Somers Park In St. Georges

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Sommers Park

Would you like to breathe in some delightful greenery, plants and flowers while visiting Bermuda? Then saunter down to stunning Somers Park. It is a location of inherent natural beauty a found on Duke of York St in St. George. The garden is close to Kings Square, on the north east. The park was opened by the Prince of Wales in 1920 and has been astounding visitors ever since. Now you can savour the splendour of this stimulating garden. It is a closed off and tranquil environment in green verdant surroundings.

Somers Garden is a celebrated site to chill out and take a minute. The Garden is open all day and admittance is free. It is also ideal for lounging around in after dinner and spends a relaxing evening. This is the optimum place to explore breathtaking foliage, shrubs and plants. It is said the flowers bloom the fullest in the spring time. The garden is named in memory of the man regarded to have founded the island of Bermuda. His name is Admiral Sir George Somers and his ship crashed on a reef close to St. George in 1609.There is a small respectful tomb to the Admiral at the park. It is said the great man’s heart is interred in the park.

There was also a stone column laid as a lasting monument. Tourists could gaze upon it, as long as the other wonders the garden bearing his name has on show.

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