Things To See And Do In the City Of Hamilton, Bermuda

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City Of Hamilton Bermuda

Founded in 1790 and named after the Island’s governor, Henry Hamilton (from 1788 to 1794), whose ancestor was Mary Queen of Scots, Hamilton is rich in history and is most certainly a port to consider if you plan a cruise to Bermuda.

Hamilton is the only city in Bermuda, and with an area of only 75 hectares, it is one of the world’s smallest capital cities. It is also smaller than the historic town of St George, which is located on the northern tip of the island. Although the number of residents is estimated between 1,500 and 1,800, about 40% of Bermuda working population spends the day in Hamilton, bringing the numbers to around 15,000 people.

Roads are busy and you should know that visitors can’t hire a car in Hamilton or anywhere else on the Island. This means rental scooters are the most convenient way to travel around Bermuda and allow you to avoid rush hours and traffic jams. Elbow Beach Cycles are located only a few minutes from Hamilton, or you can use their free collection and drop-off service.

Front Street is the main thoroughfare of the capital, where you can walk between the famous pastel-colored two-storeys houses. Every Wednesday, after 6pm, the street is only accessible to pedestrians and turns into a party with food and drinks stands appearing on the pavement and live music and dancing everywhere. This coincides with the arrival of most cruise ships in Bermuda docks and puts everyone in the holiday spirit straight away!

Hamilton City Hall Bermuda
Hamilton City Hall Bermuda

Front Street is at the heart of Hamilton’s shopping district, where you can find authentic porcelain and cashmere at great prices – much like in the rest of the island. Nearby is the famous ‘Bird Cage’, a kiosk from where police officers wearing the famous Bermuda shorts are directing the traffic. There are many things to see in Hamilton, such as the beautiful City Hall building, the Victoria Park –  created at the occasion of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee at the end of the 19th century – the Anglican Bermuda Cathedral, Fort Hamilton and Point Pleasant.

Since Bermuda is an island, it is worth stopping by the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, one of Bermuda’s newest attractions and the world’s first scientific institution to focus exclusively on deep-water exploration. Bermuda’s finest pink sand beaches are only a short stroll from Hamilton and there is a golf course too.

Water sports such as jet-skiing, surfing, diving and sailing are a must near Hamilton, which hosts the Bermuda Gold Cup (also known as the Argo Group Gold Cup), a 5-day sailing event part of the World Match Racing Tour.

Next time you here, don’t forget to put Hamilton on your places-to-see list – you will not be disappointed!

Cruise Ship Calls to Hamilton in 2014

Several cruise ships will be ferrying passengers to the Ham 5/6 berth in Hamilton during the season. Bermuda will be welcoming such wonderful vessels as the Seven Seas Navigator and the Regatta. As well as the the Insignia, the Silver Whisper, the Silver Spirit, the Balmoral and the Ocean Princess. Bringing thousands of excited tourists to this beautiful island paradise, to experience the trip of a lifetime.


April 2014

Mon 14/16 800 1500 Seven Seas Navigator 1 Ham 5/6/Pennos PCH NAS/CHA MA
Tue 22/24 1500 1700 Regatta 1 Ham 5/6/Pennos PCH NAS/NOR MA

October 2014

Sun 19/20 1200 1700 Insignia 1 Ham 5/6 PCH NAS/NOR MA
Wed 29/31 1400 1600 Silver Whisper 1 Ham 5/6 VSL NY/SB BSA

November 2014

Fri 21/21 900 1530 Silver Spirit 2 Ham 5/6 VSL FNM/FTL BSA
Thu 27/27 800 1530 Balmoral 1 Ham 5/6 FOL HAV/PDG MA 

December 2014

Tue 16/16 800 15 00 Ocean Princess 1 Ham 5/6 PC FNM/FTL BSA

Seven Seas Navigator

Seven Seas Navigator Docks in Bermuda

The beautiful cruise ship Seven Seas Navigator will be sailing to Bermuda this season. The luxury vessel belongs to the Regent Seven Seas Cruises line, formerly known as Radisson Seven Seas Cruises, based in Miami, Florida.

The ship has had a fascinating history. Its hull was originally constructed in Admiralty Shipyard, in Leningrad in the onetime USSR. It was initially designed to be part of a Navel satellite tracking ship. However, Radisson Seven Seas Cruises purchased the hull and completed the work at the Mariotti shipyard in Genoa, Italy in 1999.

The Seven Seas Navigator has since risen to become a prominent cruise ship. It even appeared in a Hollywood movie, `After the Sunset` with Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek. The ship has been in service since 1999. She can reach speeds of over 19 knots, thanks to two controllable pitch propellers.

“It boasts an impressive gross tonnage of 28,550. The craft is 128 feet high and 560 feet in length. The ship is fitted with 13 decks, eight which are open to the public. It also holds 490 passengers, cared for by a crew of 340. This ensures you will have a stop off at Bermuda you will never forget. “

MS Regatta

The remarkable MS Regatta will be another welcome addition to the Bermuda shoreline this year. She will be making numerous visits to the island throughout 2014, where passengers can experience the beauty of Bermuda for themselves.

They will be ferried there on the striking Regatta class cruise ship. It is considered one of the prizes of the Oceania Line. The MS Regatta has the capacity to hold 824 passengers over 9 decks. She is staffed by a dedicated crew of 386. The mighty MS Regatta has a gross tonnage of 30,277 and is 180.96m (593.7ft) in length. She is complete with a 2 propeller propulsion system and can go as fast as 18 knots.

“It is famous for its opulent staterooms, most of which have their own terraces. This is along with having more than 300 lush suites. They are found on striking decks fashioned in wooden teak, complete with made to order tiling and stone finishing.

The Regatta boasts a wide range of features to enhance your journey. They range from the finest restaurants to a choice of bars and lounge areas. The cruise ship also has its own gaming casino, health spa, swimming pools and a sundeck among other attractions.”

The MS Regatta was originally built at the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard St. Nazaire, France in 1998. The ship was formerly called the MS R Two and belonged to Renaissance Cruises. The vessel changed hands in 2001 and was sold to Cruiseinvest. The following year, renamed MS Insignia, she was chartered out to Oceania Cruises. The cruise ship was then rechristened the MS Regatta in 2003.

The former R class cruise ship was initially registered in the port of Monrovia, Liberia from 1998 to 2001. She was then registered at Majuro, in the Marshall Islands in the North Pacific Ocean, from 2001 to the present day.

MS Insignia

The MS Insignia is a remarkable cruise ship which will be bringing passengers to Bermuda in 2014. She belongs to the Regatta Class and is the property of Oceania Cruises.

The craft was originally constructed in 1998 at the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in St. Nazaire, France. The vessel has undergone various names and passed through different owners. When she was first built she was called the R One and belonged to Renaissance Cruises. She was registered in the Republic of Liberia in West Africa.

In 2001, the ship passed to a new owner Cruiseinvest. She was registered once again in the Marshall Islands . Three years later she was rechristened the Insignia. Cruiseinvest owned her until 2006 when she passed to Oceania Cruises. The ship was chartered out to the German company Hapag-Lloyd in 2012, who called her Columbus 2. However, when their two year lease ended, the ship went back to Oceania Cruises, who gave her back the name the MS Insignia.

The cruise ship has an impressive 30,277 gross tonnage and has 9 passenger decks. It is 592.0ft in length and can hold 684 passengers in its lower berths. The ship has a crew of 400. The MS Insignia also boasts a two propeller propulsion system to make speeds of 18 knots.

Silver Whisper

Silver Whisper Cruise Ship in Bermuda 2011

The Silver Whisper is the cruise ship on everyone’s lips. The vessel has been in service for over a decade, since 2000. It was made at the renowned Mariotti Shipyard in Genoa, Italy. It was also the home of her sister ship The Silver Shadow.

The Silver Whisper is operated by Silversea Cruises. It has a crew of 295 and carries 382 passengers. The ship also boasts ten decks and has a 28,258 gross tonnage. This makes it a dazzling cruise ship worth shouting about. Don’t keep it to yourself.

The Silver Spirit

Silver Spirit

The Silver Spirit is another stunning vessel set to visit Bermudas shores. She is a super luxury cruise ship class owned and operated by Silversea Cruises. The craft has the distinction of being the biggest member of the fleet. She was built by Fincantieri in Ancona and has been in service since 2009.

The cruise ship weighs around 36,000 GT and is 642 ft in length. The vessel has a crew of 376 and can hold up to 540 passengers. The ship can go as fast as just over 20 knots at full capacity. The Silver Spirit also has around 270 suites with an ocean view. There are also a number of restaurants and spa and it has its own musical venue, the Stars Supper Club. It resembles a nightclub, with live music and disco dancing.

MS Balmoral

The Balmoral is a cruise ship belonging to the UK-based, Norwegian-owned Fred. Olsen Cruise Line. The ship was first built by the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany in 1988. She was originally known as the Crown Odyssey and was the property of the Royal Cruise Line.

The vessel would experience further name changes and pass through different owners, before being acquired by Balmoral Cruise Ltd in 2007. This was round about the time the ship underwent a refit at the Blohm + Voss shipyard in Hamburg, Germany.

The Balmoral now has 10 passenger decks and a gross tonnage of 43,537. She is 714ft 11inches long and can hold 1,778 passengers. They are tended to by a crew of 471.


Visitors Information Centre

Front Street Hamilton
Located in Front Street right at the ferry terminal, the Visitor Information Centre is open to the general public and is a wealth of information for tourists, existing to make their stay memorable for all the right reasons.

Formally known as the Visitor Service Bureau, the Centre adopted its new name in 2007 to better represent what it does. The centre deals with any and all travel and tourism queries from simple travel directions for attractions on the Island, to help with passports, hotel accommodation, bus times, insurance and health-related questions and they’ll even make bookings for you if needed. The service can provide maps of the Island and self-guided tour leaflets, which are ideal to explore the Island on foot or by moped or cycle (naturally, rented from Elbow Beach Cycles!)

