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Explore hidden coves… swim in clear blue waters… discover long-lost treasures… and dance beneath diamond-studded night skies. Bermuda, our island paradise awaits. Make Bermuda yours.  See more, do more, live the life. Travel by scooter, mountain bike and fashionable hybrid electric bike — exclusively from Elbow Beach Cycles!

Bermuda is truly a gorgeous island, full of beauty and mystery!

If you are travelling to our beautiful island in 2012 or 2013, make sure you know what’s hot in Bermuda this and next year – with Elbow Beach Cycles free guide to Bermuda, a FREE 400+ page ebook celebrating the wonder of Bermuda!

Download it FREE today! (14MB)

In our free guide, you will find:

  • the best things to do in Bermuda with kids or the family
  • the best beaches in Bermuda to visit
  • the best tourist attractions in Bermuda
  • the best shipwrecks to dive in Bermuda
  • the best golf courses to play in Bermuda
  • the best shopping in Bermuda
  • the best places to eat
  • the best bars and nightclubs to visit

Our free guide to Bermuda is a comprehensive guide to our islands most fascinating places to visit and it’s rich history.

Don’t miss out! Download your free guide now!

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