The Spot, In Bermuda

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There is a restaurant on a sloping street in Bermuda, which heads straight for Hamilton harbour. If you want the best Caribbean, West Indian and local cuisine, without paying a king’s ransom, then come to The Spot.

This is a soothing close knit establishment on Burnaby St, popular with the neighbourhood citizenry. It is usually frequented by working people in the area. They could be builders having a bite to eat after work, to off-duty nursing staff and police officers. It is also a well loved site for people staying in the self catering flats close by, as well as other residents.

Customers can find richly portioned dishes which don’t cost too much. You could have a full breakfast of your choice, be it pancakes, waffles, bacon and eggs. This is on top of a wondrous West Indian fare, such as the excellent codfish, served with potato fritters. The Spot is furthermore the premiere place to have lunch, be it a business dinner, a romantic date or dining with friends.

If heading to The Spot for dinner, you can select from an incredible menu. Why not try the daily special; be it the chicken platter, curried chicken, lamb or pork chops? This is along with the amazing oxtail stew or roast turkey. Patrons could also have a burger of their choice, or get themselves a sandwich. There is however, no alcohol sold on the premises.


The Spot has been discussed a great deal on travel web site Trip Advisor. The restaurant has had a lot of attention, making it one of the most popular spots in Bermuda.

Best value for the price of any meal we ate in Bermuda. Loved the diner decor and the friendly service.

One more review said:

Bermudians ALL know ‘The Spot’…it has been an institution in downtown Hamilton for decades.

Another reviewer added:

The Spot one of the oldest and continually run restaurants in Bermuda. The service has always been good and very friendly, making it very popular with locals, residents and vistors alike.

Another site user contributed:

If you’re looking for a good quality lunch in Hamilton at a reasonable price, this place is hard to beat. It seems to be quite popular with the locals. Excellent sandwiches, and also a selection of burgers and other hot specialties.

The Spot,
6 Burnaby Street,

Tel: 441 292 6293

The Spot

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