Staff at the Visitor Information Center are highly trained and experts in travel and tourism, so they’re well-equipped to deal with all manner of queries – however odd – and here to help.

In addition to being the place to go for information on Bermuda, it’s also the place to go to get an amazing cup of coffee and something to eat as the Visitor Center shares its premises with Dangelini’s Cafe. Having the Cafe in the Center is ideal for tourists while they wait to be seen and perfect for arriving cruise ship guests because of the sheer number of them, there may be a small wait to be seen by Visitor Information staff.

While you’re waiting, you can enjoy some of the finest breads, cakes and pastries in Bermuda, baked fresh daily. Dangellini’s also sells a many other eats including sandwiches and soups and for the last 2 years, it has been voted as having the best bread and pastries in Bermuda. Not just a treat for tourists then. In fact, many of the patrons of Dangellini’s are locals and repeat business is assured because of the great range of boulangerie-stryle treats available.

The Visitor Information Center and Dangelini’s are ideally placed when travelling by ferry. You can buy your transportation tickets for the ferry from the Visitor Info Center and then wait for your ferry with a coffee and cake in hand – perfect!

You’ll find both of them at Front Street Hamilton, just across from the ferry terminal.

Level Nightclub

Level Nightclub

If you’re looking for a great night out in Hamilton, where better to go than the latest popular club to pop-up in town, Level Nightclub?

Opened recently in the premises of the former club Square One, the new club Level, as the name and owners admit, takes revellers to a different level when nightclubbing in Bermuda.

It was opened to bring a fresh approach to the nightlife in Bermuda, by allowing the crowd to control what tunes are played – a sort of popularity contest for sounds!

Slap bang in the heart of Front Street’s bar scene, the new co-owners of Level Nightclub, Barnaby West and Jerome Overbey have moved away from the ‘traditional’ house and techno dance music normally played by ten-a-penny bars and clubs at the weekend and have opted for a crowd-pleasing and crowd-controlled playlist that can easily go from rock to reggae.

The club’s appeal is for anyone wishing to have a great night out, regardless of musical tastes and promotes dancing as a necessity for a good time. They’ve even done away with ninety percent of the table and chair space that the previous club had and opened this space up as ‘room for dancing’.

The club has no restrictions for entry that many other clubs seem to have – apart from being over 18 years of age – as it seeks to appeal to a wide range of people from all backgrounds to share the joy that music brings. They promote a fun, safe environment and want to see everyone from 18 or 19-year-olds to 65-year-old tourists enjoying themselves.

So, if you’re bored and stuck on a cruise ship, why not get down to Level Nightclub and taste what’s going on down there?

The inside decor of the club features fresh, blue walls and cafe-style tall tables to rest your drinks when dancing. First-class lighting sets the scene to the music for a wonderful night of dancing and partying. And, the club even has a smoking area outside, so you don’t have to leave the premises if you want to light up. There’s also an outside patio area for clubbers to enjoy the evening air whilst dancing away until 3am.

Staff are well-trained and very friendly, offering advice on drinks if you’re unsure what you fancy. For groups and special occasions, there’s a private room for hire with comfy sofas and tables, large-screen televisions and your own, personal bar service. The private room overlooks the main club so you can keep your eye on the dance floor and watch the others boogie!

Level is situated on Bermuda House Lane, just off Front Street in Hamilton.

The Cosmopolitan Nightclub

Cosmopolitan, Bermuda

If there ever was a club so well named, it was the Cosmopolitan Nightclub in the City of Hamilton. It is among the most recent and busiest nightspots in Bermuda. This exciting club in Front Street, incorporating both the indoors and the outdoors, has won universal acclaim. It has been named one of the leading nightclubs in Bermuda, and it is not hard to see why.

This brand new nightclub, once referred to as the Moon Nightclub & Lounge, has already proved a roaring success with both Bermudians and tourists. The owner has taken the aforementioned previous establishment and renovated it. The Cosmopolitan Nightclub shares the same proprietor as that other island tourist spot, The Cellar, to be found at the Fairmont Southampton. The club now has its finger on the pulse of the innovation known as flair bar tending.

The Cosmopolitan Nightclub offers patrons a unique selection of cocktails, mixed with that certain panache. It makes a performance out of pouring out a drink. They extend from spinning bottles in the air to igniting your cocktail before your very eyes, and what a range of cocktails they have to choose from. These include the world renowned Cosmopolitan of course, that goes without saying. This is alongside a vast array of delicious cocktails, containing many different ingredients.

This is your one stop to find the perfect cocktail. You can enjoy your drink, or have some food, while listening to Bermuda’s leading DJ’s. They will appear in a cutting edge environment, using the latest technology. The roof of the nightclub can open and close and the walls have panels containing diodes, giving off light. They can spell out words and provide a thrilling, exciting atmosphere. This will give you a night out clubbing you will never forget, right on Front Street.

The Beluga Bar

The Beluga Bar

The Beluga Bar is a beautifully designed sushi restaurant, situated in the Washington Mall in Hamilton. It is an exceptional Japanese eatery, in a cutting edge 21st Century style.

This centre of oriental cuisine is under the supervision of legendary sushi chef Sammy, whom previously plied his trade at Yashi. He is now wowing diners at that appealing new sushi restaurant called the Beluga Bar. The restaurant is renowned for its beautiful blue lighting. This is as well as its wide roomy hall, decked in brilliant white colouring. The premises are adjacent a taxi rank and bus stop, making it a convenient location for visitors.

It has a wide reaching menu, mainly centred on seafood and Japanese delicacies. They cover appetizers like the Japanese Pop Corn Shrimp, Spicy Tuna specials and the Beluga Bar Signature Salads, with a vast array of toppings. The restaurant has a number of Singles, Combos and Beluga Special Rolls. This is as well as having some remarkable seafood options, such as fine Scottish salmon and ravishing Rock Oysters.

The Beluga Bar also has a prime stock of caviar vodka which is unsurpassed. This is on top of having a formidable wine cellar, made up of the greatest in red and white wines on offer. They can be the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

When searching for a top notch Sushi restaurant in Hamilton, there is a superb menu available at the Beluga Bar. It is one of the many exciting new features to be found at the Washington Mall.

The Red Carpet Bar & Restaurant

Red Carpet Bar And Restaurant

Are you interested in premiere dining in Hamilton City, covering the best in international cuisine? You will find a prime spot at the prodigious Red Carpet Bar & Restaurant.

This is a place full of contradictions. It is decorated in the style of a good old fashioned British boozer, but specializes in the finest French and Italian food. This is as well as serving produce from the Mediterranean and the USA. It is a cutting edge island eatery. It is known for being a popular hangout for nearby office employees, local businessmen and, occasionally, even political figures.

The restaurant is interestingly located in a building of great historical significance. It occupies a structure which was formerly an armory and has been in existence for over a century and a half. It is positioned in the heart of the capital, close to the Bank of Butterfield. This is among the longest standing banks on the island. What could be a safer bet for top quality entertainment and cuisine? You will always feel like a VIP at the Red Carpet Bar & Restaurant.

It is a great place to have lunch. It can be quite busy but retains its easy going ambiance. You could try the stunning fish and seafood favourites, such as the fine local fish cooked under the grill and served with almonds and fried bananas. This is along with the seafood kettle. It has a combination of fish scallops, shrimp and muscles. Diners could incidentally choose the Mussels Red Carpet, the steak, lamb chops or cold meat platters. This is not to mention serving bella Italian food like Veal Marsala, pasta primavera and more.

This is merely a notion of the varied international cuisine which puts the Red Carpet Bar & Restaurant in the premiere league of the island.

The Captain’s Sports Bar and Grill

Captain's Sports Bar And Grill

If you are a sports fan looking for the perfect place to cheer on your team in Bermuda, then head for the Captain’s Sports Bar and Grill. The premises, formerly known as the Captain’s Lounge, is located on Reid Street in Hamilton.

This exciting, but chilled out bar and restaurant is the ideal spot for sports lovers. It lets you show your support in style, by televising the latest sporting event on 10 large flat screen TV’s.

The Captain’s Sports Bar and Grill is the result of a massive renovation and rebuilding process. This is where patrons can experience a level of dining and customer service in a league of its own. It is a sports bar aimed at a varied clientele, from local residents to tourists alike, all brought together by their love of sport. The bar is filled with striking imagery, depicting fans caught up in the excitement of a sporting event. These are just the surroundings to make you feel at home, where you can have a cold beer and watch the game. You could also have something wonderful to eat.

The bar has a fantastic kitchen, offering a rich diverse menu. It lays on an incredible buffet, serving lunch every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is as well as offering patrons an impressive bill of fare, to suit any taste or budget.

The Captain’s Sports Bar and Grill is also an amazing place to spend an evening. It has happy hour and a choice of DJ’s, to let the party go on all night. This makes it the Number One spot to either celebrate your team’s victory or drown your sorrows in defeat.

Opus Cafe & Lounge

Opus Cafe Lounge Bermuda

Are you visiting Bermuda on holiday or business? How would you like to hang out in a hip, sexy coffee shop in Hamilton? Then pull up a stool at the one and only Opus Café & Lounge.

The premises are situated in the super cool corner of ‘Restaurant Row’ in the capital city Hamilton. The lounge interior boasts the latest in contemporary styling. It is housed in an elegant 21st Century space and features an outstanding choice of teas and coffees. It also offers an exceptional range of tapas, salads and patisseries made right here in Bermuda.

The versatile Opus Café & Lounge is a wonderful top quality cafe and coffee shop in the daytime and, when night falls, it turns into a chilled out lounge area with a fully stocked bar. The lounge is also known for its vast wine list. Do you feel like having a cappuccino or expresso, then staying for a glass of wine? Then you can have the best of both worlds at The Opus Cafe & Lounge.

The Spinning Wheel

Live Music At The Spinning Wheel

If you’re looking for a great night out with live music, tasty drinks and unbeatable company, then the Spinning Wheel in Hamilton is the night spot for you.

