Visit the Swizzle – The Oldest, Best Known Pub in Bermuda

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Swizzle Inn Bar Bermuda

Feel like wetting your whistle on holiday in Bermuda? Then why not pull up a stool in the longest running and most widely known pub on the island?

It is the globally renowned establishment called The Swizzle Inn. The place thought to go as far back as an amazing three centuries ago. The pub chain caters to every taste and is open in two hot sites around the island.

The inaugural The Swizzle Inn Pub & Restaurant was located in Baileys Bay in Hamilton Parish.  Then The Swizzle on South Shore opened its doors.  The pub chain is quoted around the island for its incredible food and drink at knockdown prices. They open from 11 in the morning to 1 am, every day of the week. Why not try one of their mouth watering steaks, cooked on an outdoor grill, every Friday and Saturday. The pub also has a wonderful kids menu to choose from.

This is along with offering customers the unique opportunity to pick up a bargain in the in house Swagger Out Gift Shop. It stocks the most stylish line of Swizzle Inn and swagger Out clothing, not to mention other pieces of merchandise.

Why not stop at The Swizzle? There you can sample our one of a kind rum swizzle? It’s the perfect way to toast your trip to Bermuda.

Swizzle Inn, Baileys Bay
3 Blue Hole Hill
Baileys Bay CR 04
Telephone: (441) 293-1854
Fax: (441) 293-4422

The Swizzle, South Shore
87 South Road

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