The Verdmont Museum, Bermuda

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Verdmont Museum Bermuda

The Verdmont Museum is a widely admired historical site in Smith’s parish in Bermuda.

The Verdmont Museum is located on Verdmont Lane, off Collectors Hill, Bermuda.

It is a classical house denoting Bermudas ties to the American Civil War and its aftermath. The property is now owned and operated by The National Trust of Bermuda and is considered one of its crowning glories.

The Verdmont Museum was reportedly built back around 1710. It served as a private residence until 1951. Then it was acquired by Bermuda’s National Trust. The house is thought to have practically remained unchanged throughout its existence. But it has been expertly maintained and restored throughout its history. The house now stands as a landmark and a museum to the past.

This timeless house is furnished with three floors and four chimneys. The Verdmont Museum boasts a comfortable parlour and drawing room located on the ground floor. There is also a wonderful child’s playroom, filled with toys.

The building is fitted with a beguiling set of cedar steps called amongst the most attractive on the island. The house has a collection of fine art and paintings on the wall. Visitors can also view the authentic historical furniture. There are some made from cedar and mahogany, dating from the same time period as the house. This is in addition to objects originating from England and China. It stands alongside the finest Georgian styled silver, handcrafted from local experts from the 1700s.

The Verdmont Museum is complete with a breathtaking garden, with a hill side ocean vista. This is where the most beautiful palmettos and rose beds grow. The garden is also visited by flocks of majestic indigenous bluebirds. There are those that say the Verdmont Museum is haunted.

The old house will certainly haunt you if you stop in for a visit.

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