The Indigo Restaurant and Lounge, In Bermuda

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Indigo presents patrons vast range of international cooking in Bermuda. The restaurant is to be found in the quiet and peaceful Flatts Village. It is located in the parish of Hamilton, flanked by St. George town and Hamilton City.

The village looks out on the Harrington Sound inland sea and is known for its fabulous fishing. This is the superlative location for this one of a kind restaurant; providing a diversity of cuisine from around the world. Indigo serves the most remarkable dishes from around Europe, India and China, as well as the finest Sushi dishes. There is a world of wonder open to you in Indigo.

The restaurant ensures each individual kitchen area has its own chef, overseeing a different part of the menu. Patrons can then be guaranteed they always have the most hands on care and attention. The Indigo Restaurant and Lounge has an elegant, but modest layout. This provides a close knit, unthreatening ambience. Visitors can choose from one of its six dining areas. Patrons could head for the sushi lounge or stop at the demonstration kitchen to see the chefs at work. There is also a terrace on the upper level, where you can look out at the bay

The eatery is renowned for its unbeatable service and excellent value. The Indigo has marvellous seating and the waiting staff will see to it you receive the table to meet your needs. This is the very place to sample the greatest produce from around the world, right here in Bermuda.


The Indigo Restaurant and Lounge has been getting great reviews on TripAdvisor and is high in its rankings for restaurants in Bermuda.

One reviewer stated:

Most of the food had an Indian flair but sushi and pizzas were also offered on the menu. The service was good.

A fellow review said:

This place serves Japanese, Chinese, Indian, pizza… was very good.

Another restaurant visitor said of The Indigo.

Dishes are mainly Indian or Chinese-inspired, with a few assorted French, middle eastern, and Bermudian dishes thrown in for good measure. It was quite tasty and I would be happy to go again.

Another said:

I know good Indian food when I taste it. The rice served with the entree was exquisite and I had an Indian vegetarian curry that was just wonderful.

Another tripadvisor member commented:

Everything was WONDERFUL!! I would recommend Indigo to anyone who is looking for a nice dinner in the East Parishes.

The Indigo Restaurant and Lounge

6 Northshore,
Flatts Village,
FL 04,

Phone: 441 292 9800

The Indigo Restaurant and Lounge

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