Situated on Court Street it has been around since 1970, when it opened its doors to the locals providing ethnic sounds for black people in Bermuda, something until then that just wasn’t available.

These days, it still retains its local roots and has grown into an institution in Bermuda for locals and tourists alike looking for a fabulous night out. You’ll see Bermudians supping away on their favourite local drinks such as Rum Swizzles while enjoying the live music and entertainment in the upper level of the venue.

The Spinning Wheel is a great alternative to the usual bars and clubs found in Hamilton and ideal to relax and unwind with great bands and great service.

The Spinning Wheels club was founded by Gladwin Ming and Charles Burgess in the seventies and, apparently, named after a song by Blood, Sweat and Tears.  They wanted to bring live entertainment to the masses and a place for locals to hang out – little would they have known in the 70s, how the club would develop and grow into the powerhouse and mainstay of entertainment that it is today. Today it is run by Mr Burgess’s sons Steve and Bruce Simmons.

The venue has been host to all manner of nights and festivities including the Black Family Productions event which celebrated those making contributions to the Bermudian economy, to world business, to medicine and to education as well as the Island’s cultural heroes.

The Spinning Wheel has four bars, a night club, a sports lounge and a restaurant that serves up delicious Bermudian cuisine – something that tourists just have to experience, it’s mouth-watering.

Upstairs at the venue, ‘Chewsticks’ provides live musical on Saturday, where you can chill out or get down – depending on your taste – with jazz, reggae, rock and other genres. Chewsticks is also a great showcase for many singers, rappers, musicians, poets, DJs and dancers and provides a platform for local artists to shine. And you can get down downstairs on the lower floor with great DJs spinning funky tunes at the ‘Grown Folks Disco’.

During the week, it is free entry, however, there is a cover charge for entertainment at Chewsticks at the weekend.  It is open every day from midday to 3am. Monday to Friday sees a happy hour, where you can get scrummy drinks at a bargain price, as well as tasty bar treats to line your tummy.

You’ll find it at 33 Court Street, Hamilton City. Pop along with friends or go along yourself and mix with friendly locals for a fun, memorable time.

The Hamiltonian Hotel & Island Club

hamiltonian hotel

The Hamiltonian Hotel & Island Club is a popular resort on top of Langton Hill. It takes in Pembroke Parish, the North Shore and Hamilton City. This is as well as the wonderful chain of Bermuda Islands, visited by scores of tourists every year. The resort also offers picturesque views and soothing tropical surroundings. It is known for its peaceful garden area and guests could take a dip in the swimming pool.

The hotel boasts 32, one bedroom suites with fantastic ocean scenery. The rooms are fitted with all the modern conveniences. These range from having air conditioning to a microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker and further amenities, to make your stay more enjoyable.

Afternoon Tea At Heritage Court In The Hamilton Princess

Afternoon Tea At Heritage Court Bermuda

Are you a tea lover? Are you on the hunt for the most refreshing cup of brew in Bermuda? Then why not take Afternoon Tea in the amazing Heritage Court?

Located at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess hotel and resort, it’s a purveyor of top quality teas in Bermuda which has been celebrated by such illustrious publications as the New York Times.

Heritage Court carries on a long held, well loved, custom – first established in the 1880’s. The partaking of afternoon tea was first brought into the fore by Queen Victoria. This very hotel was named after the queen’s child, Princess Louise, when she stopped at Bermuda in 1833. The enjoyment of tea is now a tradition of the Hamilton Princess. It is followed by both visitors and residents of the Island every year.

Heritage Court serves some of the most delicious English tea on the Island. They are served on beautiful silver trays as well as in Belgian kettles. You can also consume excellent homemade bread products, pastries, cakes and scones. They will suit you down to a tea!

Robin Hood Pub & Restaurant

Robin Hood Restaurant And Bar Bermuda

If you like beer, beer and more beer, or if you just like orange juice and a great atmosphere, then the Robin Hood pub in Hamilton is your perfect match.

One of the most popular pubs in Bermuda, it is located on the outskirts of the City of Hamilton and is frequented by locals and visitors alike.

Known as the ‘Hood’ to locals, it is a British-style pub and therefore purveys lots of different beers and lagers. It also has a huge variety of spirits or shooters and one curiously named ‘Buffalo Sweat’ which we’re led to believe will ingratiate you to the local bar-stays should you buy and drink one yourself!

It is a favourite for sports fans and televises live sports from around the world including soccer from England and Europe, world rugby, hockey and American football.

There’s plenty of room in the bar – although it can very busy during specific televised sporting events – which means you can easily get a table during the day or in the evening. It’s known as a proper drinking pub, so it’s ideal if you’re out for the night, in large groups, or want to ‘get a couple of drinks’ at a reasonable price.

Most nights have some form of entertainment – although it’s normally sport – and on Tuesdays there’s a popular quiz night. Each week brings a different quiz theme, such as pop music, sport, general knowledge, and all are welcome to join in the fun. On a Friday evening there’s a drinks happy hour which is fills the place with locals looking for a refreshing end to their working week and the pub puts on a complimentary food buffet.

The Robin Hood food offers customers traditional pub fair including, apparently, Bermuda’s favorite pizzas. Other mains are burgers, curries and steaks. It also carries English favorites like Fish and Chips and Bangers and Mash. And they’re all priced very reasonably.

The pub and its locals are very well intertwined. The locals love it so much that they famously have their own soccer (football if you don’t want to get on the wrong side of them) team. All are welcome to join the team on their infamous travels to games at home and away, and, if you are any good with a ball, we’re led to believe that you may actually get a start in the team! (Also, going by what we’re led to believe, the team are rather quite good, so you may have to bribe the team coach with one of the Buffalo Sweat shots to get a match if you met him.)

The pub is large enough and capable enough to serve a lot of people swiftly and en mass, so there’s no need to book or reserve a table to miss out on dining. However, If you have a large group for food, it’s always a good idea to give them a call and they’ll reserve some tables for you so you can all sit together.

Throughout the year, the pub celebrates local and international holidays including Halloween and various patron saint’s days and can cater for birthday parties and other celebrations. Just ask if you are unsure.

Docksiders Pub

Docksider Pub Hamilton

Docksiders – or Dockies as locals call it – is one of the best pubs on the Island and has entertained locals and visitors for years.

From theme nights and celebrations to great food and excellent beer, Docksiders has something for everyone and is a hub of fun and frolics and fab food.

In the main room, a long cedar wood bar makes for a homely welcome and the hospitable, friendly staff will make your time at Docksiders seem like you’re in your own pub in your own home town – if you have a local that is. You’ll never feel like a stranger in Docksiders and if you are a visitor to Bermuda, then the regular party nights are a great way to unwind and enjoy a few drinks after a day of sight-seeing and adventure.

At weekends, you can mix with local people who go to unwind after their working week and find out first-hand what Bermuda is all about for tourists – good, hospitable people who love their country and don’t mind sharing it! At the weekend, the bar can get quite busy and this is where the second, more relaxing, wine bar can come in handy.

If it’s a quiet drink you’re looking for, then this is the place for you too – particularly if you want to be able to have a conversation without shouting! The Dockers caters for wine-lovers too and offer a great selection of reds, whites and rosé.

The bar also shows live sports on the many large flat-screens and projectors dotted around and fans of American football, soccer/football (delete appropriately depending where you are from!), golf, baseball, cricket, motorsports and horseracing can certainly have their fix. For those who like to play sports there’s beer pong, pool tables and darts and dartboards too.

The bar also houses some of the best live bands around which you can enjoy on Wednesday and Friday nights and you can enjoy the DJs too. TripAdvisor comments clearly show how popular the bar is with many citing it as Bermuda’s best bar and club.

Food-wise, Docksiders serves up great, filling meals and snacks. It’s ideal if you want a formal dining experience or just to grab a snack before a long party night out. It serves up great appetizers, sandwiches, pizzas and pasta, salads and soups, in addition to old-school classic favourites including fish and chips, burgers, curries and bangers and mash.

It’s open daily and at weekends has a late licence until 2am. The dress code is casual and you don’t need a booking or reservation for food.

The Birdcage

The Birdcage In Hamilton Bermuda

When in Hamilton, you may well see policemen posing for tourists’ photographs at a lovely looking human-sized birdcage located at the junction of Front Street and Queen Street.

The ‘birdcage’ as it’s known is bizarrely and charmingly called the birdcage not for looking like a giant home to domestic two-winged pets, but rather it is called it after its designer and creator Geoffrey Bird.

The blue and white metal structure – which has been a model for many a jewellery piece and fireplace ornament – was created by Geoffrey as a shelter for traffic police in order to protect them from the elements when directing traffic in times past. The junction now has traffic lights, but before these were installed, police had to control often heavy traffic and jams by hand and arm signals and were exposed to long periods of sunshine and heat as well as the odd spell of inclement weather.

Geoffrey, who dedicated his life to Bermuda through his work, passed by one day and dreamed up the birdcage after “seeing a policeman standing there and realising he needed to be protected from the elements”.

Now a popular landmark in Bermuda, these days it’s just a posing station rather than a police station for those on the beat.

The cage has been there since the mid-nineteen fifties and isn’t going anywhere soon; you will often see policemen wearing the world-famous Bermuda shorts posing for pictures with and for tourists.

As well as the birdcage, Geoffrey was also responsible for many things in Bermuda and will be fondly remembered by locals. He lived a full life and distinguished life and sadly passed away in 2011. An Englishman, he moved to Bermuda not long after the Second World War to refurbish the Princess Hotel in 1948.

Before arriving in Bermuda, he had an illustrious British naval career as a pilot and air gunnery officer and was highly decorated, receiving the Russian Convoy Medal, Malta Defence Medal, the General Service Medal, the Atlantic Star and the 1939-1945 star among others.

