the Clocktower Mall is just the place to pick up a souvenir of Bermuda. It has a cross section of stylish but low cost keepsakes. These range from island table cloths and tea towels to place mats and bun warmers, among other items. They can be the perfect reminder of your trip.

You can find the most attractive fragrances at the appropriately named The Perfume Shop in the Clocktower Mall. There is a vast collection to select from, when looking for the perfect gift.

One of the biggest names in retail in Bermuda is AS Cooper & Sons. It is a chain with outlets in different locations, from the City of Hamilton and the Clocktower Mall. They offer gift ideas and island mementos, such as tiny intricate models of regional landmarks and structures. This is in addition to selling glass ware and jewellery fashioned by locals and a line of accessories.

If you appreciate regional art, you could visit the Lisa-Anne Rego Gallery in the Clocktower Mall. It showcases the work of the prominent Bermuda artist Lisa Anne, who paints in oil and pastels. Miss Anne attended the Glasgow School of Arts in Scotland, UK and her work was featured in the Masterworks Foundation of Bermuda, where she was artist-in-residence.

Fairtrade Bermuda is a family owned gift shop run by a married couple. It offers souvenir items like jewellery, charms, wind chimes and animal figures fashioned from wood which are imported from Indonesia. This is along with retailing clothing, furnishings, arts and crafts and incidentals, at reasonable prices.

When looking for the best products for kids, be it toys, books, clothing or new shoes, amid many more, come to Daisy & Mac in the Clocktower Mall.

Phew! Well, that’s just SOME of the amazing things to do and see in and around Kings Wharf Dockyard Bermuda if you are disembarking from any of the major cruise ships visiting Bermuda this year!

The Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda is a former historical Navel outpost, reborn as a major tourist attraction!

A great many cruise ships currently arrive at the Dockyard. It boasts many wonderful attractions for people to go and see.

Be sure to stop into the Visitor Information Centre close to the Ferry terminal, where you can find out all you need to know about The Royal Naval Dockyards.

Cruise Ship Calls to Kings Wharf in 2014

The Royal Naval Dockyard In Bermuda

Kings Wharf is an important berth in Bermuda. It welcomes a wide range of cruise ships, bringing thousands of passengers every year.

Cruise ships have been arriving at King’s Wharf since the season began in April. The opening month saw two visits from the Explorer Of the Seas on the 21st and the 26th of the month. The Grandeur of the Seas also paid a call on the 28th of April.

They will be joined by such impressive cruise ships as the GTS Celebrity Summit, the Vision of the Seas, the Legend of the Seas and the AIDAluna. They will be making several visits to the island throughout the season.


April 2014

Mon 21/22 800 1600 Explorer of the Seas 3 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Sat 26/26 745 1600 Explorer of the Seas 4 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Mon 28/29 1000 1500 Grandeur of the Seas 1 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA

May 2014

Thu 01/02 800 1630 Summit 1 King’s Wharf CEL BVI/CAP MA
Mon 05/06 800 1600 Explorer of the Seas 5 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Wed 07/09 800 1630 Summit 2 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA
Sat 10/10 745 1600 Explorer of the Seas 6 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Sun 11/13 1500 1800 Grandeur of the Seas 2 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA
Wed 14/16 800 1630 Summit 3 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA
Mon 19/20 800 1600 Explorer of the Seas 7 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Wed 21/23 800 1630 Summit 4 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA
Sat 24/24 745 1600 Explorer of the Seas 8 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Sun 25/27 1500 1800 Grandeur of the Seas 3 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA
Wed 28/30 800 1630 Summit 5 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA

June 2014

Mon 02/03 800 1600 Explorer of the Seas 9 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Wed 04/06 800 1630 Summit 6 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA
Sat 07/07 730 1600 Explorer of the Seas 10 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA
Sun 08/10 1500 1800 Grandeur of the Seas 4 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA
Wed 11/13 800 1630 Summit 7 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA
Fri 13/15 1830 1500 Vision of the Seas 1 King’s Wharf RCI CHA/CHA MA
Mon 16/17 800 1600 Explorer of the Seas 11 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Wed 18/20 800 1630 Summit 8 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA
Sat 21/21 745 1600 Explorer of the Seas 12 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA
Sun 22/24 1500 1800 Grandeur of the Seas 5 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA
Wed 25/27 800 1630 Summit 9 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA
Mon 30/01 800 1600 Explorer of the Seas 13 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA

July 2014

Wed 02/04 800 1630 Summit 10 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA
Sat 05/05 745 1600 Explorer of the Seas 14 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA
Sun 06/08 1500 1800 Grandeur of the Seas 6 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA
Wed 09/11 800 1630 Summit 11 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA
Mon 14/15 900 1700 Explorer of the Seas 15 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Wed 16/18 800 1630 Summit 12 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA
Sat 19/19 745 1600 Explorer of the Seas 16 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA
Sun 20/22 1500 1800 Grandeur of the Seas 7 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA
Wed 23/25 800 1630 Summit 13 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA
Mon 28/29 800 1600 Explorer of the Seas 17 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Wed 30/01 830 1630 Summit 14 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA

