The Beluga Bar In Hamilton, Bermuda

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The Beluga Bar

The Beluga Bar is a beautifully designed sushi restaurant, situated in the Washington Mall in Hamilton. It is an exceptional Japanese eatery, in a cutting edge 21st Century style.

This centre of oriental cuisine is under the supervision of legendary sushi chef Sammy, whom previously plied his trade at Yashi. He is now wowing diners at that appealing new sushi restaurant called the Beluga Bar. The restaurant is renowned for its beautiful blue lighting. This is as well as its wide roomy hall, decked in brilliant white colouring. The premises are adjacent a taxi rank and bus stop, making it a convenient location for visitors.

It has a wide reaching menu, mainly centred on seafood and Japanese delicacies. They cover appetizers like the Japanese Pop Corn Shrimp, Spicy Tuna specials and the Beluga Bar Signature Salads, with a vast array of toppings. The restaurant has a number of Singles, Combos and Beluga Special Rolls. This is as well as having some remarkable seafood options, such as fine Scottish salmon and ravishing Rock Oysters.

The Beluga Bar also has a prime stock of caviar vodka which is unsurpassed. This is on top of having a formidable wine cellar, made up of the greatest in red and white wines on offer. They can be the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

When searching for a top notch Sushi restaurant in Hamilton, there is a superb menu available at the Beluga Bar. It is one of the many exciting new features to be found at the Washington Mall.

The Beluga Bar

Washington Mall,
18 Church St,
Bermuda HM11

Phone: (441) 542 2859

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