Smoking Barrels, In Bermuda

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smokin barrel

There is a one of a kind dining experience in Bermuda, moving forward with both barrels. This is an incredible bistro on wheels called Smoking Barrels. It is going great guns to bring residents and tourists the finest island or Caribbean food.

Smoking Barrels operates from a mobile truck, brought over from the States and parked on Front Street. It is located close to the Ferry Terminal. If you are heading into Hamilton City to do some shopping, or have just arrived on the island, then grab a little something at Smoking Barrels.

This intriguing culinary endeavour is the brainchild of Bermuda resident Kemar Maybury. It serves hot food from seven in the morning and provides breakfast, lunch and dinner. Customers could pick up a speciality Caribbean meal seven days a week. They could also treat themselves to an excellent Bermudian Codfish Breakfast on a Sunday.

The bistro has many well liked dishes, from the sweet jerk and jerk chicken to chicken curry and lemon pepper fish. The diner furthermore prides itself on using genuine Kosher or Halal meat produce in its food.

When looking for top calibre Bermudian and Caribbean cuisine, then come to the bistro that’s always on the go. It’s called Smoking Barrels. It’s a real blast.

Smokin’ Barrel

Front Street,
near Ferry Terminal,

Tel: (441) 337 0211

Smokin’ Barrels
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