August 2014

Sat 02/02 745 1600 Explorer of the Seas 18 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA
Sun 03/05 1500 1800 Grandeur of the Seas 8 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA
Wed 06/08 800 1630 Summit 15 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA
Mon 11/12 800 1600 Explorer of the Seas 19 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Wed 13/15 800 1630 Summit 16 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA
Sat 16/16 745 1600 Explorer of the Seas 20 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA
Sun 17/19 1500 1800 Grandeur of the Seas 9 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA
Wed 20/22 800 1630 Summit 17 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA
Fri 22/24 1830 1500 Vision of the Seas 2 King’s Wharf RCI CHA/CHA MA
Mon 25/26 800 1600 Explorer of the Seas 21 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Wed 27/29 800 1630 Summit 18 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA
Sun 31/02 1500 1200 Grandeur of the Seas 10 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA

September 2014

Wed 03/05 800 1630 Summit 19 King’s Wharf CEL CAP/CAP MA
Fri 05/07 1830 1500 Vision of the Seas 3 King’s Wharf RCI CHA/CHA MA
Mon 08/09 800 1600 Explorer of the Seas 22 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Sun 14/16 1500 1200 Grandeur of the Seas 11 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA
Wed 17/17 900 1700 AIDAluna 1 King’s Wharf AID NY/NAS BSA
Mon 22/23 800 1600 Explorer of the Seas 23 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Sat 27/27 745 1600 Explorer of the Seas 24 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Sun 28/30 1500 1800 Grandeur of the Seas 12 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA

October 2014

Wed 01/01 900 1700 AIDAluna 2 King’s Wharf AID NY/NAS BSA
Mon 06/07 800 1600 Explorer of the Seas 25 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Sat 11/11 745 1600 Explorer of the Seas 26 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Sun 12/14 1500 1200 Grandeur of the Seas 13 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA
Mon 20/21 800 1600 Explorer of the Seas 27 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA
Sat 25/25 745 1600 Explorer of the Seas 28 King’s Wharf RCI CAP/CAP MA 

November 2014 

Tue 11/12 1130 1530 Legend of the Seas 1 King’s Wharf RCI BAL/BAL MA

Those cruise ships paying a call to this bustling dock in 2014 include


Aidaluna Cruise ship in Bermuda Oct 2011

The stunning Sphinx class cruise ship Aidaluna looks set to cause a storm. It will be making a scintillating visit to Bermuda. The superstar of the British American Carnival Corp will moor at Heritage Wharf, on Thursday the 27th of October.

The cruise ship will reach its destination at 0800 for an amazing all day adventure.  Sightseers step off the ship and travel round the island, enjoying its many attractions. They range from the finest cafes and restaurants to the hottest shops and bars. Then, when 1700 rolls around, they can head back to the Aidaluna, and sing the islands praises.

The Aidaluna has been in service since 2009, when it made its maiden voyage. She was built at the Meyer Werft shipyards in Germany and registered in Italy. The vessel has 13 beautiful decks. It can carry up to 2,100 passengers and has a crew of 607.

Explorer of the Seas

Explorer Of The Sea

The vessel will dock at 0900, allowing passengers to go ashore and have an excursion. There is so much to see and do on the island. You could take in the scenery, walk round the shops or sit down to dine. This is before heading back to the cruise ship for its 5pm departure on the 10th of April.

The Explorer of the Seas is part of a fleet of five Voyager class vessels. The ship is the property of the US Norwegian line called Royal Caribbean International. It was built at Kværner Masa-Yards Turku, Finland in 2000 and was registered in Nassau in the Bahamas.

The Voyagers class are among the biggest cruise ships in the globe. The craft is over a thousand feet in length and has fifteen decks. It weighs a huge 137,308 gross tons, has a crew of 1,180 and ferries over 3000 passengers. The Explorer of The Seas has a three propeller propulsion system, hitting speeds of around 23 knots

The cruise ship has a beautiful Royale Suite, restaurants, state rooms and cabin. It is also committed to science,   with its own oceanographic lab, ran by the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, at the University of Miami.

GTS Celebrity Summit

Celebrity Summit

The magnificent GTS Celebrity Summit will be bringing scores of tourists to Bermuda through the cruise ship season. The millennium class vessel is based in New York and is owned and operated by Celebrity Cruises.

