Terms & conditions

The best rental is the one you are fully prepared for. To understand what to expect from us – and what we expect from you – read our terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions

Details of our corporate policies and rental condition appear in this Terms & Condition document. Click a title heading or scroll through the document below

Vehicle Rental
Elbow Beach Cycles agrees to rent you the vehicle or vehicles you order (or our best equivalents) on the days that you specify. In return, you agree to pay all legitimate fees and charges including the repair waiver fee, and to comply in all respects with these terms and conditions.
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Drivers and Passengers
Only you and other persons authorised by us and registered as drivers on the rental record may ride or drive the vehicles you rent. Only persons authorised by us and registered as passengers on the rental record may ride as passengers on the vehicles you rent. In this agreement, we refer to all drivers and passengers registered to your name as your ‘party’.

As the primary person named on the rental agreement, you agree to take responsibility for the actions of everyone in your party.

You will not allow anyone to drive the vehicles who has not been authorised by us, and you will not take passengers on your vehicles if your rental agreement does not cover passengers.

All drivers must be 18 years or older and in possession of a valid national ID. If you or anyone in your party is planning to take children below the age of 15 as passengers, you agree to check with us that they are big enough and confident enough to ride safely. Children aged 4 or less is unlikely to be tall enough to ride.

There is no minimum age for riding a mountain bike or hybrid electric bike.
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Drugs, alcohol, and impaired ability
You agree that neither you nor anyone in your party will ride your vehicles if their ability to ride safely and legally is impaired through drugs, alcohol, medication, or tiredness. You further agree that neither you nor anyone in your party will carry passengers whose abilities are impaired through drugs, alcohol, medication, or tiredness.
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Vehicle delivery and collection
Subject to our agreement, we will deliver your vehicles to the location specified by you and at a time specified by you, or we will collect them from a location specified by you and at a time specified by you. Unless we agree otherwise, on most tariffs, our free delivery or collection service applies to one direction only – delivery or collection – not both. Unless we agree otherwise, delivery to, or collection from, a location specified by you will be during normal opening hours, 09:00 to 17:00.

You agree that you will complete the other leg of your rental delivery and collection yourself by collecting or delivering to our shop at Elbow Beach. Unless we agree otherwise, you will collect from, or deliver to, our shop during normal opening hours, 09:00 to 17:00.

If you fail to return the vehicles to us at Elbow Beach or to return them to any other previously agreed location at a previously agreed time, you will be deemed to have extended your rental period. Your rental will continue at our published daily rate in addition to any fees or penalties for late return until such time as you do return the vehicles to us, and you will continue to be responsible for their safety. You agree that you will pay all late-return fees and your extended rental at the relevant daily rate for each additional day or part day until you return your vehicles to us.
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Legitimate use of the vehicle
You agree to use your vehicles to transport yourself and your registered riders and passengers for business or leisure use only. You will not use your vehicles for any type of race or competition, nor for any commercial enterprise. You agree also that you will not use your vehicles to tow or push other vehicles or persons.

You and everyone in your party will abide by all the laws and regulations that apply to Bermuda’s roads and parking areas.

You will not remove your vehicles from Bermuda, nor will you ride them on the beach or through loose sand, on rough tracks or unmetalled roads, or through the sea or other deep waters. You will not ride your vehicles on any prohibited area or on any private land without the permission of the landowner.
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Vehicle safety, security, and maintenance
You agree to keep your vehicles safe and roadworthy at all times. You will not ride them in a manner that causes annoyance or is a danger to yourselves or others. Nor will you leave them where they will cause annoyance or be a danger to yourselves or others.

When your vehicles are not in use, you agree to park them in a safe and lit place, and to lock them securely through the back wheel with an industry-standard lock. You will not leave helmets and other removable items with your vehicles.

You agree that you will fill your vehicles’ gas/fuel tanks with the correct type of gas/fuel, and that you will check the oil and other fluid gauges once for every 50 miles you ride. If necessary, you will top up the oil and other fluids.

If your vehicles become damaged or suffer mechanical failure, you agree to contact us on the number on your rental agreement. You will not repair the vehicles yourself, nor will you permit anyone other than our employees or representatives to service or repair your vehicles without our permission.
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Free RoadsideAssist™
Ours is the youngest fleet in Bermuda, so a breakdown is rare. But if it does happen, we won’t let it spoil your vacation. We’ll replace your vehicle free-of-charge during working hours. And in the unlikely event that a problem occurs at night, call our 24-Hour Answering Service on 296.4100 and we will dispatch a service vehicle and if necessary a replacement vehicle, the next business day.
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Free YouDrive™ tuition
Bermuda law requires us to provide adequate tuition before you set off. We go further. Our industry-leading YouDrive™ driving tuition system is the best on the island. To qualify for YouDrive tuition, riders must be able to ride a bicycle. By booking with us, you confirm that everyone in your party can ride a bicycle.

