The Old Rectory In St George’s

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The Old Rectory In St George’s

The Old Rectory is one of the longest standing structures in St George. The property was a private home; built by a former slave trader and pirate named George Dew. It can be traced back to before 1700.  

The building is found on Broad Alley, to the rear of St Peter’s Church. Its name comes from the fact it was the home of Pastor Alexander Richardson. Mr. Richardson was a bishop and had served as rector of The St. Peter’s Church. He died in St. Georges in 1805.

The building is now the property of the Bermuda National Trust. It is a national historical monument. The house is a testament to vernacular building design and architecture from Bermuda’s past. The structure is fashioned from limestone. It has living quarters upstairs and a basement level below. There is a staircase on the outside of the building which connects them. There are huge chimneys laying the foundation for the gable ends. The windows of the building rest rigidly against attic or roof space. The house has beams made of cedar inside, along with a beautiful garden.

The Old Rectory is still rented as a private home, if on a limited basis. But it is lauded as a tourist destination. It does not charge for admission but donations are welcomed. However; the house is only open to the public on Wednesdays and between the months of November and March.

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