The GTS Celebrity Summit was first built in 2001 by the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in St. Nazaire, France. The ship was initially christened the GTS Summit, but was later renamed the GTS Celebrity Summit in 2008. The cruise ship has an imposing gross tonnage of 91,000. She is approximately 965 ft in length and has 11 decks. The ship can transport 2,450 passengers in total and has a crew of 999. The vessel can also make the incredible speed of 24 knots. This is due to having a propulsion system comprising of diesel electric twin Rolls Royce Mermaid azimuth thrusters.

The GTS Celebrity Summit was originally registered in Liberia, Monrovia in 2001. It was then registered in Bahamas, Nassau a year later and finally in Malta, Valletta, from 2009 to the present day.

The cruise ship has won praise for its exceptional interior decoration, impeccable service and modern conveniences. These range from a fabulous restaurant celebrating the history of cruise ships, to a relaxing spa and conservatory. The Summit is also known for its striking glass elevators, music library and Internet connection in the cabins, amongst other features.

The GTS Celebrity Summit has also been acclaimed for its distinctive restaurant, featuring actual ornaments and panelling from the historical ocean liner the SS Normandie. It was the greatest passenger ship in the world in 1935. The GTS Celebrity Summit continued in the same tradition by going through a major overhaul in 2012. She added 60 new staterooms and Solstice-Class features to increase her size.

MS Grandeur of the Seas


The MS Grandeur of the Seas is becoming something of an old friend to Bermuda and you can expect further visits from this glorious cruise ship in 2014.

This beautiful Vision class vessel is truly a sight to behold. She is run by Royal Caribbean International. The ship was first constructed at the Kværner Masa-Yards Hietalahti shipyard, in Helsinki Finland, in 1996. The vessel was registered in Nassau in the Bahamas.

The MS Grandeur of the Seas has a grand tonnage of 73,817 GT and is 915 ft in length. She extends across 11 decks and can carry up to 2,446 passengers. You will be well cared for by a crew of 760. The ship furthermore has a diesel electric two shaft propulsion system and can make speeds of up to 22 knots.

The cruise ship offers various attractions like whirlpools, a jogging track and a spa. There are also numerous bars and restaurants on board to make your trip more enjoyable.

MS Vision Of The Seas

Vision of the Seas

The cruise ship the MS Vision Of The Seas will be quite a sight when it arrives on the Bermuda shoreline this year.

The MS Vision of the Seas is a Vision-class vessel ran by Royal Caribbean International. She was initially built by the Chantiers de l’Atlantique Saint-Nazaire shipyard in France in 1998. She later underwent a dry dock refit in 2012.

The MS Vision Of The Seas now has a gross tonnage of 78,491. She is 915ft in length and is complete with 10 passenger decks. The ship can hold 2,416 passengers and has a crew of 765.

The ship has many wonderful features on board. They range from themed bars and lounges to an outdoor saltwater pool. It has a choice of indoor and outdoor whirlpools and a solarium. There is an exterior atrium called the Centrum and an outdoor cinema screen. This is along with having a fitness centre and a rock climbing wall, among other facilities. Passengers could also play at the Casino Royale, when the ship is in due clearance of land.

The Legend Of The Seas


The MS Legend of the Seas, the sister ship of the Splendour of the Seas, will be travelling to Bermuda in 2014. The Vision Class cruise ship is owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd and operated by Royal Caribbean International. She has the distinction of being the furthest traveled vessel in the line.

She was built at the French Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard and has been in service since 1995. The ship was initially registered in Liberia, Monrovia in 1995 and then Nassau in the Bahamas in 2002. The MS Legend of the Seas made its maiden voyage in May 1995. She has 11 decks and a gross tonnage of 69,130. The ship has a crew of 720 and has the capacity for 2,074 passengers. She can also hit speeds of 27 knots.

The cruise ship has many fabulous attractions to enhance the enjoyment of its guests. These include having a mini golf course, a rock climbing wall, a spa and a fitness centre. The ship has its own cinema, theatre and shopping mall. It has various themed bars, a piano bar, a disco and a huge dining room called the Romeo & Juliet, alongside other features.


There are many wonderful things to see and do in Kings Wharf. These take in everything  from art and culture, to festivals and tourist attractions. There are also many places in the area to go shopping, have something to eat and drink or take in the sights. You could have an amazing time at Kings Wharf, visiting such incredible features and attractions as

Snorkel Park Beach

Snorkel-Park Beach

Snorkel Park Beach in the Royal Naval Dockyard is famous for its fabulous water sports, amazing activities and incredible entertainment. There is so much to experience; you almost won’t know where to begin.

This well loved vacation spot has an extraordinary selection of events to make your trip more enjoyable. For instance, visitors could attend a brilliant Beach BBQ. This is where you could try the most delicious regional seafood, have some US style burgers, pork or a salad if you prefer.