During his time in Bermuda, Geoffrey served as the Corporation of Hamilton’s first engineer and surveyor was responsible for the construction of City Hall, the fire station on King Street, the Belmont Hotel, KEMH, Reid House and the British American Building. A keen sailor, he also co-founded the Marion to Bermuda sailing race in 1975 and introduced the concept of condominiums to Bermuda. He also fought for reduction of the working week of construction workers from 60 hours to 45 hours and succeeded.

Other notable, yet not exhaustive, positions he held were: Commodore at The Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club; President of the Royal Naval Officers Association and The Mariners Club; and as Chairman of the Bermuda Sailors’ Home.

Geoffrey also served as an executive committee member of the Bermuda National Trust and was a Maritime Museum trustee. Geoffrey will live long in the memory of many people, not least by policemen and people who know the history of the birdcage, and by his wife Jean and step-children Wyndham and Conway Bennett.

The Landfall Restaurant

Landfall Restaurant in Bermuda

The Landfall Restaurant is a feature of the popular cottage colony known as the Clear View Suites & Villas. This highly regarded 30 room destination is positioned on the North Shore, between St George and Hamilton.

It is famous for its exceptional eatery, looking out at breathtaking ocean vistas. The Landfall Restaurant can seat over 170 people, with reserved seating available. It affords patrons all encompassing views of the surrounding coastline. The Landfall Restaurant is a contemporary site located in a classic historical building. It occupies a structure thought to have stood for around two centuries. The building was constructed in a style harking back to colonial days. It was also an artist’s residence and features many works by the great Otto Trott.

The Landfall Restaurant has a thorough breakfast menu, along with providing lunch and dinner. This is as well as an award winning Sunday brunch. It is under the stewardship of the well known chef called Ming. It lays on top rated regional cuisine, as well as the most delicious fish and seafood. You could order some Fish Chowder or try the Rockfish and orange sauce. Customers could have some succulent lobster when it’s in season, or a bowl of hot pumpkin soup.

If you would like something for pudding, you could have some sweet Cassava cake or flavourful custom made gingerbread. This is the dessert to provide the finishing touch to your meal. When going out dining in a stunning site, overlooking the clear blue ocean, journey to the Landfall Restaurant, at the Clear View Suites & Villas.

Yardie Kitchen

Yardie Kitchen Hamilton

There is a Yardie Kitchen bistro close to Shelly Bay Beach in Hamilton Parish, where people could try some tremendous Bermudian and Caribbean meals and snack foods, prepared in no time at all.

The cafe has been going for the past five years, since it first opened in 2007. The proprietor is Miss Sharon Stevens, often referred to as Miss Yardie. She is the spearhead behind this exhilarating island cafe. There was initially an outlet in Glebe Road in Pembroke, where lovers of good island food could either take a seat in the cafe or use its terrific take out facility.

The Yardie Kitchen at the Shelly Bay Beach took a disused storage space and had it renovated, allowing people to sit and eat indoors. It is also possible to dine out on the patio. This is where you can look out at the water as you pour over our extensive regional or Caribbean fare.

The bustling Yardie Kitchen always serves up the greatest breakfast and lunch time dishes, as well as being a fantastic place to have dinner. This is your one stop for choosing the most wondrous wraps and fries, such as the exceptional chicken and mutton selections. It is in addition to having a range of spicy, tasty curries, alongside dishes made up of peas and rice and more.

When on the lookout for the Bermudian and Caribbean restaurant that goes that extra yard, you should visit Yardie Kitchen.

The Dog House Bar and Restaurant

Dog House Bermuda
The Dog House Restaurant and Bar is a laid back watering hole in Front Street, in Hamilton. This is a site where you will always find a party. It is notable for being one of the most extensive, far reaching bars in Bermuda.

The club has an incredibly varied choice of beers on tap. You are certain to find the right libation to suit you, which may be purchased either by the yard or in pints. That is not to mention having the broadest range of ice cold bottled beers on the island.

The Dog House is a well known tourist destination, where you can live up the party vibe indoors or go out on the wide, roomy terrace.

Visitors could also choose from the magnificent menu, which stays open until 3am, guaranteeing the party’s always cooking. The Dog House Restaurant and Bar offers patrons a taste of the good old US of A, where you could enjoy the mouth-watering fare of a fabulous bistro, just like those found in the States. This lets tourists try the most delicious American food when travelling to Bermuda. You will feel like you are eating in a US diner.

The Dog House furthermore has a fantastic take out service, where you could leave with something special to eat when it’s time to go home. But, before that happens, visitors could enjoy The Dog House’s legendary large games room. You can play some pool or have a round of foosball. Patrons can also watch the professionals play on big screen TV’s.

The club additionally lays on the greatest live music and a fabulous disco, where you can dance to the early hours. When looking for one of the hottest casual party bars and restaurants, in an American styling, in Bermuda, you won’t have any trouble with The Dog House.

Margarita’s Grill


What could be a more perfect bar to visit in Bermuda than a place named after a cocktail? When looking for a night out in Hamilton, there couldn’t be a more apt location than the marvellous Margarita’s Grill. It is the happening new bar to go to on Bermudian Road.

The premises which were once called the Ferrari Bar have had a major facelift, but is still considered one of the hottest spots on the island. The bar now boasts a brand new look on the inside, with fine outdoor furnishings. It is designed to create a chilled out but exciting ambiance, where you can enjoy a fun evening out.

You can sample one of its many beers, have some Samuel Adams, and, of course, a refreshing Margarita from Mexico. The bar also has excellent drinks promotions, where you could possibly try something different without having to pay too much.

If you are feeling hungry, Margarita’s Grill is just the place to sit down to lunch or dinner. It has a varied menu, offering the most excellent chowder, the widest selection of sandwiches and the beefiest burgers. It has the juiciest hamburgers, beef burgers or cheeseburger in Bermuda. You will not be disappointed.

Margarita’s Grill has a late happy hour, serving drinks from 7pm to 10pm. The bar also has a fabulous promotion where folk can try the Margarita of the week. DJ PM will furthermore be playing a set of the greatest Top 40, House and Dance hits at The Club @ MG disco.

The Spring Garden Restaurant & Bar

Boiled Lobster

When seeking out the best food sourced from Barbados, the most beautiful “Bajan” dishes can be found at The Spring Garden Restaurant & Bar & Catering Services on Washington Lane, in Hamilton.

Patrons will feel like they are in paradise when entering this Barbados style restaurant. The first thing you may notice is the centerpiece palm tree placed indoors, to add to the festival atmosphere. It will be like you have walked into an eatery in Bridgetown, Barbados’ picturesque capital city.

The Spring Garden Restaurant & Bar & Catering Service has an inviting kitchen, with the greatest in Barbadian cuisine. Diners could taste the brilliantly realized broiled mahimahi, which is coated in creole sauce and prepared with rice and peas. This is in addition to the delicious pan-fried flying fish, which is a popular dish in Barbados.

This is an example of the exceptional Barbados seafood readied at the Spring Garden Restaurant & Bar & Catering Services. When the lobster comes into season, there is a whole new selection of fine food available. Guests could have their lobster cooked in a manner of ways, from having it broiled like the mahimahi, or steamed. Patrons could also have a curried lobster meal.

The cafe is open from Monday to Saturday with a value buffet every Friday lunch time. This is where you could select from a wealth of wonderful starters and main meals, with a dessert to follow. The Spring Garden Restaurant & Bar & Catering Services have a dreamy series of puddings and desserts to provide a sweet end to your meal. They range from an enjoyable cheesecake made of raspberry and mango, or the coconut flavoured cream pie.

Casey’s Bar

Caseys Bar Bermuda

Hang out with locals and get down with the beat at Casey’s, one of Bermuda’s best and often-overlooked bars and clubs.

Located in Hamilton and with a door front that is ‘blink-and-you’ve-missed-it’ cool, Casey’s is one of the hidden entertainment gems in Bermuda. Not for the faint hearted, this is party-central and needs no fancy neon signs or big-budget marketing campaign to attract business. Word of mouth makes this place rock. And the locals who frequent it – from students looking for a funky night out with classmates, to cool, hip, young professionals wanting kick off their shoes and tune-in to the tunes after work – will testify to its charming interior, awesome music and sublime coolness.

Friday nights are especially entertaining – and busy – so prepare yourself for a night that may go on for some time in a tight environment. So, if you’re all elbows when it comes to dancing, you may want to find another club.

Its decor has a certain kitsch value, with old photographs of Bermuda – including obscure shots of ‘catch of the day’ by the fisherman owner of the club. Like any good nightclub that isn’t pretentious and exists purely for the fun of dancing, music and socialising, don’t expect elaborate fabrics and decadent furnishings – if you do, you’re in the wrong place and you need to go home and put your slippers on and have a cocoa.

On Wednesday night, you can enjoy a variety of sounds with the local DJ, who plays a compendium of Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, and Reggae. On Fridays, you can relive old school memories with funky tunes and there’s a happy hour with reduced-price drinks to get you in the mood.

Casey’s offers great cocktails at a great price and there’s a great selection of beers and wines too. Visitors are encouraged to try Bermuda’s very own ‘Dark and Stormy’ drink. Indeed, it is Bermuda’ ‘national drink’ and consists of dark rum, ginger beer and lime. A refreshing drink with a kick and sure to get you on the dance floor cutting shapes like there’s no tomorrow.

Because Casey’s is a one-room lounge and bar, be sure to get there early, particularly at weekends. It is open from 10am to 10pm seven days a week. Staff are particularly speedy in the delivery of drinks, so you won’t need to wait if you’re thirsty and you’ll almost always get change when buying a drink – it’s very reasonably priced and there are many special offers, even out with happy hour.

Dive round to Casey’s at 25 Queen Street in Hamilton for a great time with the locals – and don’t forget to wear appropriate footwear for a day of dancing!

The Pickled Onion

Pickled Onion Bermuda

The Pickled Onion is one of Bermuda’s most celebrated restaurants and bars and a must visit for fine dining and a great night out in Hamilton.

