Snorkel Bermuda Review

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Bermuda is without contest one of the prime locations in the world for snorkeling.

The presence of what is considered the most northern coral reef barrier and of hundreds of shipwrecks provide hours and hours of endless discovery for fans of underwater exploration.

The best way to enjoy Bermuda marine treasures is to take a snorkeling tour with a local guide who will take you to the best places. One of the top tours on the island is Snorkel Bermuda. They provide a two-hour trip to the wrecks of The Constellation and The Montana, on the Western Blue Cut site.

The main difference between Snorkel Bermuda tour and many of the other guides is that the time they dedicate to snorkeling is longer. Even though it is a two-hour trip, only 40 minutes is spent travelling  (the check-in is located King’s Wharf) This is instead of two hours spent in traditional three-hour tours. Accounting for the time to get ready and the captain’s talk before diving, your time in the water is about one hour. More than enough to explore the wrecks and the coral they sit on.

The Constellation was a 192-foot wooden vessel that sunk on the reefs in 1942, after a storm damaged its seams on its way from New-York to Venezuela. Her cargo is still visible, minus the 700 cases of whisky saved by the US Navy based in Bermuda at the time. This is as well as panels of glass, slate and iron fittings.

The Montana sank in 1863 on its way from London to North Carolina, with a cargo bound for the Confederate army during the American Civil War. The 236-foot iron paddle steamer now lies at the bottom of 30 feet of water.

The captain and guide of Snorkel Bermuda is Sonny Sullivan, who was born and raised on the island. He spent the best part of his life on the water, and still lives on a 41-foot motor yacht. Sonny is a passionate snorkeler and likes to share his knowledge of Bermuda. Everyone appreciate his effort to make the trip fun and relaxed.

Reviewers at Trip Advisor make Snorkel Bermuda their top attraction and can’t say enough of how great it is:

“Simply amazing experience … one of the highlights of our trip!!”, “Best Tour Guide In Bermuda!”…

Snorkel Bermuda also has a 20-foot power catamaran, Thunderpuss, the only charter expedition boat available for hire on the island. Aboard the Thunderpuss, four people can go anywhere they want and explore places most tourists will never see.

And if all of this wasn’t enough, Sonny has the best mate anyone could dream off: Audrey, a part Jack Russell Terrier and part Whippet dog which he picked up from the SPCA in 2009. She is loved by adults and children alike and is not scared to swim with everyone.

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