The Bayside Terrace, In Bermuda

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The Bayside Terrace is a breathtaking outdoor bistro. It lets guests can sit outside in the fresh air and try the beautiful food on offer.

This one of a kind establishment is a fantastic feature of the illustrious Grotto Bay Beach Resort. It is situated in the picturesque parish of Hamilton. Where the guests often frequent and rave about the Bayside Terrace, on Blue Hole Hill.

This stunning restaurant allows you to relax in tranquil surroundings. You can enjoy an awe inspiring run of fast foods, from the hottest hot dogs and hamburgers, to wonderful green salad. This is not to mention offering an excellent line of sandwiches, to suit any customer.

The bistro is also known for its theme nights. It puts on the best Bermuda barbeque outdoors on a Monday evening and a fish and seafood buffet on a Thursday.

Whichever day of the week, you will find ideal outdoor dining at The Bayside Terrace. This makes it a well loved attraction at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort.

The Bayside Terrace

1 Blue Hole Hill,

Phone: (441) 293-8333

The Bayside Terrace Restaurant

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