SPCA's 17th Annual ‘Paws to the Park’ Sponsored Walk

Posted in: News - Last Updated: February 28th, 2014 by Dolores Thomas

Dogwalking in Bermuda

If you want to help raise money for animal welfare, while getting in shape, then don’t miss the SPCA’s 17th Annual ‘Paws to the Park’ Sponsored Walk.

Come along and join in, or cheer on the walkers, as they set off on their sponsored walk. This is in support of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The fundraiser is due to take place on Sunday, March 2nd. The `Paws to the Park` fundraisers are held every year at this time. They have contributed a great deal to the care and protection of animals over the years. Dog owners can take their pets along on the walk, which departs from St Paul’s Church Field in Paget.

The event is also open to non dog owners alike, whom can choose to head off on one of two routes. There is Route 1, the 3 Mile Walk, which takes approximately one hour and begins at 2pm. Participants have to be registered though 30 minutes in advance.

There is also the option of taking the shorter Route 2. This is the 1 Mile Walk, which takes half an hour. You set off at 2:30pm and have to be registered by 2pm. Participants are required to pay a £35 registration fee, but the first 75 to register will receive a free goodie bag.

The first route covers such places as Middle Road, South Shore Road, the railway trail, Cobbs Hill, the hill by Elbow Beach and Harmony Hall. Route 2 takes in many of the same locations, as well as Ord Road and Bostock Hill. The walk will be followed by a SPCA table event and a bake sale, where you could pick up a little something to eat.

Taking part in fundraising can be a walk in the park if you go on the SPCA’s 17th Annual ‘Paws to the Park’ Sponsored Walk.

SPCA’s 17th Annual ‘Paws to the Park’ Sponsored Walk

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