Seymour's Pond Bermuda

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Seymours Pond Bermuda

Nature is without a doubt the best feature of Bermuda, whether it is the crystal-blue ocean, the pink-sand beaches, the luscious flora and trees, or the many species of birds and other fauna.

In order to preserve the nature of Bermuda and protect it from the devastating effects of the civilisation, there are a few nature reserves on the island. Seymour’s Pond, in Southampton parish is one of the places where you can discover the beauty of Bermuda in total piece and quiet.

Seymour’s Pond is a beautiful nature reserve of 2.5 acres of secluded land that have become a haven for many species of birds. The reserve is one of the first ventures of the Bermuda Audubon Society,which has turned the Seymour’s Pond and its area into a nature reserve in 1963. The society still managed the reserve.

The pond and the associated area was divided into several private estates, three of them sharing the pond itself. It was only after the Bermuda Audubon Society was able to buy all this estates that the Seymour’s Pond was created.

It now covers an area forming a triangle between Middle Road, South Road and the waterfront on Little Sound. The reserve inside this area is an open space and a park ideal for walks and excursions.The entrance of the Seymour’s Pond reserve is on Middle Road, in Southampton, and located near the junction of the South Road at a place called the Barnes’ Corner.

The Seymour’s Pond itself is surrounded by marshland and is considered to be the best example of a freshwater pond in Bermuda according to a Canadian biologist, Dr. Martin Thomas.

The place is a favourite of bird-watchers, with many species choosing to establish their nests by the pond like coots, duck, common moorhens, herons, sandpipers, kingfishers and egrets. The Seymour’s Pond is also a favourite of many kind of migratory and wintering waterfowl.

Over the years, many invasive species of plants such as the Brazil pepper bush and the sheathed paspalum grass have damaged the nature reserve and even dramatically reduced the size of the pond. That is why last year, the Bermuda Audubon Society worked on an overdue restoration of the Seymour’s Pond.

With the help of contractor Bell’s Skyline Excavating, they dug out and removed parts of the pond to remove some garbage accumulated in it. The invasive plants were culled and replaced by native and endemic plants put on the edges of the pond. The adjacent road drain on Middle Road was also replaced by the Ministry of Public Works as part of the restoration’s project in order to improve the quality of the water.

Last year too, a population of endemic Killfish were introduced in the pond. Seymour’s Pond reserve was successfully reopened in October 2011.

Anyone who likes nature and walking will have a wonderful time in Seymour’s Pond nature reserve,trying to spot bird and tree species, as well as admiring the many insects such as dragonflies and damselflies hovering over the water, or diving beetles. There are also monthly field trips organised to learn everything about the fauna and flora of Seymour’s Pond as well as a chance to see the Cahow (Bermuda Petrel), the national bird of Bermuda that was once thought extinct for over 300 years!

Seymour’s Pond, Southampton

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