TEN Cafe & Bistro, In Bermuda

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TEN Cafe & Bistro is a hot new restaurant just opened, in a hi tech residential building in Bermuda’s capital city. This stylish but informal Hamilton café always scores ten out of ten for its menu.

It is laid out on a blackboard for all to see. Then patrons can examine up close everything this exciting new fangled café has to offer, when serving breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. The bistro has first rate blackboard speciality meals, with vegetable and salad dishes. TEN additionally has marvellous cheese and pasta meals, when taking the healthy alternative.

If you are looking for an excellent selection of sandwiches, possibly toasted, in white and brown bread, then look no further. They come in a choice of fillings, be it ham, bacon, sausage or scrambled egg. You can have an assortment of signature sandwiches for lunch, as well as exploring the large dinner menu. TEN dishes up cuisine from across the globe, including the most excellent Mediterranean, Moroccan, Asian or European cuisine. This is as well as having amongst the top rated Tapas on the island.

The café is celebrated for its fantastic line of homemade coffees, for the right cup of Joe with your meal. Customers can select from the one of a kind wine list and fix themselves a cocktail, made from the freshest fruits and berries. If you would like something sweet to close your dinner, you could treat yourself to a beautiful home grown pudding or dessert, prepared right on the premises.

This all adds up to a novel, ground breaking island restaurant that always gets a starter for TEN.


TEN Cafe & Bistro has been reviewed on Trip Advisor.

The site visitor said about the restaurant.

Livley choices with daily specials on a chalkboard. Delivers to nearby offices. Opens early for coffee and breakfast. Creative cuisine.

TEN Cafe & Bistro – www.portocall.bm/ten.php

Dundonald Street,

Tel: (441) 295 0857
(441) 292-7074

TEN Cafe & Bistro

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