Stonehole Bay Beach, Warwick, Bermuda

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Stonehill Bay Beach

The South Shore is renowned for having the best and most beautiful beaches of Bermuda. Their amazing pink sand and the turquoise water added to great views of the ocean attract many tourists and local residents.

Horseshoe Bay is the most-known and famous beach of the island and for this reason often very crowded. Fortunately, if you are looking for a more private and quiet place on the South Shore, there are about a dozen of adjacent beaches along the South Shore Park trails, such as Stonehole Bay Beach, in the parish of Warwick.

It is one of the secluded and usually uncrowded beaches of the South Shore that can be found along the 1.5 kilometres of path that link them together. Of course, there are mainly coves and therefore smaller beaches but because a longer walk is required to reach them, they are ideal for those who are looking for some peace and quiet.

The best way to access Stonehole Bay Beach is to go on Warwick Long Bay Beach by the path off South Road. At the right end of the beach, there is a path going between patches of grass and vegetation. You will first pass a very small cove called Jobson’s Bay, which can be a good place to go if Stonehole Bay Beach is too busy.

Stonehole Bay Beach is the next cove, before Chaplin Bay Beach, the last of the four first beaches that communicate together. After that, you will need to go back on the South Road to join Horseshoe Bay Beach.

Like the other coves, Stonehole Bay Beach has calm and shallow waters near the shore because of the large rock formations that form a protection on each side of the beach and disappear on the ocean. These limestone rocks provide a great place for exploration as well as having shady hollows offering a protection against the sun or somewhere to let your things while you are in the water.

But the waters can be a bit rough away from the shoreline, especially near the coral reef. Because of rip tides and cloudy waters, it is not really a good spot for snorkelling. Furthermore, there are no lifeguards on Stonehole Bay Beach, neither on any of the beaches around except on Horseshoe Bay Beach.

The shoreline is sandy with some scattered rocks, but the beach disappears almost completely at high tide, so make sure you check the tide times before planning your excursion. As there are facilities only on Horseshoe Bay Beach, at about half a miles from here, it is preferable to bring plenty of water. You can easily go and get food on Horseshoe Bay, but why not make a day of your excursion on the South Shore and bring a picnic with you.

The beach is a great place for families because children can safely play on the sand and the shallow waters near the shoreline. If you are lucky, you will have the cove to yourself, but most likely, there will only be a few people there. Mainly, those who go to Stonehole Bay Beach are looking for privacy and calm, so you can be sure to be spend a quiet and relaxing time.

Stonehole Bay Beach, Warwick

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