The Best Fish Chowder in Bermuda At The Lobster Pot!

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Lobster Pot Bermuda

Anyone stepping foot in Bermuda, even if it is for a few hours, has to taste the fish chowder, the most traditional dish of the island!

Every restaurant that can be called by this name serves some fish chowder and everyone is able to cook one at home. For a country like Bermuda surrounded by water and many fish species, the fish chowder is without doubt the national dish. Even though it was brought from Great Britain and the first settlers, the Bermuda fish chowder is different from any other fish stew.

As with many of the traditional food of the island, we take our fish chowder very seriously,and anyone serving some chowder below the standards would see his restaurant burned down! Hopefully, the vast majority of establishments in Bermuda serve decent chowder. But there is one place that serves the best and one that is consistently good, the Lobster Pot. Except on a couple of occasions, the Hamilton’s seafood restaurant is the usual winner of The Bermudian Best of Bermuda Award for best fish chowder. It is so popular that you can be sure that every table will have at least 1 fish chowder for starters. If you want the complete Bermuda fish chowder experience, you can even have yours with a splash of black rum and of sherry peppers, made of very hot peppers marinated in sherry, spices and herbs. It is not a coincidence if the Lobster Pot is still well and truly alive after more than 30 years of existence. The restaurant founded in 1973 is arguably the best seafood restaurant in Bermuda and certainly a favourite one for locals and visitors alike.

It is not that easy to serve the best fish chowder, the fish stock has to be rich and full of flavours, not too watery of course, but not over thickened with corn starch either, or having too much tomato paste. The best fish stock is made with the whole fish carcasses boiled up, rather than just deboned fish, and of course with fresh local fish. Inside the Lobster Pot, the décor is just what you would expect from a seafood restaurant: two dining rooms with whitewashed walls covered of fishnets, lobster traps, brass nautical gears, and sun-washed rope. Above the fireplace in the bar area hangs a battered hull. The bar is where you enter the place and it is a friendly area where people usually have a cocktail before going to their table for dinner.

Seafood is obviously the main attraction at the Lobster Pot with the lobsters being amongst the favourites of locals. The live Main lobsters are available at any time, but the spiny Bermuda lobster is only on the menu in season, which runs from September 1 to March 31. Other than the fish chowder, you can have entrées such as the Bermuda Triangle, a combination of scallops, shrimps and fish either broiled or deep-fried, with tartar sauce or lemon butter; or the Seafood Lover’s Feast, which consists of half a Main lobster, crab claws, mussels, shrimps, clams that were simmered in a saffron stock and vegetables.

For main course, you can have the fish of the day in the way you prefer it, or opt for one of the many seafood dishes or lobsters on offer. As it is a very popular restaurant, booking is recommended.

The Lobster Pot, Bermuda – 6 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton, HM08; (441) 292-6898;

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