Tourists and island residents could also let their hair down by sticking around for the Island Beach Party. This blistering event for all ages features an excellent program, boasting the best in island entertainment. These range from having live music to a display by the greatest Gombey dancers around. This is along with having a fantastic Fire Limbo Show and a performance by the Island Dance Troop.

The Island Beach Party is held on a Monday, Tuesday and Saturday night. Guests could then visit the BBQ buffet, have a Swizzle gratis and admission to a nightclub. Snorkel Park Beach is also famous for hosting Sundays Live evenings, where audiences can listen to top live bands and groups from the island.

Snorkel Park Beach is furthermore the place to have some `Fun In The Sun` every weekday. The program covers a cross section of activities. They take in everything from having contests to build the best sand castle to playing volleyball and giving lessons on snorkeling.

Wednesday is also a fun night at Snorkel Park Beach. This is when guests could sample the stunning Spit-roasted Beach BBQ, as well as experiencing ‘Hump Day’ Happy Hour. They could also choose from the munchies menu and try a refreshing specialty drink.

These are merely an idea of the various activities and entertainment options available to you at Snorkel Park Beach.

Bone Fish Bar And Grill Restaurant

The Bone Fish Bar & Grill is a hot new restaurant in Dockyard, close to the Ferry Terminal. It is a blistering island bistro, breathing in the brisk Great Sound. This is the place to go eat when you first arrive at Bermuda.

This super cool establishment is located in a convenient spot on the waterfront. The Bone Fish Bar and Grill has been getting rave reviews for its laid back ambiance and incredible variety. Holiday makers and islanders can stop in for lunch or dinner. They can be seated inside, or on the patio, as they check out the impressive menu.

This brand new restaurant brings you excellent seafood and meat dishes. This is along with its home spun pasta meals, prepared by a prize winning chef. It also has the finest wine from Italy, and thirst-quenching draft beer.

There is also a beautiful range of puddings and desserts for you to enjoy. If you would like a mere trifle, or eat an ice cream while looking out at the docks, then come to The Bone Fish Bar and Grill.

This is one of the hottest new restaurants in Bermuda, and it’s found right on the dockyard. It’s clearly the place to be, there are no bones about it.

Frog And Onion Pub

Frog And Onion Hamilton

The perfect place for a pint in Bermuda is the Frog and Onion Pub in Sandy’s – an old cooperage and a victuallers which is ideally located for a refreshing break from shopping or sightseeing at the Royal Naval Dockyard.

Named so, because it was founded by a Frenchman (the frog) and a Bermudian (the onion), the building is a fascinating and historical place and has been preserved phenomenally well.

The old furnace of the cooperage (an old-style factory where barrels and kegs were made) is the great fireplace and center piece of the pub. The pub’s sheer size include the old victuallers (a word not used much these days which means a source or place of food and other provisions).

The Frog & Onion was opened in 1992 (the cooperage was built in 1853) and has seen massive success and growth to become ‘Bermuda’s most unique pub’ even if that is self-titled.

The pub also calls itself a victualler which is fitting as it does supply great food and drink and a great testament to the history of the place.

Its location is perfect for tourists as it is in the Royal Naval Dockyard, and a pleasant walk from King’s and Heritage Wharfs and the ferry dock too.

There are four dining areas in the pub and it caters for sports fans, where large televisions screens are installed so fans can watch soccer, baseball, American football, hockey and, well, just about anything – as long as it’s sports!

There are two al fresco eating areas – the beer garden and victualling yard, where you can feel the history of the place in the surroundings of the old stonework. There’s also the Admiral’s Room, which is perfect to hire out for your own private function, and the pub also has its own shop, where you can buy all manner of pub-branded and non-branded goods and gifts.

The pub is Bermuda’s only on-site brewery, the Dockyard Brewing Company, which ferments all sorts of delicious home-made beers. It really is a great place to visit for real beer enthusiasts. It currently has five brews on the go:

  • A Whale of a Wheat
    Light and refreshing German-style beer with German only hops.
  • St David’s Light
    A  Pilsner style beer, it is crisp and dry with euro-flavoring. Ideal with light snacks.
  • Somer’s Amber Ale
    The company’s proudest output. It’s a traditional English Bitter and can be enjoyed with friends – or alone!
  • Trunk Island Pale Ale
    An IPA (Indian Pale Ale), a style of beer that is rather British but first brewed in India for British soldiers. It goes with any food.
  • Black Anchor Porter
    A rich, dark ale with a history as old as Britain itself. Goes extremely well with meat dishes.

The pub also has a great pub-food menu and offers a menu with a particularly British feel. Fish and chips, pies and sausages are plentiful, and there are plenty of seafood dishes. There’s also other-than-British dishes which include pizzas, pastas and fried chicken. They offer a vast selection of sandwiches and salads and there’s a particularly great children’s menu too.

