St Georges Historical Society Museum In Bermuda

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St Georges Historical Society Museum in Bermuda

The St Georges Historical Society Museum is one of the longest standing, most durable buildings on the island of Bermuda.

It is located at Featherbed Alley in St. George.  This distinctive structure was constructed around 1730. The property started out as a private residence called Mitchell House. It once belonged to Isabella and William Archer.  They were a wealthy black couple whom kept slaves and owned a profitable restaurant visited by military personnel called The Gun Tavern. But their former home has been the domain of the Historical Society of St. George’s since 1922. It has been a museum ever since.

This greatly admired tourist destination is frequented by those fascinated with the past. This exhibit shows visitors what Bermuda was like in colonial times the museum keeps items used in the home in the 1700s. This is as well as having articles indigenous to Bermuda.  These include a letter written by the first President of the United States George Washington. This is in addition to having cutters used on whale blubber. It is as well as axe heads, and a Bible which has survived for three centuries. The museum illustrates how a kitchen was run in the colonial era. It has an excellent selection of utensils, dipping gourds and palmetto baskets to name but a few.

The museum also shows how printing was carried out in those days. There are printing presses from the period as well as old newspapers and archives. This is merely an idea of the many wonderful exhibits this amazing museum has on display.

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