It offers an exquisite, modern atmosphere and its highly-skilled chefs prepare world-fusion food that’s so good it featured on the Food Network in a guide to Bermuda and cuisine.

Located on Front Street, Hamilton’s main thoroughfare, its locale is ideal for tourists and sightseers although it’s dishes are at the fine-dining end of the culinary scale, the prices are very reasonable and don’t reflect the high standard of the food.

The restaurant uses the finest, fresh local ingredients and some unusual ones too, such as the Canadian Prince Edward Island Roast Mussels. Local Wahoo fish, whenever available, are rubbed in paprika and are garlic-smoked (we don’t know either) to produce an amazing and unique local treat.

Opened in 1998 and renovated again in 2007, it’s a very cosmopolitan bar and serves up numerous cocktails to order as well as its own range of fruity, concocted aperitifs that go down a storm with locals and visitors alike. It is great for a night out that has a bit more class than your usual bar or pub and it is highly recommended to book a table to ensure you won’t be disappointed.

It serves lunch and dinner and carries a full wine menu from cheap house red to sophisticated sauvignon blancs and rather expensive champagnes. The restaurant turns from a food purveyor into a classy bar and club as the night progresses, so if you are looking for a stylized yet relaxed evening out, then you should go for dinner followed by entertainment from the Pickled Onion’s own resident band from Bermuda, the aptly-named ‘Smooth’, or the Canadian duo 5-Star, who play every kind of music available to entertain the patrons through to the small hours.

As the restaurant location is bang in the middle of Front Street, on Wednesday nights, the balcony opens and you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the street below as it turns into a carnival-style main street during peak season.

According to locals, one of the best experiences in Bermuda is to sip a cocktail at the Pickled Onion balcony while enjoying the harbour view in the evening – and we agree, although please park your scooter for the evening if you do want to enjoy a drink!

The Pickled Onion has won five ‘Best of Bermuda’ awards and one visit will tell you why. It has everything for a perfect day or evening out from food, ambiance and music to service and value. It’s one of Bermuda top restaurants and bars.

Check it out on Front Street in Hamilton.

Bermy Cuisine

Bermy Cuisine

Bermy Cuisine is a seafood, sandwich and burger bar situated on Serpentine Road, in Hamilton parish.

The restaurant is owned by Horace and Audrey Tucker, whose daughter Ashley is carrying on their tradition by making her own strides in the culinary industry, being a graduate of Culinary Nutrition. It seems excelling in food preparation runs in the family, when you consider the outstanding menu Bermy Cuisine has in store.

Bermy Cuisine takes care of customers from six in the morning to three in the afternoon, Monday to Saturday. It also opens on a Sunday, from 7am to 3pm. It brings you superb home style food, in a swift and ingratiating manner, at a reasonable rate.

This is an optimum spot to receive a scintillating roster of seafood, sandwiches and burgers. Bermy Cuisine puts on a brilliant breakfast, which you can order at any time of the day. There is also an exceptional Codfish breakfast at the weekends. When stopping by Bermy Cuisine for lunch you could tuck into one of their excellent home grown hamburgers, cheeseburgers and more. The restaurant is further renowned for its scrumptious sandwiches, from the regional fish based variety to Egg and Bacon, BLT, Grill cheese, Club sandwiches and more.

Patrons could select from the magnificent salad range, as well as peruse the daily specials, from fish or shrimp dinners, to the sea food platter and crispy chicken platter. For dessert, you could have some pie or Pie a la Mode. There is also the alternative of having one or two scoops of ice cream or a Dusty Road.

Bermy Cuisine moreover has tea, coffee, milk or hot chocolate to drink. This is along with a variety of shakes, juice and can soda.

Fish & Tings

Fish & Tings

Are you a fan of Jamaican food? Well, Fish & Tings is the place for you. It is a first rate cafe and take out service offering the finest fare from that beautiful island nation, at a value price. That is why so many people flood to Fish & Tings in Hamilton.

Fish & Tings has an outstanding kitchen, boasting supreme chicken and seafood cuisine, such as shrimp and lobster. The restaurant’s areas of expertise covers BBQ, jerk pork, jerk chicken and curry goat meals. They are cooked in numerous ways, in the region of 12 different methods. These extend from baking and barbecuing to being fried, grilled or steamed, to name but a few. Fish and Tings also often serve their food with sweet and sour sauce.

If you are holding a private event or party, Fish & Tings can cater to any sized group, big or small. It could be a birthday celebration or an anniversary. Whatever the occasion, you could have a classic Jamaican style party in Bermuda, if you have Fish & Tings supply the food.

The kitchen provides superlative side order dishes and excellent orders of meat. Fish & Tings also has superior Whole or fillet fish, be it brown steward, Chop Suey or the eternal fish and chips.

You could start your meal off with our superb soup of the day, like split pea, fish tea, chicken, chicken foot, pumpkin or others. There is also a bountiful mixture of large or medium sized juice drinks to go with your meal. They range from lemonade and ginger beer, to carrot, cucumber, mango and passion juice, to good old soda or water.

Why not go to Fish & Tings Take Out and place an order? This is the restaurant that always has a carnival atmosphere. There is so much fine Jamaican food to enjoy.

Coconut Restaurant

Coconut And Yashi Restaruants Hamilton

With Coconut Restaurant and Yashi Sushi Bar, you get twice the fun and twice the choice and it’s all next door to each other in downtown Hamilton.

The two restaurants may only be feet apart in distance, but they’re worlds apart in cuisine, decor and ambience. While the Coconut Restaurant is a hive of activity with loud music and visuals with a modern twist on traditional dishes, Yashi Sushi offers a quieter, more reserved and oriental flavour with its fab range of tasty sushi and eastern decor.

Described online as ‘a better two-in-one experience than travel shampoo and conditioner’, the pair of restaurants are both basement properties, so make sure you know the address (see below) before you set off looking for them!

The Coconut Restaurant is perfect whether you have just left the office and are suited and booted or whether you are just out of art school in jeans and t-shirt. Its menu is perfect for a quick bite and includes grilled sirloin steak, tiger shrimp and buffalo chicken wings. It’s a great place to hang with friends and family to have a good gas and listen to great, funky tunes with music television featuring the latest chart trends. It’s also a buzzing place at weekends and ideal for a night out.

Located through the wall is Yashi, Bermuda’s only independently-owned sushi bar and restaurant. It’s interior and feel is completely different from Coconut, although the service is just as great. Its dishes include tempura, sashimi, flying-fish eggs and wahoo and are served in minimalist and appealing Asian-style surroundings with black tables and natural wall colourings, that bring the far-east to Bermuda. You can also order take-out from the extensive menu to enjoy at home.

The restaurants are owned and operated by German-born Christian Herzog and his two business partners and can be found in the center of Hamilton on Reid Street. Lunch menus cost between $9 and $18, with dinner costing between $18 to $30. Why not pay them a visit and find out for yourself why two worlds are better than one!

Coconut Rock, 10 Reid Street, Hamilton. Food served until 10.30pm.

The Speciality Cinema & Grill

Speciality Cinema and Grill

If searching for a new way of going to the movies, while having a bite to eat, then check out the program at the Speciality Cinema & Grill. It is a cosy close knit cinema come restaurant in Church Street in Hamilton.

This is the warm and informal picture palace that lets you see the newest releases, while enjoying a good meal. The combination movie house and steak house has a coffee shop and juice bar, along with a terrific, fully stocked grill. It is overseen by one of the finest pastry chefs on the island. You can either sit in or take out, and it has a comprehensive set of choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The grill has terrific sandwiches, from turkey and roast beef to ham and a BLT. There are also grilled cheese, chicken salad and fish and avocado sandwiches. The Speciality Cinema & Grill additionally has focaccia sandwiches and a line of wraps and paninis.

Diners could decide from various types of burgers, from cheeseburgers and hamburgers to specialty burgers. This is alongside having mozzarella sticks, Buffalo Wings and nuggets. The grill also has tailor-made salads, soup, fish chowder and specials every day.

It has appealing Jamaican Beef or Chicken Patty, beef and chicken Sheppard’s Pie and a Philly Steak. You can get a taste of the Quiche of the Day and it has a wide range of pizzas of various types.

The juice bar has many different flavours of milk shakes and smoothies. It has coffee, tea and lattes of all kinds. You could have an ice cream or one of our newly prepared pastries. This can be the very snack to snack on before seeing a movie.

The Speciality Cinema and Grill always has that little something special. This is how we take on the big cinema chains at their own game.

The Fairmont Hamilton Princess

The Fairmont Hamilton Princes Bermuda

The Fairmont Hamilton Princess Bermuda is an opulent island hotel widely visited by travellers to Bermuda. It is situated on Hamilton Harbour. The hotel is famous for its distinctive pink colouring. That is why it is often referred to as The Pink Palace. The Fairmont Hamilton Princess Bermuda is a location rich in history.

The hotel was initially built and named for the daughter of Queen Victoria, Princess Louise, and opened in 1885. The resort has in excess of 400 guestrooms, of various types and sizes. These include more than 30, One-Bedroom Suites, two Penthouse Suites and a Harbour Suite. A large proportion of the rooms have a private balcony, with ocean views.

The Fairmont Hamilton Princess is a popular hotel with tourists on holiday, people on a shopping trip or travelling to Bermuda on business. This is due to its close promixity to Hamilton City. The hotel, like its counterpart the Fairmont Southampton, has a luxurious ‘Gold floor’, where guests could enjoy the next level of comfort. The resort has also just built 113 additional rooms in Bermudiana House, previously referred to as Bay Wing. They are buildings boasting fine Victorian architecture, with the look and feel of an English Manor House.

If you want to have dinner in the hotel, you could try one of its fine restaurants. These include the acclaimed Harley’s Restaurant and Terrace. It is an eatery found on the harbour end of the resort, known for its Mediterranean cooking. If you prefer a spot of British Afternoon tea though, you could stop at Heritage Court.

