Spanish Point Park Beach, Bermuda

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Spanish Point Park Beach

It is well known that the most beautiful beaches of Bermuda can be found on the South Shore of the island. Because of their reputation, they are usually very busy and while they have amazing features, but it is not a reason to overlook the quieter beaches of the North Shore.

Spanish Point Park Beach, Pembroke, is one of the place that is definitely worth to go to, for its picturesque setting and its tranquility.

The Spanish Point Park Beach is the biggest of the several beaches and coves that are at the extremity of the Pembroke Parish. It is the furthest point from the city of Hamilton, about 2.5 miles, and offers amazing views North and West. The promontory it is located on is the start of the channel used by ships to enter the Great Sound and the Hamilton Harbour. It is therefore a great vantage place to watch the cruise and cargo ships entering and leaving the port.

The beach is part of the peaceful Spanish Point Park, a park with shady lawns, pines and baygrapes,where locals like to spend time playing cards or having lunch. Thanks to the presence of reefs and islets just off the shore, the Spanish Point Park Beach and the other adjacent coves are bordered by calm waters. It is the ideal place for those who like snorkelling as well as for families with kids.

The Spanish Point Park Beach is also one of the best places to view the sunset, something that should not be missed by anyone coming to Bermuda, even for a few days. It is actually thought to be the best sunset spots of the island. The small harbour of Stovell Bay on the edge of the Spanish Point Break Beach is adding to the magnificence of the view with its tiny fishing boats, dinghies and sailboats mooring there.

The Spanish Point Park is in itself a great attraction, making with the beach the perfect destination for a quiet and relaxing excursion. You enter it by a tiny gate and can find picnic tables and benches, as well as toilets near the car park. You can go to the Spanish Point Break Beach and Park by foot or by bus number 4 from Hamilton, although buses don’t run at the time of the sunset – which is why a scooter from Elbow Beach Cycles is always your best option. The best way is to rent a scooter and ride to Spanish Point.

The place was named after Ramirez, the Spanish captain of a ship that was wrecked on the reefs just off the shore. In fact, the name was given by early settlers of the area that was never visited by the Earl of Pembroke, the largest shareholder of the domain corresponding to the Pembroke Parish.

Nearby the Spanish Point Park Beach, you can find the Clarence Cove with two small beaches,and the Deep Bay beach. Like the Spanish Point Break Beach, these are secluded and quiet places,completely off the beaten track and free of tourists.

The Deep Bay is a bit harder to find through the gap of a wall and with steep downward steps. Most of the time, these beaches are calm and only frequented by locals, but they can become more popular during the months of July and August when they are used as venues for summer camps.

Spanish Point Park Beach, Pembroke

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