The Hog Penny Pub, In Bermuda

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The Hog Penny Pub, Bermuda

Are you a fan of classic American telly? Would you like to visit the pub which inspired the setting of your favourite US sitcom? Then take a trip to The Hog Penny Pub in Bermuda.

The Hog Penny Pub first opened in 1957 and was the model for the world famous Cheers bar in Boston. It is the oldest licensed premises in the City of Hamilton and is still a popular spot today.

The establishment is based on the classic British watering hole. It was even partly built out of sections of English pubs shipped to Bermuda. The British influence is evident all over The Hog Penny Pub. This extends from its interior, to its choice of beers and lagers. However it also has a nice line in cocktails and local island drinks, such as the Bermuda Rum Swizzle.

The pub is moreover famous for its food.  Are you in the mood for a delicious curry, or some good old fish and chips? Then head for the Hog Penny Pub. It has traditional fare like bangers and mash or steak and kidney pie amongst its menu.

The place has been recommended by such publications as Gourmet magazine. This is alongside being praised by Rachel Ray on the Food Network. The Hog Penny Pub is also known for its live entertainment, featuring the most talented local performers. It is the just the place for an evening out dining in Bermuda.


People have been toasting The Hog Penny Pub on Trip Advisor.

One review said:

The staff was great and in true Bermuda fashion, the clientele are polite and professional. The fish chowder was excellent and the drinks were great. Definietly a place for a happy hour or a couple hour hang out.

Another said:

Great place for a beer or a pub meal. Great ambience and service. Try the shepherds pie or fish and chips.

A fellow reviewer commented:

Great fish and chips. Burgers are huge but taste so good that finishing is no problem.

Another review added:

The service is excellent. Try their chowder 🙂 and taste a good wine.

A further reviewer stated:

Great old pub with a good atmosphere and service. Good Pub grub, the fish and chips were excellent!

The Hog Penny Pub, in Bermuda –
5 Burnaby Hill,
292 2534


The Hog Penny Pub

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