There is so much to be found close by the Fairmont Hamilton Princess Bermuda, one of the most widely admired hotels in Bermuda.

The Fairmont Hamilton Princess Summer Season

This September one of the most luxurious and popular hotels on the island, the Fairmont Hamilton Princess, will be continuing its Summer Season of events for its guests to enjoy.

The summer season began on the 22nd of August and will last till the 3oth of September. There will be a vast array of occasions being held throughout the week. They shall take in the best in food, drink, live music and much more. The programme begins in style with the Cocktail Culture night being held on a Monday in the lobby. The smooth bar staff will mix you a wide selection of drinks to toast your evening.

Tuesday sees guests taking to the ocean waves on board a Fantasea Cruise. The quick Goslings Rum cruise sets off from Flagpole Terrace, where you could listen to a steel pan drum play while enjoying some BBQ at your destination.

The next evening lets guests be schooled on how to pair the finest wine with food, while sampling some delicious hors d’oeuvres. This is by attending the Fine Vines event on Wednesday nights in the lobby. Thursday nights lets you experience an evening with a Spanish flavour. This is when the Fairmont Hamilton Princess holds an event called Viva Espana! This is the one spot where guests could try some customary Spanish tapas over a glass of Sangria.

Friday night means of course Happy Hour in the Heritage Court club. This is where you could have some fine BBQ and sample the most refreshing speciality drinks while listening to live music. The weekend will then really come alive at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

The fun continues in the Heritage Court on a Saturday night when, starting at 9pm, guests could listen to one of the island’s best loved musical acts Robert and Jamie till midnight. They could then visit the brunch buffet and look out at Hamilton Harbour while eating at Harley’s Restaurant and Terrace on a Sunday.

This just goes to show how the Fairmont Hamilton Princess is the place to have a fun filled summer this season.

Summer Sounds At The Fairmont Hamilton Princess

Why not visit one of the hottest spots on the island, when you wa to hear the finest music every Saturday night? People could listen to a top musical act playing live, when checking out Summer Sounds at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

This is the luxury hotel and resort in the City of Hamilton and Pembroke, which is considered a shining light of the local tourist industry. The Fairmont Hamilton Princess is a well loved destination for thousands of people every year. The hotel is perfectly located, being close to the harbour, where guests could look out at the beautiful clear blue ocean. The resort is also only a stone’s throw away from downtown Hamilton, where people could take in the shops, have something to eat at a restaurant, or sample the local nightlife.

There is still a world of entertainment to enjoy in the Fairmont Hamilton Princess itself, without ever leaving the resort. The hotel is noted for its tranquil swimming pools, of both Saltwater and Freshwater, among other attractions. Guests could also visit the Fairmont Beach Club, or enjoy the various events and activities which the hotel hold every week.

One such event is being held at The Heritage Court, and is called Saturday Summer Sounds. The show features the popular Bermuda singing duo Robert and Jamie, who will be performing a selection of well known hits in their own unique style. The show will begin at 9pm, and will go on till midnight, every Saturday. If you wish to sit down with a cocktail, and watch a great show, then Saturday Summer Sounds at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess will be music to your ears.

Super Chic Saturdays

If you are searching for the perfect night out at the weekend, then don’t miss Super Chic Saturdays at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

Party goers can head out for this unmissable evening on February 1st, beginning at 9pm. The popular island destination on Pitts Bay Road is the setting for this incredible night’s entertainment. Patrons can visit the beautiful dining room The Heritage Court and watch the show.

The double act Robert and Jamie will be belting out pop hits in their own unique style. People could listen to the latest tunes till midnight, while enjoying the surroundings. The Heritage Court is widely considered the jewel in the crown of the Fairmont Hamilton Princess resort. The entrancing restaurant and lobby bar is rich in style and history, reflected in its interior design. Visitors could spend the evening relaxing on the sofas or sitting at the fine hardwood tables. The walls have striking artworks of a nautical and maritime theme, in keeping with the island’s affinity with the ocean.

Patrons could get swept away with the cocktails and regional drinks on offer. They could have a Gosling’s Black Seal Rum or Bermuda Rum Swizzle. This is as well as having some wine or enjoying a cognac. Patrons could also sip a delicious martini or try a refreshing tropical juice drink. This is while listening to the musical stylings of Robert and Jamie.

For a great nights entertainment at one of Bermuda’s top spots this February, experience Super Chic Saturdays at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

St Theresa’s Cathedral

St Theresa’s Cathedral

St Theresa’s Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church; first constructed in 1932. It was erected on Elliott Street (At Cedar Avenue) in the city of Hamilton in Bermuda.

The building was crafted in a Spanish deign. It was a substitute for the compact St. Edward’s Church that had been in existence since 1859.  But the church wasn’t considered large enough to house the ever expanding congregation.

It is said more people to this day attend St. Theresa’s each week than any other church in Bermuda. This beautiful house of worship is located near the ferry dock. The original structure was built on a stretch of land bought on Cedar Avenue in 1915. The church was initially blessed in 1932. It was named after St. Therese of Lisieux, the Patron Saint of the Cathedral Church and the diocese. Therese was affectionately referred to as the Little Flower and the cathedral stands as her monument.

The church has gone through extensive rebuilding and remodelling over the years. The eye catching tower was added in 1947.  The church is known for its stunning stain glass windows around the knave. This is along with a modern lighting set ups and carpeting. It is in addition to a glorious Rogers Pipe Organ, amongst other adornments. The church holds daytime and evening masses .There are also services in Portuguese as well as English.

The Love Train City Tour

Love Train City Tour

The tunnel of love is a common attraction in fun fairs around the world. This is where couples can take a special train ride, cuddle up and get close to one another. Bermuda, though, has its own special train running during Love Month.

It is the Love Train City Tour. This is the locomotive which will take you on an extraordinary journey, exploring the romance and the history of the capital city.

The Love Train City Tour uses a magnificent miniature train which runs on wheels and travels on the road. The tour lasts between an hour and ninety minutes. It has a tour guide, along with a running audio commentary, to give you interesting facts about the stops you will visit. The tour also lets visitors take photographs and discover the history of the many romantic attractions on the way.

The Love Train City Tour sets off from the flagpole on Front Street at 11 am. It goes by Hamilton City Hall, which houses the Corporation of Bermuda, the National Gallery, the Society of Arts and the City Hall Theatre. This is before driving past the historic Perot’s Post Office, which was the office of the inaugural Post Master General of Bermuda.

The tour also encompasses the beautiful Gothic Bermuda Cathedral. This is as well as visiting the seat of Parliament, the Supreme Court and the Bermuda House of Assembly; all found in Session House. The tour also includes such auspicious locations as the Botanical Gardens and Fort Hamilton.

You can familiarize yourself with the romance of the City of Hamilton by heading off on the Love Train City Tour.

The Love Cruise Round Hamilton Harbour

Hamilton Harbour

During Love Month, Bermuda has its very own Love Cruise. Passengers can take a trip along the stunning waterways of Hamilton Harbour.

The Love Cruise departs from Albuoy’s Point at 2 pm on Fridays. It is close to the Ferry Terminal and offers incredible views of the harbour. Tourists can book their place on the Love Cruise free of charge. You and your partner can enjoy the relaxing on board atmosphere and the finest entertainment, with soft music to get you in the mood. There is also food and drink available gratis, as you tour the most romantic spots around Hamilton Harbour. You can then hear all their stories and learn about the past, as you travel to these picturesque places.

There are so many beautiful places to see around Hamilton Harbour. It is the busy port district with Pembroke parish and Paget parish on both sides. It is an eastern expansion of the Great Sound, known for its stunning scenery.

There are also many fascinating islands to be found at the front of Hamilton Harbour. These range from Hawkins Island, Marshall’s Island, Long Island and Hinson’s Island. This is along with an island in the centre of the harbour, called Whites Island.

These are many of the interesting locales situated in and around Hamilton Harbour. There is a great deal to experience, when taking a trip on the Love Cruise.

City of Hamilton Walking Tour

City Hall Hamilton

When visiting Bermuda’s capital, many people choose to go on the exciting “City of Hamilton Walking Tour”. It gives holiday makers the chance to take a trip around the city and view the beautiful architecture and local sights, while learning about the history of Hamilton City.

The tour is held twice a day, three times a week, from Monday to Wednesday.  There is a tour at 10.30 in the morning, and another at 2.30 in the afternoon. They leave from outside City Hall in Hamilton, making it the perfect setting off point.

Your tour guide will be Ed Christopher, the long serving city Town Crier. He will show you round the many stops on the tour, which has no set course. However, no matter which path it takes, you are sure to visit an interesting location, rich in history. These include popular public parks and alleyways. It also takes in the aforementioned City Hall. It houses the Bermuda Society of Arts and the Bermuda National Gallery, where you could view the wonderful works of art.

The tour also takes in the Perot’s Post Office. This is where the first Post Master General of Bermuda worked, back in the 1800’s. It is a regional historical building which has been perfectly preserved. Tourists could also visit the Bermuda Supreme Court and the local Parliament, if they go to Session House.

Visitors could walk around the lush and tranquil gardens of Victoria Parks and the Par-la-Ville. They could also view the beautiful Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, which has stood since 1894.

This is an idea of the remarkable tourist destinations you could go see in the capital, while taking “The City of Hamilton Walking Tour”.

Heritage Walk Hamilton

Heritage Walk Hamilton Bermuda

Created as part of Bermuda’s 400th anniversary celebrations, which occurred in 2009, the Heritage Walk is a wonderful historical trail around the city streets, taking in some of the most important buildings and monuments in Bermuda all linked to the Island’s development and growth as a nation.

Dubbed a ‘Walkway of History’ by the City fathers, it takes followers on a pilgrimage of Bermuda’s past, identifying  significant sites of architectural, social, cultural or historical importance in the city.

