Bermuda Beaches

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Spanish Point Park Beach

It is well known that the most beautiful beaches of Bermuda can be found on the South Shore of the island. Because of their reputation, they are usually very busy and while they have amazing features, but it is not a reason to overlook the quieter beaches of the North Shore. (more…)

Astwood Cove Bermuda

Amongst the many beautiful beaches of Bermuda and Warwick parish, Astwood Cove Beach is one of the most stunning places. (more…)

Location Map of Angle Beach Bermuda

The parish of Southampton has the biggest concentration of beaches in Bermuda and Angle Beach is one of them, located along the South Shore Park that goes from Horseshoe Bay up to Astwood Cove in the parish of Warwick. (more…)

Hidden Beach Bermuda

Hidden Beach is one of the many beaches of the parish of Southampton, along the South Shore Park where you can find some of the most beautiful beaches of Bermuda. (more…)

West Whale Bay Beach

At the western end of Southampton parish and next to the parish of Sandy, the West Whale Bay Beach takes is name from the time when the whaling industry was strong in Bermuda. (more…)

Warwick Long bay Beach Bermuda

There are many great beaches in Bermuda, most of them covered in the famous pink sand and looking out ot some crystal-clear and amazing blue water. (more…)

Warwick Long Bay Beach

Warwick Long Bay Beach is one of those rare places you fall in love with straight away. (more…)

St David's Lighthouse

Bermuda has two lighthouses, Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse on the south-west and St. David’s Lighthouse on the north-east. (more…)

Nonsuch Island Bermuda

Bermuda’s nature is beautiful and there are some places were it has been kept wild with unspoiled flora and fauna. One of the best parts of Bermuda’s Nature Reserve is without any doubt Nonsuch Island.  (more…)

Achilles Bay Bermuda

Achilles Bay Beach, so named because of its heel-like shape, is one of the few Bermuda beaches that is not very well known to the majority of tourists.