The Par-la-Ville Park In The Centre Of Hamilton

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When walking down Bermuda’s capital city Hamilton, you could stop at the pleasing Par-la-Ville Park.

It is a lush glorious garden which once belonged to Mr William Perot; the island’s first Post master. The house he lived in was called Par-la-Ville. It is now the site of Bermuda Historical Society Museum as well as the main public library. The park is a common place for office workers close by to eat their lunches al fresco. It looks like a small island of greenery in the middle of an urban area, like a city. Visitors can stroll down that winding pathway to the picturesque Par-la-Ville Park. This spot is adorned with beautiful flower beds and soothing shady trees. Visitors can walk through one of the public entrances to the park. For instance, they will pass under the longest standing moongate in Bermuda if they enter by Par-la-Ville Road. There are also the Queen’s Street  and Church Street entrances.

There you will see such features as the striking rock gardens and gigantic rubber trees, originating in British Guyana in 1847. The Par-la-Ville Park has strong historical resonance. It was a large orange orchard; shipping about 40,000 boxes of orange to the Unites States. But the park is now a widely visited tourist landmark. It is a place to take a walk and look around, breathing in the greenery. This is as well as providing a place to sit down and relax. It is right in the centre of Hamilton.

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