St. Peter's Church, Bermuda

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St Peters Church in St Georges Bermuda

The magnificent St. Peter’s Church is found in the parish of in St. George’s in Bermuda. It has the distinction of being the longest standing Anglican church in existence out with the UK.

The structure is reportedly the longest surviving Protestant church in what was known as The New World; i.e. the Western Hemisphere. The location is now an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The church was established just after the settlement of St. George in 1612. But it now stands as a place of regional historical consequence. The church is an eye catching tourist destination as well as an enduring place of worship.

The church was initially constructed from wood with a thatched roof. However, it didn’t last long. The church has actually gone through a great deal of renovation and rebuilding in its time. The structure currently has limestone walls. The building has a limestone slate roof on a frame fashioned from Bermuda cedar. There are also components dating from 1620.

The inside is the church is elegant but uncomplicated, with beams made of cedar. The font predates the settlement of the island itself. It has been in existence for five centuries. The interior of the church is furnished with celebratory plates, with gravestones in the exterior. It is said there are many prominent figures from Bermudas history laid to rest underneath the floor of the church.

It is the beauty of and the history of the building, amongst other aspects. These are what make St. Peter’s Church in St Georges such a fascinating place to visit.

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