Skyrider Parasailing in Bermuda

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Skyrider Parasailing Bermuda

You don’t have to go underwater to enjoy the beautiful waters of Bermuda. If you are looking for thrills, parasailing is just the watersport for you.

There are three main companies that offer parasailing activities in Bermuda but only Skyrider sends you up high in the sky while you comfortably sit on a chair!

Skyrider operates from the Royal Naval Dockyard, at the western end of the Island and takes you on its namesake boat to send you flying over the Great Sound and the north shore.

The Skyrider parasail is a sit down chair that takes two people. You are launched and retrieved from the deck of the Skyrider which can take up to a maximum of 10 persons. The parasail ride is between 8 and 10 minutes and costs *$65 for an adult and *$50 for children aged 11 and under. Because of the restricted space on the boat, passengers as spectators are allowed and there’s a charge of $20. The advantage of the boat’s small size is that you will not have to wait more than 30 minutes before your turn, if you’re last!

A great advantage of Skyrider is that you don’t even have to get wet to enjoy the best possible views of the ocean and the Island, at 250 feet above sea level! It’s open toparasail from May to October.

There are other major parasailing companies on the Island that operate from the Royal Naval Dockyard. one is KS Watersports Bermuda. Located only a couple of minutes walk from the ferry terminal of King’s Wharf, they use secured harness type parasails.

You launch and land from the deck of their powerful winch boat, the Thrill Seeker, that can take up to 12 persons on board. Two persons can fly at the same time providing they keep below the weight limit of 325lbs. In request, you can get a dip on the water before landing back on the boat. Mostly, you will fly over the Great Sound area. Expect a maximum wait of 90 minutes for about 10 minutes of parasailing.

You can also discover the Island from high up above in the area of St. George’s Harbour with St. George’s Parasail Water Sports Ltd. The ‘Krant Craft’ departs from Somers Wharf and can carry a maximum of 6 people so that you won’t wait your turn for long. You can choose to stay dry or have the harness dipped on the ocean.

You won’t regret getting into the Bermuda sky to take on all the beauty of the Island from a very unusual viewpoint!

Contact Details:
Skyrider: (441)-234-3019
KS Watersports: (441)-238-4155
St. George’s Parasail Water Sports: (441)-232-2871

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