The Cosmopolitan Nightclub In Hamilton, Bermuda

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Cosmopolitan, Bermuda

If there ever was a club so well named, it was the Cosmopolitan Nightclub in the City of Hamilton. It is among the most recent and busiest nightspots in Bermuda. This exciting club in Front Street, incorporating both the indoors and the outdoors, has won universal acclaim. It has been named one of the leading nightclubs in Bermuda, and it is not hard to see why.

This brand new nightclub, once referred to as the Moon Nightclub & Lounge, has already proved a roaring success with both Bermudians and tourists. The owner has taken the aforementioned previous establishment and renovated it. The Cosmopolitan Nightclub shares the same proprietor as that other island tourist spot, The Cellar, to be found at the Fairmont Southampton. The club now has its finger on the pulse of the innovation known as flair bar tending.

The Cosmopolitan Nightclub offers patrons a unique selection of cocktails, mixed with that certain panache. It makes a performance out of pouring out a drink. They extend from spinning bottles in the air to igniting your cocktail before your very eyes, and what a range of cocktails they have to choose from. These include the world renowned Cosmopolitan of course, that goes without saying. This is alongside a vast array of delicious cocktails, containing many different ingredients.

This is your one stop to find the perfect cocktail. You can enjoy your drink, or have some food, while listening to Bermuda’s leading DJ’s. They will appear in a cutting edge environment, using the latest technology. The roof of the nightclub can open and close and the walls have panels containing diodes, giving off light. They can spell out words and provide a thrilling, exciting atmosphere. This will give you a night out clubbing you will never forget, right on Front Street.

Cosmopolitan Nightclub

95 Front Street,
Pembroke Parish (Central)

Phone: 441 595 6666

Cosmopolitan Nightclub

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