There are named plaques installed in the sidewalk at various points along the route to point out the tour, the start and end of which is in front of the City Hall in Church Street, close to the west side of the bus terminal in Hamilton. You can do the trail at your leisure – in parts or in its entirety – and as it is circular, you finish up where you left of (if you do it in one!).

Photograph Of Old Hamilton Bermuda

The City of Hamilton is named after Henry Hamilton who was Governor of Bermuda from 1788 to 1794. He was the founding father of the city and had a significant role in its formation in 1793 when an Act of Parliament declared it a town. For many years, a central location was sought for the capital of Bermuda and in 1815 the capital was moved from St George’s to Hamilton, where it’s still the capital today. In 1897 Hamilton became a city. The city’s motto is ‘Sparsa Collegit’, which translates form Latin in to English as ‘brought together the scattered’.

The tour has twenty-six parts or locations to it, where you’ll find guiding plaques:

  1. Church Street in Front of City Hall
  2. Eastern gate of Victoria Park on Cedar Avenue
  3. Cedar Avenue
  4. Corner Decar Avenue and Angle Street
  5. Junctions of North and Angle Streets
  6. Corner of Angle and Court Streets
  7. Corner of Elliot and Princes Streets
  8. Corner of Dundonald and Court Streets
  9. Dr E.F. Gordon Square on Dundonald Street
  10. Corner of Dundonald and King Streets
  11. Corner of King Street and Victoria Street
  12. Victoria Street at Joell’s Alley
  13. Corner of Victoria and Court Streets
  14. Court Street between Victoria and Church Streets
  15. Court Street between Church and Reid Streets
  16. Corner Court and Front Streets
  17. Front Street opposite Cenotaph
  18. Corner of Parliament and Reid Street
  19. Corner of Reid Street and Chancery Lane
  20. South side of Front Street opposite Chancery Lane
  21. Old Yacht Club Steps on Front Street
  22. Corner of Front and Queen Streets
  23. Corner of Queen and Reid Streets
  24. Corner of Reid and Burnaby Streets
  25. Corner of Burnaby and Church Streets
  26. Return to City Hall

You should give yourself two hours to complete the Heritage Walk if you wish to complete it in one sitting (or walk, as the case may be!).

Point Pleasant Park

Point Pleasant Hamilton Bermuda

Point Pleasant Park, as the name suggests, is a pleasurable and enjoyable park situated in Bermuda’s capital Hamilton City. Found specifically at the famous Albuoys Poinat the water front, the park and area boasts lots to do and see for locals and tourists alike.

The park itself is a fairly small one but has plenty of trees to shade from the hot midday sun – often a necessity in the height of summer! There are excellent views of the harbour and it is also a great viewing point to watch the great cruise ships arrive and depart.

There are public conveniences at the park as well as a play park for children, park benches, picnic areas and, as it is located on Point Pleasant Road and connected to Front Street Hamilton, it is very convenient for all the city’s amenities including shopping , eateries and gift shops.

Point Pleasant really is a beautiful place to get away from the bustle of the capital city’s busy commuters and tourists at high season.

Why not visit it and use it as a base for a great day out? And take your swimming gear too, you’ll be glad you did when you get there.

The Par-la-Ville Park


When walking down Bermuda’s capital city Hamilton, you could stop at the pleasing Par-la-Ville Park.

It is a lush glorious garden which once belonged to Mr William Perot; the island’s first Post master. The house he lived in was called Par-la-Ville. It is now the site of Bermuda Historical Society Museum as well as the main public library.

The park is a common place for office workers close by to eat their lunches al fresco. It looks like a small island of greenery in the middle of an urban area, like a city. Visitors can stroll down that winding pathway to the picturesque Par-la-Ville Park. This spot is adorned with beautiful flower beds and soothing shady trees. Visitors can walk through one of the public entrances to the park. For instance, they will pass under the longest standing moongate in Bermuda if they enter by Par-la-Ville Road. There are also the Queen’s Street  and Church Street entrances.

There you will see such features as the striking rock gardens and gigantic rubber trees, originating in British Guyana in 1847. The Par-la-Ville Park has strong historical resonance. It was a large orange orchard; shipping about 40,000 boxes of orange to the Unites States. But the park is now a widely visited tourist landmark. It is a place to take a walk and look around, breathing in the greenery. This is as well as providing a place to sit down and relax. It is right in the centre of Hamilton.

City Market of Bermuda

Hamilton City Market in Bermuda
From November 1st to June 30th, the market held in Hamilton, Bermuda, is a little more than just a place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables!
The City Market of Bermuda, also known locally as the Farmer’s Market, is closer to a bohemian street festival, where locals wear their casual Bermudian dresses. In fact, there is a city market that takes place every Saturday at the Bull’s Head car park on Canal Road between 8am and 12pm. This is the place to discover the taste, smell and colours of Bermuda!

It was primarily a farmer’s market when it was started in 2002 as a grass roots initiative to raise interest in local products. It is now a key element of the local scene, with farmers, artisans and gardeners selling everything you can think of. They range from local honey and banana bread to fresh Bermuda fish, fruits and vegetables and even lemongrass hand cream.

There are more than a hundred stalls at this outdoor market (which retreats to the ground floor of the indoor car park a few yards away when it rains), with every organic fruits and vegetables you can find in Bermuda. They include pawpaws, pumpkins, collards and jalapenos. But that’s not the only products on sale at the City Market Bermuda.

Everything you want to cook is found right here in the market, such as poultry, eggs, and fresh fish. This is as well as homemade goods like dips, patés and pestos, to jams, jellies and chutneys. That is not to mention the island’s wild fruits, honeys from the pollen of Bermuda’s wild flowers, and breads…

Those who are staying in self-catering accommodation or have a kitchenette in their hotel room can sample the best of Bermuda’s food freshly cooked. While you are visiting the City Market of Bermuda, treat yourself to freshly brewed coffee or a delicious hot chocolate. You can also mimic the locals and buy some sugar cane to chew.

The market has grown a great deal since it first opened, with just a few farmers’ stall. These days, though, there are numerous art and crafts products for sale. These have gained a quick popularity still growing, with scented candles, needlecrafts, handbags, greeting cards, Venetian glass jewellery, handcrafted soaps and many more.

It is literally an explosion of odours and colours, with plenty of products you can sample before buying. The City Market is one of Bermuda’s best spot for people-watching; because everyone comes in their best clothes. It is more than a market, it is a social outing. The market is the perfect event to start your week-end. You will be surprised to see how quickly it gets busy, even from 8am!

For visitors staying in a hotel or at a place where they can’t cook, it is still an amazing place to go to understand the relation Bermudians have with their local products, fresh or handmade. This is as well as the relations between the farmers and the buyers. The Bermuda City Market did well in promoting the local farming skills and the island’s agricultural tradition.

The atmosphere is fun and relaxed, reflecting the laid back attitude of Bermudians. It doesn’t make any concessions on the quality of the products sold in the market. You will without doubt find the best of the island’s vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. It is an opportunity you can’t miss when staying in Hamilton or around about. If you are not but are a fan of farmer’s markets, then it is worth getting up early and visit the Bull’s Head car park and the City Market of Bermuda!

Fort Hamilton

Fort Hamilton Bermuda

Would you like to witness history first hand?  How about walking around an old British army base which has been turned into a tourist attraction?

Then stop at Fort Hamilton in Bermuda It is a fascinating historical site where visitors can view the signs of military history. The pentagonal fort is placed on top a hill outside Hamilton parish. This tranquil hideaway was first assembled back in the 1870’s. It was a British stronghold set up to form a line of defence against US attack. The fort overlooks Hamilton Harbour and offers outstanding views of the city. It still has rampart and canon placements placed all around.

You can walk long down elongated tunnels where discharged weapons where reloaded. Tourists can also cross a bridge and walk over a large moat; 30 feet wide. The Fort was originally guarded by a dry moat. However, this has now been remodelled into a glorious tropical garden, of fern and bamboo. You can also walk the trail of the circle shaped moat.

The fort stages a wide range of events throughout the year. There are performance of the Bermuda Island’s Pipe Band, with drums and highland dancing. This takes place every Monday between the months of November through March. It is called the Skirling Ceremony.  This is in addition tops the fun Haunted Playground event every Halloween, amongst other attractions.

5th City Art Festival


The arts have always found a good home in Bermuda’s capital city, which forever celebrates its artistic accomplishments. This is through activities, exhibits and competitions. People could then experience such an event for themselves by attending the 5th Annual City of Hamilton Art Festival.

The festival makes use of prodigious venues like the Bermuda Society of Arts, along with the City Hall & Arts Centre on Church Street, in the city of Hamilton. The festival features a rich line-up of events, which people may go to free of charge. It is staged with the co-operation of the aforementioned Bermuda Society of Arts, along with the Department of Cultural Affairs, the Bermuda Department of Tourism and the Bermuda National Gallery, found at the City Hall & Arts Centre.

The 5th Annual City of Hamilton Art Festival has many exciting exhibits and competitions. This is as well as offering members of the public the chance to determine who will pick up the People’s Choice Award. The winner will be named at the close of the festival and pick up a cash prize.

The Annual City of Hamilton Art Festival was designed to introduce both tourists and locals to the joys of art, and to promote the work of regional artists. You can find out more about it by checking out an exhibit in the capital.

Session House 

Sessions House

If you are visiting Bermuda, and wish to view the seat of politics and legislation on the island, then pay a call on Session House. It is the centre of local government, situated in Hamilton, the capital city.

The building, also referred to as the House of Assembly, is the site of parliamentary meetings on the island. Session House is furthermore the location of the Supreme Court of Bermuda. The latter is based at ground level of the building, while the former is positioned on the floor above. Session House therefore has the distinction of having two of the leading governmental bodies on the island under the exact same roof. This is what makes the structure such a popular tourist destination, visited by thousands of people every year.

Session House was initially constructed in the early 19th Century, in 1817. The interior is modelled after the British House Of Commons. It has a Lower House, which hosts the House of Assembly, and an Upper House, which is the home of the Senate.