The Freeport Seafood Restaurant

Freeport Restuarant

If you walk through the gates of the Royal Naval Dockyard, in the west of Bermuda, you could grab yourself a table at the Freeport Seafood Restaurant.

This is the family run bistro in Sandy Parish dishing up superior steak and seafood, for a perfect evening dinner. The restaurant has a warm and welcoming feeling; filled with maritime souvenirs and nautical works of art. Customers could also sit out on the patio, or relax in the garden. These are the appropriate surroundings to have the finest fresh fish for lunch, or when sitting down to dinner.

You could have some traditional fish and chips, or a range of fish sandwiches. This is as well as the popular Freeport seafood platter, Broiled Bermuda rockfish, lobster tail or the well known Wahoo. If you are in the mood for a steak, tuck into a good old T-Bone, a rack of lamb and the greatest Rib-Eye steaks. The eatery moreover brings you the best pasta and curry dishes. They are made from lamb, chicken or fish and served with rice. Diners could additionally feast on a satisfying burger platter, with French fries or crispy chips.

The Freeport Seafood Restaurant has been an enduring presence on the island since the close of the 1800’s. It was initially a commissary for dock workers having lunch. Although it was not until the end of the Second World War that the Freeport become a public restaurant. The premises were then taken over by new owners in the 1980’s and it underwent massive expansion. This led to the creation of the exciting Cocktail Lounge locals know and love, where you could try one of their fabulous cocktails.

The Bermuda Dockyard Glassworks

Bermuda Glassworks

How would you like to crystallize your experience of Love Month in Bermuda by taking a trip to the Dockyard Glassworks? It is located on the Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandy’s Parish, and holds tours on a Thursday afternoon between 2 pm and 4 pm.

This provides you with a unique opportunity to watch these great artists at work. They will put on an absorbing display, highlighting their expertise at glass blowing. The staff of the Dockyard Glassworks will show you how they create these wonderful items, and leave you with a romantic memento of your visit. These may range from a wide variety of treasures, such as a heart shaped glass structure or a striking Love Bird statue, also blown from glass. These fine souvenirs, as well as the fascinating display of glass blowing prowess, are available free of charge.

The Bermuda Dockyard Glassworks is renowned for being a premiere location for glassware production on the island. If you are looking to pick something up with a distinctive regional flavour, then it has a large selection to choose from. They range from items of jewelry to pitchers, plates and more.

Visitors to the Glassworks can see how these wonderful items are made. Take a seat in the comfortable armchair theatre and observe highly skilled lamp workers, bread makers and experts in flame work, creating this immaculate glassware.

The Lennon Dockyard Memorial Concerts

Lennon Dockyard

It is a well known fact that the late John Lennon, of the Beatles, had much love for Bermuda. Therefore, it is only fitting that the island pays tribute to the greatly missed musician, by holding a concert in his memory; called Lennon Dockyard.

This is a recurring event which has been held every Thursday at the Bone Fish Grill since May. It features performances from the noted tribute act The Glass Onion Band. They will be giving their own renditions of various John Lennon songs. These range from Beatles hits, to songs from his solo career, many of which were composed right here in Bermuda.

It is felt the island may have stimulated Lennon’s creativity, and led him to start penning songs again. This was after the self imposed retirement he took from music in 1975, in order to bring up his son Sean. Lennon even took the title of his last album, Double Fantasy, from an island flower he learned about during a trip to the Botanical Gardens.

Bermuda is now staging weekly memorial concerts on Kings Wharf, as an ongoing tribute to a musical giant that was taken away far too soon.

The Bermuda Arts Centre

Bermuda Arts Centre

The Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard is the place to experience the exciting, ever changing world of art from in and around the island.

It covers the vast artistic landscape of Bermuda. The exhibitions are amended and refined every six weeks. This guarantees that they are always on the cutting edge. Tourists and locals alike can savour in the finest works of art in the region.

Located on the Dockyard in the west of Bermuda, The Art Centre boasts a multitude of artistic styles on display, including classical watercolours. It is also famous for its many `Themed` exhibits, providing home grown artists with a platform to experiment with different mediums and subjects. All under the guidance of The Arts Centre.

If you would like to know more about the many wonderful art works on display, then come to the Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard.

Scaur Hill Fort & Park

Scaur Hill Fort & Park

Another popular historical site in Bermuda, serving monuments to its military past, is the striking Scaur Hill Fort & Park.

It is the site of a former army fort which has been converted into a tourist spot and playground. It is the perfect spot to take in a stroll. You can now fish at the fort as well as have a picnic, alongside other activities.

The Scaur Hill Fort & Park is situated on the west of the island, in the parish of Somerset. It is close to the city of Hamilton. The fort dates back to the 1870’s. It was built as a stronghold to defend the Royal Naval Dockyard. The structure still has ramparts offering glorious views of the Great Sound and Ely’s Harbour.

