The Bermuda National Gallery

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Would you like to experience the beauty of art and culture while on holiday? Then make a stop at The Bermuda National Gallery.

The premises in Hamilton City hall on Church Street are filled with fascinating exhibits. Walk through the ground floor of City Hall and take those huge cedar stairs to the second floor. This is the site of the Bermuda National Gallery. This is where you can gaze upon the beautiful artwork, from the island and around the world.

This celebration of visual art has been captivating visitors since its opening almost 20 years ago; in 1992. You could spend all day viewing the extraordinary paintings on display. The gallery houses a number of long term collections, many reflecting island history.

The Bermuda National Gallery features the work of modern artists and classical European painters. The gallery is also committed to photography. It has a range of black and white pictures by a prominent local artist. That is not to mention a line of prints denoting contemporary African-American existence. The Bermuda National Gallery has an amazing selection of sculptures and masks, be it ceremonial or historical, from Africa. This gives you an idea of the diverse exhibits on display.

The gallery is home to numerous short term art shows. This is along with a series of events throughout the year. There are interesting artist’s seminars, workshops and lectures at the gallery. That is to say nothing of holding receptions, dinner parties, film screenings and jazz nights, to name but a few.

There is so much to see at The Bermuda National Gallery. Why not take a guided tour of free of charge? They are held every Thursday morning.

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