Session House is also known for its eye catching Clock Tower, of red terracotta. It became a valued addition to the building in 1887.  It was built in honour of Queen Victoria, on the occasion of her Golden Jubilee.

The Bermuda Assembly House now holds tours for the general public twice a day on weekdays. You can also watch the Government and the Opposition, along with over 30 members of the house, debating in traditional wigs and robes, from the public gallery.

Hamilton Parish Beaches

Hamilton Parish beach

Forget expensive taxis or buses and jump on your scooter (or bike!) rental and head off to the beautiful Hamilton Parish beaches on Bermuda!

Public Beaches in Hamilton Parish area of Bermuda:

  • Bay Island Beach – North Shore Bay Island (Bailey’s Bay). 2 tiny public beaches
  • Blue Hole Hill Park. Blue Hole Hill. Castle Harbor.
  • Shelly Bay. North Shore Road. – Safe and shallow beach at low tide for swimmers of all ages (including children). THis beach is located near to Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo and Flatt’s Village.

Private Beaches in Hamilton Parish area of Bermuda:

  • Major’s Bay. Harrington Sound. Private for locals.
  • Sam Hall’s Bay. South Shore, South Road. Two small private beaches, (for guests of the Pink Beach Club)
  • Trott’s Bay. South Shore, South Road, south of Trott’s Pond. Private for Bermuda residents
  • Trunk Island Beach. Trunk Island, Harrington Sound. Private.
  • Grotto Bay. Blue Hole Hill, North Shore Road, in western Castle Harbor. Two private beaches for Grotto Bay Beach Hotel residents.

Don’t miss out! See Bermuda’s Hamilton Parish beaches on moped today – contact us. You can use the map on this page for direction to these Hamilton Parish beaches.

Beaches of Hamilton parish

When taking a trip to Bermuda, why not explore the glorious beaches of Hamilton Parish?

It is the site of Bermuda’s capital city, situated on the north western point of the island. The parish was given the name of James Hamilton, the 2nd Marquess of Hamilton. He was an aristocrat from Scotland, and an investor in the Somers Isles Company. It was set up in the 1600’s to oversee the colony of Bermuda. The parish is divided into two parts by a huge body of water called the Harrington Sound and has many beautiful beaches.

Many people visit what is considered among the most breathtaking beaches on the island. They are the three private beaches found at the Mid Ocean Club. This private members club is found in Tuckers Town and is revered for its popular Beach Pavilion, available to guests. The club has an incredible estate, covering 640-acres. It has a choice of attractive cottages, with amazing coves and arches.

There is Bay Island Beach, on Bay Island, off Baileys Bay. It has two appealing, compact beaches which are open to the public and visited at low tide.

There are also two intimate private beaches at Grotto Bay. They are open to people staying at the illustrious Grotto Bay Beach Hotel and Tennis Club. The bay is found in the region of Blue Hole Hill, by North Shore Road, in the west of Castle Harbour.

People also visit the public beach at gorgeous Shelly Bay, located at North Shore Road. The waters by the beach are not considered deep and deemed safe, even at high tide. The beach has a cafeteria, picnic area, playground, rest rooms and changing rooms, alongside other facilities.

There is a private beach at Major’s Bay at Harrington Sound. It is set aside for home owners and the people of the neighbourhood.

Guests staying at Pink Beach Club & Cottage Colony can enjoy the fine private beaches at Sam Hall’s Bay at South Shore. There is also the private Trunk Island Beach, by Harrington Sound.

These are just a notion of the many fabulous beaches you could pay a call at, when visiting Hamilton Parish.

Darrell’s Wharf

Photo of the wharf at night

There are many great places in Bermuda, and the nine parishes all offer some amazing views and features. But there is one that has it all, the parish of Warwick, with some south shore beaches and national parks amongst others. It is also the parish that has the most ferry stops on the island. Darrell’s Wharf, is one of these ferry stops as well as one of the attractions of the parish.

Darrell’s Wharf in Warwick is a ferry dock on the Harbour Road, located just at the border between the parishes of Warwick and Paget. The Darrell’s Wharf port is situated on the ferry road that links the parishes of Hamilton and Warwick and is used by local residents as well as visitors of hotels nearby that are not directly served by buses. It offers a quicker alternative to the buses and taxis to go from Warwick’s Parish to Hamilton with a crossing that lasts only 15 minutes.

Darrell’s Wharf in Warwick is more importantly the closest ferry stop on the land for the residents of Hinson’s Island. It is one of the thirty or so islands of the Great Sound and the one closest to the parish of Warwick. Because it is a relatively small island and that the fauna and flora is remarkable, cars are not allowed on Hinson’s Island. For that reason, residents have no other choice than leaving their cars on the main land and take the ferry between the island and Darrell’s Wharf,Warwick every morning and evening.

However, the stop is only an optional stop on the ferry road between Hamilton and Darrell’s Wharf. Therefore, passengers who board at Warwick have to signal the crew in advance if they wish to get off at Hinson’s Island. If they wish to board at Hinson’s Island stop on the way to Hamilton or Darrell’s Wharf in Warwick, they need to raise a flag to divert the ferry from the direct route.

But Darrell’s Wharf, Warwick is not only practical, it is also a great beauty spot with an amazing view of the Great Sound and all its islands. It is definitely a place worth a visit for photographs and those looking for traditional sights of Bermuda.

The seascapes are unique with views of the nearby Hinson’s Island of course, but also the Doctors Island, Reid Island and Spectacle Island on the right, and more than a dozen others on the left. A sunset from Darrell’s Wharf, Warwick on the Great Sound is also a magnificent sight not to be missed.

Due to its location at the end of the north shore channel of Hamilton’s Harbour, Darrell’s Wharf in Warwick is an ideal place to watch cruise ships entering or leaving the harbour escorted by tugboats. Used by cruise ships since 1896, this narrow channel is called the Two Rock Passage.

Darrell’s Wharf in Warwick is a great place where to stay during your vacation in Bermuda. The Wharf Executive Suites is a boutique hotel located right next to the ferry stop and has rooms facing the harbour. Initially designed for business travellers, it is one of the most modern hotels in Bermuda.

Shelly Bay Beach

Shelly Bay Beach, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda
The beaches of the south shores of Bermuda are among the most famous in the world, but can sometimes become very crowded, especially during the summer months when cruise ships dock on the island. Fortunately, if you are looking for a bit more intimate, Bermuda has little gems scattered on its shorelines and Shelly Bay Beach is one of them.

Located on the east coast of the island, in Hamilton Parish, it is one of the top beaches for children and families, especially because of its very shallow and warm waters. Named after Henry Shelly, one of the crew members of the Sea Venture – the ship that crashed in Bermuda in 1609, leading to the original settlement – the beach has everything you could ask for: pink sand, wonderful and clear blue warm water, schools of colourful fish, trees to shade the beach…

There is also a playground and a park with picnic facilities next to the beach making it ideal for children and families. It is a favourite of many locals and because there aren’t many hotels in the area, you will not usually find many tourists. At week-ends, you can see local football and cricket teams playing in the park.

There is also a mangrove tidal pool along the beach where you can spot many species of bird. To the north east of the beach is a nature reserve with a wooden boardwalk that takes you through the reserve and along the shoreline. The reserve links the beach to the Bermuda Railway Trail too, so it is a great place from where to walk and explore a bit of the island.

The proximity of the scenic Flatts Village, Shelby Market Place where you can find a grocery store, and the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, adds value to Shelly Bay Beach.

It makes it the ideal beach for novice swimmers and snorkellers, as well as children who can safely wade in the water. The shallow reef that protect the bay from strong waves is also a great snorkel site.

Located at Crawl Hill, off North Shore Road, Shelly Bay Beach is accessible by the number 10 and 11 buses and there is a car park at the entry of the park where you can leave your scooter. The beach bar is now closed but there are still some changing rooms available.

Bermuda Reef Explorer

Bermuda Reef Explorer

Once in Bermuda, whether it be for work or vacations, one of the must-do activities is to explore the amazing reefs that surround the island.

One of the best ways to do so is without doubts to take a tour on the BERMUDA Reef Explorer, Hamilton. It is Bermuda’s largest glass-bottom boat with a length of 70 feet and and a beam of 20 feet.

Owned by Captain Michael Gladwin who bought it from Bermuda Island Cruises and has over 25 years of marine experience, the boat can hold up to 150 passengers in two large open deck and a lower deck where you will find the glass-bottom. Since she was given a major refit in 2007, the Reef Explorer has a new dive platform at the rear.

There are different cruises available, from a glass-bottom tour to a snorkel adventure, a fun tour of Bermuda and a pirate party adventure.

If you ever wanted to discover what lays beneath the ocean surface without getting wet, then the glass-bottom adventure is definitely for you. The two-hour tour takes you Turtle Cove to see Atlantic Green Turtles living on the sand flats. As the boat dwells above them, you can observe them by the glass-bottom as well as seeing them really close when they surface next to it.

On the way, you will stop by the Vixen, a nearly-submerged shipwreck where you can feed hundreds of fish. One arrived to destination, the lower floor hatches are removed to reveal the glass-bottom and the wonderful and coloured coral reefs and many species of fish.

During the whole trip, Captain Michael Gladwin will share with you his knowledge and provide you with commentaries and many interesting facts about Bermuda. The Captain is for many passengers the plus of the Reef Explorer tours.

The Snorkel Adventure follows the same itinerary as the glass-bottom tour but gives you an extra hour to explore the ocean by yourself with the snorkelling equipment from the Reef Explorer or to go for a wander on one of their kayaks.

On the Aquarium Snorkel and Fun Tour (3.5 hours) you will discover the north shore of the island, stop at Flatts Village for a visit of the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo, and to a shallow bay for a swim.

For something different, try the Pirate Party adventure, a night time cruise of 90 minutes to the Pirates Point where ships were lured and looted. Sub-sea lights under the boat will allow you to see what the marine life is up to at night through the glass-bottom.

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