The St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Bermuda

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St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Bermuda

The St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Bermuda is an awe inspiring house of worship in Bermuda.

It is visited by residents and tourists alike. It is one of the most lauded religious sites on the island. This eye catching church is found at on Court and Church Streets in Hamilton. It is coated in a distinctive pink colouring.

The St Andrews Presbyterian Church is the longest standing church in the city. It holds many important events. It is a renowned spot for holding a wedding ceremony, or christening, amongst others. The church is known for its architecture, with beautiful interiors. There are striking windows, statues and a magnificent alter. This culminates in a stunning place to go see.

Presbyterianism is a group of Christian churches following the Calvinist reformed faith. The first Presbyterians appeared in Scotland in the 16th Century. The name is derived from the Greek word for elder. The Presbyterians do not have bishops. It has deacons, elders and ministers administering the church.

The congregation of Christ Church in Bermuda joined the Presbytery of Europe in 2008. This followed a proclamation of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

St Andrews Presbyterian Church – 49 Church St, Hamilton, Bermuda Tel: +1 441-292-7601 ? – Part of Elbow Beach Cycles ‘Things To Do’ in Bermuda series!

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