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Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Southampton is one of Bermuda’s nine parishes and was named after the third Earl of Southampton, Henry Wriothesley (1573-1624), patron and friend of William Shakespeare. Southampton covers about 2.3 square miles (6 square kilometres or 1,500 acres).

It includes the southernmost point of the island as well as its highest point, Gibbs Hill, where the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is situated. Built in 1844, it’s the world’s oldest cast iron lighthouse. It has 185 steps that lead to the top and its light can be seen 40 miles out to sea by ships as well as 120 miles away by aircraft pilots. If you are brave enough (or have the energy!) to climb to the top, you can reward yourself with a nice cup of tea in the tearoom and enjoy some of the best views of Bermuda.

Southampton covers most of the western part of the main island. Its north shores form the majority of the coast of the Little Sound – one of the seaways characteristic of Bermuda – and with its territory extending to some parts of the Great Sound of Bermuda, too, the parish has many bays and islands where you can find some of the best views of the area. They include the Five Star and Perot’s islands, both one-property residential islands owned by billionaires; George’s Bay on the West and Riddell’s Bay on the East.

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda

On the south shores of Southampton Parish, you will found some amazing beaches. The Horseshoe Bay Beach is usually considered to be the most beautiful pink sand beach on the south coast of Bermuda and the probably the most famous on the Island. It has crystal clear waters, fine sand, a beach restaurant, a manned lifeguard station during the summer as well as toilet and shower facilities.

Other great locations of the south coast of Southampton include Whale Bay and Fort and Church Bay and with a reef close to the shore, it’s one of Bermuda’s most popular snorkelling areas.

Southampton Parish has many places of interest for everyone such as the Seymour Farm Nature Reserve, Saint-Ann’s Church, Tudor Farm, Turtle Hill and South Road – one of the most spectacular scenic routes that is ideal to explore on a bike, scooter or moped.

It is because of its exceptional character and landscape that Southampton has more hotel rooms than any of the other Bermuda parishes.

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