Somerset Bridge Watersports Bermuda

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Somerset Bridge Watersports Bermuda

There is a lot to explore on the western part of the island’s waters, such as the Royal Naval Dockyard, the shipwreck of the partially submerged HMS Vixen, Mangrove Bay, the shallow waters of the Sea Gardens around Somerset Island, the corner of the Bermuda Triangle and of course many secluded beaches.

With Somerset Bridge Watersports, you can go around all these sites either by motorised boats, jet skis or kayaks, and on your own or with a guide who will help you in your navigation and show you the sites you want to see.

Somerset Bridge Watersports is a family business owned by Tony Roache since over 20 years and located at Robinsons Marina, in the Sandy Parish.

The boats available for rental are the usual and unsinkable Boston Whalers, equipped with a 30hp engine allowing them to reach a speed of 35mph. The steering wheel on the central console make them easy to control. They come with full safety equipment, seats with back support and cushions, a longer ladder than usual to make it easier to go swimming and snorkelling, and a retractable sun-top.

You can take in your snorkelling gear or rent some from Somerset Bridge Watersports, as well as fishing rods and coolers.

The jet skis of Somerset Bridge Watersports are the award-winning Sea Doo GTI, faster (up to 50mph), quieter and more eco-friendly than the usual Yamaha Waverunners. The machines are reported to be very stable and comfortable to manoeuvre with their padded handlebars and rudders-like vanes that permit to execute turns at slow speed.

Thanks to the experience of Tony and his team and the reduced numbers of jet-skis per tour (6 maximum), you are guaranteed a 70-minute outstanding adventure on water. As a customer wrote on Trip Advisor, it is

“a most exhilarating way to see Bermuda!”

A trip on a kayak in the western part of the Bermuda’s waters is the opportunity to discover the beauty of Ely’s harbour like never before or to get as close as it is possible from turtles. Observe the local flora and fauna without disturbing them while you glide silently along the shores and paddle to secluded coves and small islands. It is also a way to get some exercise during your holidays but so gently that you will not realise it.

Your guide will help you creating an itinerary, advising on points of interest, and will also give you a quick training. The kayaks are available in single or double versions.

Somerset Bridge Watersports – (441) 234 0914 –  is definitely one of the best attractions in Bermuda and one recommended by people of Trip Advisor who think it is:

“great fun on the island”

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