Visitors can walk around the old rooms of the fort and the still standing gun emplacements still standing. People can also observe the moat which formerly surrounded the fort. It has now been filled in and turned into a floral garden, boasting the most beautiful greenery. These are just a few of the stunning sites which await you at Scaur Hill Fort & Park in Bermuda.

Bermuda Maritime Museum

Bermuda Maritime Museum

The Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandys Parish is the first port of call of many tourists to Bermuda and it is a great place where to start your visit of the island. Among the many attractions of the complex, the Bermuda Maritime Museum – also called the National Museum of Bermuda since 2009 – is a great resource for whoever wants to know more about the maritime history of the island.

The building that hosts the Museum is called The Keep and was the fortress that was originally protecting the dockyard. It is the largest in Bermuda with walls 30 feet high and it covers a surface of 10 acres of land. Inside this museum officially inaugurated in 1975 by Queen Elizabeth II, you’ll find the most extensive artifact collections of Bermuda as well as historic exhibits.

Visitors are greeted by a 3-meter high statue of King Neptune standing on the parade ground. The original figure comes from the wreck of the HMS Irresistible that sunk 1891 and it was rebuilt in limestone. There are six buildings within the walls of the fortress, the Queen’s Exhibition Hall, the Forster Cooper Building, the Shell House, the Shifting House, the Boat Loft and the Commissioner’s House.

One of the island’s most important buildings is the Commissioner’s House. The Georgian house dating from the 1820’s is thought to be the first cast-iron structure built in the world. It was restored and saved from dereliction by the restoration of the museum and consists of a ground floor made of limestone and brick rooms dedicated to the island’s military history; and two floors featuring mahogany mouldings where exhibits off Bermuda art.

Thanks to the different exhibits on at the Bermuda Maritime Museum, you can learn about the creation of the Royal Naval dockyard, the dangerous reefs that got sailors giving Bermuda the name of Isle of Devils, you will see collections of over 2000 antique bottles collected around the island and some precious items found in 16th and 17th centuries shipwrecks, especially the famous Pectoral Cross recovered by most known Bermuda’s diver Teddy Tucker in 1955.

You can also walk around the defenses, including ramparts and seven bastions, lettered from ‘A’ to ‘G’, that defended the fort and were mounted with 32-pound and 24-pound cannons, 8-inch shell guns and 6-inch BL barrels, that were designed by the Royal Engineers to have panoramic views of Bermuda and the Atlantic Ocean.

Crisson Jewellers

Crisson Jewellers Bermuda

Bermuda is known for two main things, its splendid beaches covered of pink sand and its luxurious lifestyle. Hotels and resorts are not the only examples of the quality and richness of Bermuda, there is also a famous and world-wide recognized jeweler on the island. Crisson Jewellers is the first choice for locals and visitors alike and has been so since the opening of its first shop in 1922.

This year it was given the award of Dazzling Diamonds by the Best of Bermuda Awards of The Bermudian. The Crisson family and their graduate gemologists travel the world to source and select the best diamonds, choosing only those of exceptional cut and purity. For over 80 years, they have work with the leading cutters and sightholders on the planet making the name Crisson a synonym of quality and value.

Crisson Jewellers are the best Bermuda’s shopping has to offer, combining taste, sophistication, style and luxe. You can find every style of jewelry here, whether you are looking for some classic pieces or more into cutting-edge fashion jewels and objects d’art. In fact, Crisson has the biggest and largest collection of diamonds in Bermuda, including some wonderful seasonal Bermuda-inspired jewelry and charms, engagement and wedding bands. No wonder it was voted top of the category Dazzling Diamonds by The Bermudian.

The reputation and the excellence of the jewellers mean they are Bermuda’s exclusive retailers for many worldwide leading designers and jewelry brands. Pandora, Roberto Coin, Cento Diamonds, John Hardy, and Mikimoto are among the dozen of names that can only be found at Crisson.

Crisson Jewellers also are the official Bermuda retailer of Rolex. Along the most famous brand of watches, the jewellers offer some models from most of the finest watches in the world, mainly Swiss ones. With 14 brands including Tag Heuer, Festina, Seiko, Ebel, Casio, Maurice Lacroix, and Swiss Army, Crisson is the only place in Bermuda where you will get such a choice of watches. Their collection even includes designs by David Yurman, one of America’s finest jewellers whose signature cable bracelet is a sterling silver and 18-carat gold twisted helix.

A diamond is certainly the most famous precious stone, usually synonym of love. This stone is the one that transform women into wives and that last forever. Each of them is unique and special and that is why the purchase of a diamond is something very special. The experience and the professionalism of every member of staff at Crisson is a guarantee that your purchase of a dazzling diamond will be rewarding and pleasurable. They will also do everything they can to help you find the jewelry or the watch that suits and complement your personal style.

