There Are Many Cheap Bermuda Vacation Packages In 2011

Posted in: News - Last Updated: September 24th, 2015 by Dolores Thomas

Bermuda Golf

Bermuda is a primary destination for golfers, because it offers a unique golfing experience in some of the best settings you could ever find.

Most of the courses (eight 18-holes, one 9-hole and a driving range) have amazing views of the island from their elevated greens and let you compete against the changing and sometimes ferocious winds of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Some of the courses are part of some hotels and resorts which have golf packages all year-round. From November to March especially, Bermuda has the best golfing weather possible with comfortable temperatures and no rain or snow! It is the perfect alternative to American or British winters to relax and play some great golf. There are also many golf tournaments in Bermuda such as the International Open Golf Championship in October, the World Corporate Golf Challenge in April and the Celebrity Golf Tournament in January.

Bermuda is rich in events and festivals all year long, and it is not just a destination for beach lovers and divers. In January and February there’s a Festival of Performing Arts and the Marathon week-end; Bermuda International Film Festival is in March; the Bermuda Open Volleyball is in April; July is the time of the Triple Crown Billfish Championship and the Cricket Festival; the Bermuda Jazz Festival is on October; the World Rugby Classic in November; and the Christmas Boat Parade in December.

That is only a small list of what is going on in the island and if you need a reason to go to Bermuda, you will find one whatever makes your boat float. There will be Bermuda vacation packages available for most of these events, especially those that run during the winter months when the concentration of tourists is much lower than during the summer.

Bermuda Elbow Beach

Bermuda - Perfect for a honeymoon - Picture Curtesy of Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Bermuda is often compared to heaven on Earth and it is therefore an ideal destination for weddings and honeymoons, for which many packages are available! With its secluded beaches and luxurious hotels, the island is a romantic place like no other. Quiet and peaceful, it is perfect for couples who want to savour their first holidays as newlyweds in a relax atmosphere: dining out in the many world-class restaurants, walking along stunning beaches, riding in horse-carriages by moonlight, exploring shipwrecks and coral reefs together, getting pampered in spas… there is not a dull moment for golfers or honeymooners in Bermuda!.


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