The Hungry Bear Restaurant, In Bermuda

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The Hungry Bear

If you feel like a great cup of coffee in Hamilton? Then have a cup of Joe in the Hungry Bear. This is the well loved Bermuda coffee shop that always poles apart from the competition.

It is an exceptional expresso and café bar with a captivating choice of coffees. They come in all shapes and sizes, to cater to any customer. The Hungry Bear has a remarkable, varied selection. It is a fabulous place to have coffee with breakfast, brunch and lunch. You can lounge around in our fabulous dining room or sit out on the pavement

The coffee house, like the classic cafes in Italy, prepares their cappuccinos that very day. If you feel like a cappuccinos, or an expresso, then stop at the hottest coffee shop in Bermuda.

If you are hungry, you can something to eat at the Hungry Bear. It has a line of beautiful Italian pastries on offer, from excellent cannolis to the best Biscotti. You could also dine on Italian pizza, salad dishes and a wide range of sandwiches, while having your coffee.

This adds up to the Hungry Bear’s standing as one of the most popular coffee shops on the island. Why not come and see for yourself?

The Hungry Bear Restaurant

11 Chancery Lane
Pembroke  HM 12

Phone: 441 292-2353

The Hungry BearRestaurant

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The Hungry Bear Restaurant, in Bermuda – Part of Elbow Beach Cycles’ Things To Do in Bermuda series!