South Shore Park In Warwick, Bermuda

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Warwick Long bay Beach Bermuda

There are many great beaches in Bermuda, most of them covered in the famous pink sand and looking out ot some crystal-clear and amazing blue water.

It is on the South Shore Park, in the parish of Warwick, that you find the greatest concentration of beaches including some of the most famous ones in Bermuda such as Horseshoe Bay Beach.

The South Shore Park is one of Bermuda’s nature reserves and was declared a national park in 1990. Stretching for around 1.5 miles, this coastal park connects the parishes of Southampton and Warwick through a series of trails and paths that take you along limestone cliffs, dunes and grassy areas. From the trails, you can access dozens of beaches and coves.

If you like taking your time to discover the beauty of the places you spend your vacation, then a walk on the South Shore Park is definitely for you. The main beaches on each side of the park are Horseshoe Bay and Warwick Long Bay and you’ll have to decide which way to go from here – whether you want to finish on one of the most famous beaches or to one of the best restaurants of the South Shore.

Horseshoe Bay Beach can get quite crowded during the summer months so it is always best to get there in the morning if you want to fully enjoy it. It is easy to access by bus, the number 7 takes you to South Road from where you can walk to the beach. There are some small coves on the way to Horseshoe Bay that you can explore and in which you can take a dip.

Rum Swizzle

Traditional Bermudian Rum Swizzles

After you have taken in the beauty of the bay, walk towards the east along the scenic trails. They will take you to the twin coves of Stonehole Bay and Chaplin Bay. These two places are in fact one beach split in two by a coral barrier reef that comes up above the water surface. A great spot to relax or have a quiet swim in beautiful and picturesque surroundings.

The next stop on your journey is the Jobson’s Cove, a pool completely closed off by limestone cliffs, providing a great place to swim. There are practically no waves or wind here, so that’s the ideal place for children to swim and play in the water, as well as for a picnic. For these reasons, the beach is a favourite place of local families.

Further east is the half-mile stretch of Warwick Long Bay beach, a great place for snorkelling and another stunning South Shore beach. Because it is long rather than wide, and because there is no food concession, it is usually not a problem to find some space here.

But don’t end your day here yet, just around the corner is Astwood Cove, a traditional outdoor wedding location, nested between steep cliffs and home to white tail tropical birds. If you feel a bit hungry after your walk, go to the nearby restaurant, The Swizzle South Shore, a branch of the Swizzle Inn where a Bermudian traditional drink, the Rum Swizzle was invented.

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