The Spring Garden Restaurant & Bar in Hamilton, Bermuda

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Boiled Lobster

When seeking out the best food sourced from Barbados, the most beautiful “Bajan” dishes can be found at The Spring Garden Restaurant & Bar & Catering Services on Washington Lane, in Hamilton.

Patrons will feel like they are in paradise when entering this Barbados style restaurant. The first thing you may notice is the centerpiece palm tree placed indoors, to add to the festival atmosphere. It will be like you have walked into an eatery in Bridgetown, Barbados’ picturesque capital city.

The Spring Garden Restaurant & Bar & Catering Service has an inviting kitchen, with the greatest in Barbadian cuisine. Diners could taste the brilliantly realized broiled mahimahi, which is coated in creole sauce and prepared with rice and peas. This is in addition to the delicious pan-fried flying fish, which is a popular dish in Barbados.

This is an example of the exceptional Barbados seafood readied at the Spring Garden Restaurant & Bar & Catering Services. When the lobster comes into season, there is a whole new selection of fine food available. Guests could have their lobster cooked in a manner of ways, from having it broiled like the mahimahi, or steamed. Patrons could also have a curried lobster meal.

The cafe is open from Monday to Saturday with a value buffet every Friday lunch time. This is where you could select from a wealth of wonderful starters and main meals, with a dessert to follow. The Spring Garden Restaurant & Bar & Catering Services have a dreamy series of puddings and desserts to provide a sweet end to your meal. They range from an enjoyable cheesecake made of raspberry and mango, or the coconut flavoured cream pie.

The Spring Garden Restaurant & Bar & Catering Services

19 Washington Lane,
HM 11.

Phone: 441-295-7416

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