YouDrive tuition will not begin until each rider has paid their non-refundable repair waiver (NRRW).

Because the law prevents us from renting to people who cannot ride safely, we reserve the right to terminate tuition and to refuse to rent you a vehicle if you cannot master it within a reasonable time. What is reasonable depends on the circumstances. The final binding decision rests with the Relationship Manager on duty.

If tuition is terminated and you are unable to ride, you agree to forfeit your NRRW and all prepaid rental fees.
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Rental fees
Your rental fees and any charges for additional services including the non-refundable repair waiver (NRRW) will be shown on your rental contract and booking form.

You agree to pay all fees and charges when they fall due. If you do not pay on time, we reserve the right to add interest on the outstanding amount at 5.25% per month.

All prices are quoted in US dollars, but charged in Bermudian dollars. The conversion rate between US dollars and Bermudian dollars is one to one.
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Motoring fines and other charges
If you or anyone in your party incurs fines, tolls, or other penalties for motoring or parking offences, you are entirely responsible for paying or satisfying them. You agree that you will be solely responsible for all such penalties. You further agree to fully reimburse Elbow Beach Cycles for any financial loss (including the costs of recovery) relating to or resulting from fines, tolls, or penalties incurred by you or anyone in your party.

We will forward any notices about fines, tolls, or penalties to the address you provided on your booking form.
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Reserve & Relax Prepaid Rate
Our prepaid discount rate applies to online bookings paid for in advance and in full at the time of the booking. Bookings made at this discounted rate may not be cancelled or varied. The fee is non-refundable.

In exceptional circumstances, we will swap vehicles or extend the end date of the booking. If the changes increase your rental fees, you will be liable to pay the extra charges. There are no discounts, cash-backs, or refunds if the changes reduce your rental fees.
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Best Available Rate and guarantee
Our Best Available Rate applies to bookings made online, by telephone, or in person at our shop, and which are not prepaid.

If you order rental vehicles through our website, we guarantee to give you our Best Available Rate. That’s the rate shown for Pay-On-Collection bookings. If by chance you do find a better rate elsewhere, we will match it. To qualify for the rate-matching guarantee, the better rate must be for the same vehicle type, for the same days of the year, and for the same number of riders and passengers. And the better rate must have been publicly available within 5 days before or after you booked through our website.

Our Best Available Rate guarantee does not apply if the better rate comes from one of the many special offers or discounts that we offer. Nor does it apply if your rate is already discounted because you took advantage of one of our special offers or discounts.

Claims under our Best Available Rate guarantee must be submitted within 5 days of your booking date.
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Pay-On-Collection rate
To make a Pay-on-Collection booking, you must pay a deposit equivalent to 10% of your total booking fee. The balance and your non-refundable repair waiver are due in full at the start of your rental period. You can cancel a Pay-on-Collection booking without charge, providing you give us 5 or more days’ notice.

If you give us less than 5 days’ notice, or fail to turn up on the first day of your rental, you agree to pay a late-cancellation fee equivalent to a single day’s rental on all the vehicles you booked. In the first instance, we will charge your rental to your 10% deposit. If the deposit is insufficient, we will deduct the balance from your credit card. If the deposit is greater than your rental charge, we will credit the difference to your credit card.

We will hold your vehicles for you until 4pm on the first day of your rental period. If you haven’t collected them by that time, we reserve the right to hire them to someone else.

Subject to availability, you can vary the details (dates, vehicles, riders) of your Pay-on-Collection booking at any time up till 5 days before your rental starts. If you want to change your booking within 5 days of the start of your rental period, and we do not have the vehicles you want, you will have to honour your original booking or suffer the late-cancellation fee of a single day’s rental.

The Pay-on-Collection rate quoted on our website is our Best Available Rate.
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SuperSaver rate
If you book for 6 days and prepay in advance, you get a 7th day for free. This offer applies to rentals between November and early March. The rental may not start before 1st November and must end by 5th March.

This internet-only offer is subject to availability, and may not be combined with any other offer or discount. To obtain this discount, reserve a scooter online for 6 days and mention “SUPERSAVER RATE” in comments section. A SuperSaver deal is a fully-prepaid non-cancellable, non-refundable rate.
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Tribe rate
For every 6 vehicles that you book and prepay for, you get a 7th vehicle for free. This offer applies to rentals between November and March. The rental may not start before 1st November and must end by 31st March. Blackout days apply. The rental period for all vehicles must start and end on the same day.