Being the best place in Bermuda to find dazzling diamonds and other jewelry, Crisson has many branches spread out on the island. The main stores are in Hamilton, two in Front Street and one in Queen Street. In addition, there are Crisson stores in St. Georges, on Water Street, in the Clocktower shopping mall at the Royal Naval Dockyard and in some hotels such as the Fairmont Southampton, the Fairmont Hamilton Princess and the Elbow Beach Hotel.

There is always an occasion to celebrate and what best than a dazzling diamond or a piece of jewelry to do it! If it means something to you, you will find something for every special occasion at Crisson.

Daisy & Mac

Dasiy And Mac Bermuda

Clothes for kids are not what they used to be and fashion has reached them as much as it did adult clothing. They are now more than a necessity, they have become a mean to express the kid’s and its parents’ personality. Long forgotten is the time when kids wore bland clothes because all that they would do would be to soil and wreck them.

Thanks to Daisy & Mac that was voted best kiddie couture boutique in Bermuda, any kid can be turned into a fashion icon and wear stylish clothing. In this shop located on Queen Street, Hamilton, parents can find practically anything they want to dress their children following the last trend. Daisy & Mac offer a choice of over 30 quality brands, some specializing in kids clothes like Baby Bjorn, Baby Banz or Go-Go Babyz, and others being the kid’s branch of famous names such as Diesel, Laura Ashley or Ralph Lauren.

The best kiddie couture place in Bermuda cater for all ages and has items for babies and children from newborns up to 16 years old. More than just a clothes boutique, it is a lifestyle boutique where parents can buy clothes as well as toys, gear, furnishing and accessories for their little one. Of course, everything is in fashion here, and the place is only for trendy babies and children!

What probably helped  Daisy & Mac to be voted the best kiddie couture place 2011 by The Bermudian is the fact that along the items that you would expect to find in any other kids shop, it stocks unique and specialized items. Some examples are colourful hand painted furniture sets or little artisan King & Queen training potty chairs.

The store itself is a like a magical universe, a wonderland full of toys and other accessories like books, puzzles and other developmental toys. Daisy & Mac takes the well-being and education of the children seriously. That’s why they offer a line of wooden, non-toxic and hand crafted toys as well as sensory engaging products that allow babies to develop different skills early. There is also arts and crafts items for school.

The storefront with its hot pink and apple green logo will attract children and mums alike who will be charmed by the shop known in Bermuda as the biggest little store in town. Children will be seduced by the many toys and accessories while parents will remember how it feels to be a kid and taken back to their childhood.

The team at Daisy & Mac do everything they can to assure that you will find up-to-date and fashionable products. They are always travelling the world from a children’s retail trade show to another in search of the most innovative and high quality items. Daisy & Mac is trying to cover all aspects of children’s lifestyle, from elegant French handmade cashmere sweaters for little fashion icons to baby gear aimed at making easier the life of busy and active mums.

Kids need more than just toys and clothes, they deserve the best and there is no reason why they can’t also be looking good. Fashion is not only for adults and the best kiddie couture shop Daisy & Mac proves it!

AS Cooper & Sons

As Cooper and Sons, Bermuda

 It was a time when fashion was only accessible to the rich and famous and when the rest of us had to watch them in television and magazine, dreaming we could wear something a bit like their clothes and accessories. Fortunately, it has become easy for everyone now to wear fashionable  clothes and Bermuda is no exception. We love fashion here and the offer on shops has something for everyone.

Fashion is so part of the island lifestyle that even teenagers can be dressed following the last trends. We all remember that it is not an easy age and probably many of us wished they had a shop where friends and family could have bought us some fashionable clothes. Memories of ridiculous and childish outfits featuring teddies, rainbows or huge flowers still haunt many people!

Teenagers today have less to worry because fashion designers are looking out for them. In Bermuda, the best trendy wears for teens of 2011 was found to be at A.S. Cooper’s Express. The store located in Washington Mall, in Hamilton, came first of the category in the Best of Bermuda Awards voted each year by The Bermudian.

A.S. Cooper’s Express is one of several stores belonging to A.S. Cooper & Sons Ltd. In the spirit of the company, the teens collection put the accent on the quality and the value of the clothing. With more than 100 years experience in trading, A.S. Coopers understands its customers and knows that fashion for teens must combine design and functionality. Yes teens want to be dressed in style, but they don’t want to be scared of using their clothes, neither do their parents! They are at an age when they can easily feel uncomfortable in their own skin, so they certainly need to feel at ease in their clothes.

The A.S. Cooper’s Express store in Reid Street, at the entrance of the Washington Mall, stocks top designer brands, some exclusive to children such as Rare Editions, specializing in girl’s dresses; French Toast, specialized in school uniforms; and My Michelle. The store also has clothes and accessories from well-known brands like Esprit, DKNY and Polo Ralph Lauren.