This offer is subject to availability, and may not be combined with any other offer or discount.
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Concessionary discount rates
There are generous discounts for members of automobile, cycling, and motorcycling clubs, for gym members, for members of the government and armed forces, for seniors and people working or studying in higher education, and for people who work in the travel industry. When you come to collect your vehicles, you must produce a valid ID for the discount group to which you belong.
These offers are subject to availability, and may not be combined with any other offer or discount.
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Vehicle fuel charges
Depending on what type of vehicles you are driving, we will start you off with full tanks of gas or fully charged batteries.

You must return gas-powered vehicles with full tanks of gas/fuel. If you don’t refill your tanks before you return your vehicles, you agree to pay a refuelling charge for each vehicle at our current published rate. You can avoid the refuelling charge by prepaying for fuel at our current published rate at the time you collect your vehicles.

It is quite acceptable to return battery-powered vehicles with less than a full battery charge.

Vehicle condition and non-refundable repair waiver
We will supply your vehicles in a roadworthy condition and in a good state of repair together with all relevant documentation for you to drive legally on Bermuda’s roads. You agree to do your best to return them in the same condition, subject to fair wear and tear.

You agree that you are responsible for any loss or damage to your vehicles (and to any documents and accessories) that occurs when they are in your possession. Before you take possession of your vehicles, you and we will check their condition, and we will provide a written record of any agreed defects. We will check again when you return your vehicles.

Should your vehicles suffer accidental damage while in your possession, the cost of these repairs is covered by the non-refundable repair waiver (NRRW) fee. The repair waiver fee, which is non-refundable and payable in full at the same time as your rental fees, does not cover you for loss or damage through theft, attempted theft, or vandalism.

Cycle liveries and rental agencies in Bermuda use various terms to describe the repair waiver (eg ‘Repair Waiver’, ‘Insurance’, ‘Loss & Damage Waiver’ and our ‘Non-Refundable Repair Waiver’ (NRRW)). All of them refer to the small fee required to cover repairs arising from accidental damage to a vehicle while in your possession. The terms may be used interchangeably.
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Accidents, vandalism, and theft
You agree to report all traffic accidents and incidents of theft, attempted theft, loss, or damage to your vehicles within 24 hours of the incident or your becoming aware of the incident.

After reporting the incident to us, you agree to comply with all our instructions relating to completing documentation and claims forms, and to returning damaged vehicles and any parts and accessories that remain in your possession.

Your rental fee includes an element of insurance cover. It covers you for 65% of the value of your vehicles if they are lost or damaged through accident, vandalism, theft, or attempted theft. You are responsible for the remaining 35% of value. You agree that you will reimburse us fully (including the costs of recovery) for the value of the uninsured portion of your vehicles.
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Third-party insurance
Your rental fee includes third-party insurance cover. Even if you already have third-party insurance, we are required by Bermudian law to include it in the rental fee. You cannot claim a discount, cash-back, or refund for having your own third-party insurance.

Our third-party insurance covers you and everyone in your party against claims from third parties for damage to property or possessions and for death or personal injury caused by your use of our rental vehicles.

If the damage, death, or injury caused by you or anyone in you party involves, or results from, a breach of these terms and conditions, you agree to reimburse us should we be called upon to compensate the injured parties or their insurers. Such reimbursement will include the costs of recovery.
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Limits of liability
We are not liable to you or anyone in your party or to any third party for loss or damage that does not stem directly from our negligence or wilful misconduct or our breach of these terms and conditions. We are not liable for any indirect losses including, without limitation, loss of profits or opportunities.
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Damage to your property
You are responsible for looking after your own property. If you leave it in the lockable cabinets of your vehicles, it’s at your own risk. We accept no liability for loss or damage to your personal property before, during, or after your rental.
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Your personal data
You agree to our storing and processing of personal data supplied by you in connection with your vehicle rentals. We use this data to provide the best possible service and for future marketing campaigns. We will never sell or pass on your data to third parties, unless we are obliged to do so by legitimate authorities. See our privacy policy.

However, if you are in breach of your rental agreement, we reserve the right to use your data to help us and third parties recover outstanding fees and charges, and to protect our assets.
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Interpretation and law of Bermuda
This rental agreement is to be interpreted and applied according to the laws of Bermuda. If any part of this agreement turns out to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in whole or in part under Bermudian law, other parts of this agreement will be unaffected. They will continue in full force and effect.

The bold sub-headings used in this agreement are for ease of navigation only. They do not form part of the agreement.

References to vehicles in the singular or the plural will be interpreted to mean one or more vehicles, depending on how many vehicles you rent. References to people, riders, and passengers in the singular or the plural will be interpreted to mean one or more people, riders, and passengers, depending how many people, riders, and passengers are in your party.
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Communication and notices
Queries, notices, or claims relating to this rental agreement should be submitted in writing to the following address:
G. D. Thomas, Managing Director, Elbow Beach Cycle Livery (Bermuda) Ltd, PO Box PG257, Paget PGBX, Bermuda.
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