People in Bermuda recognize that A.S. Cooper’s Express is among the best when it comes to trendy wears for teens as well as style, wear-ability and value. Parents will like the quality of the bright and trendy clothes while teenagers in the know will be relieve to have found a place where they can get dress in a fashionable way. Girls will fall in love with the wall covered in accessories of all types and available in all colours.

A.S. Cooper & Sons is pretty much a household name in Bermuda and the first shop was open in 1897 by Alexander Samuel Cooper. He bought the stock and trading rights of the Bermuda Shipping and Supply Company and started by selling a bit of everything, from mosquito nets to onion seeds. The stock was gradually extended to include items in crystal, silver, ceramic and Wedgwood china, but also clothing, jewelry, perfumes and Bermuda souvenirs.

Fantasea Diving

Located on the 9 Beaches Hotel and Resort in the Parish of Sandy, the Fantasea Diving and Watersports Centre offers many opportunities to discover and explore the amazing reefs of Bermuda, but also to enjoy its crystal-clear blue waters.

From snorkeling, scuba-diving and snuba – a cross between snorkeling and scuba-diving where the air comes through to a hose connected to tanks on a boat – to jet-skiing, para-sailing, kayaking and cruises from where you can swim, Fantasea is a must.

Diving is the core of Fantasea activities and you can either rent equipment, take a course (discovery or certification), go on a 1-tank or 2-tank dive afternoon, or take part in a snuba adventure.

The PADI Discover Scuba Lesson and Dive is a 2.5 hours course that starts with an introductory lesson on the fundamentals of diving, followed by a practice session. You will then go on a guided dive with the instructor in shallow waters (35 feet maximum). The course suits beginners and certified divers who need a refresher after two years without diving.

The Bermuda Snuba Adventure will take you to the 9 Beaches and let you experience the wonders of diving without any of the heavy gear. You will be able to discover the beauty of coral reefs without needing a previous diving experience.

Different types of boat tours take you to the best snorkeling places: catamaran coral reef snorkel tour, glass-bottom boat and beach snorkel tour, Bermuda triangle shipwreck snorkel tour, power snorkel tour and night snorkel tour.

The catamaran tour takes place aboard the Aristocrat, a 55-foot vessel with a capacity of 50 people. On the way to your snorkeling destination, you can relax and sunbathe on the fore-deck, or in the shades of the salon and bar in the cockpit. The catamaran is also equipped with changing rooms and fresh water showers.

A 45-minute cruise will take you to a deep blue oasis surrounded by fringe reefs to explore to your leisure. The dive is under the supervision of instructors ready to give you the best advice to make it a memorable experience.

The glass-bottom tour is a shoreline cruise to the Sea Gardens and the wreck of the Vixen. You will have the opportunity to spot turtles and many varieties of fish before heading to a small beach where you can choose to snorkel or relax. Another tour aboard the same Looking Glass takes you to above a shipwreck site and to a reef where you can snorkel.

The Power Snorkel is a tour where you snorkel with an Aqua Scooter, skimming just below the surface faster than you could ever swim. Finally, discover the other side of the marine life with a night snorkel expedition for which you will dive with your own undersea dive light.

The Heydon Trust

Heydon Trust Rose

The Heydon Trust manages a stunning private park and gardens in the Parish of Sandy’s in Bermuda. It is also home to the Island’s smallest church.

One of the largest parks in Bermuda, its 44 acres of phenomenally lush and well-kept gardens are a pleasure to enjoy and, although being of great size, is a hidden gem for tourists. The park also hosts 10 fairly small historical buildings and is home to Bermuda’s smallest chapel, the charmingly tiny Heydon Chapel, built around 1620.

Today, the parks and its contents including the preservation and management of the buildings are overseen by the Heydon Trust. The Trust is named after Jeremy Heydon, a very wealthy man and part of Bermuda’s government in the early sixteen hundreds.

The park has an abundance of flower gardens including especially wonderful rose gardens, citrus groves and a bird sanctuary. The trust employs only one paid, professional gardener, to maintain the park although scores of Bermudians help to maintain the park and gardens drawing particular pleasure from its serenity.

There are many great walks throughout the park with benches dotted around in well-positioned viewing points, so visitors and rest their legs and enjoy the scenery and ambiance.

One path through the gardens leads visitors to the Heydon Chapel, the uplifting, petite stonework building that is Bermuda’s smallest place of worship. It sits on a well-maintained hillock with calming views over Heydon’s Bay towards the ocean.

The church was donated by the Church of England and is still a very active place of worship, with nuns from the Community of Jesus undertaking a morning chant service known as Lauds from Monday through to Saturday.


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