Session House In Bermuda

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Session House

One of the most interesting places to visit in Bermuda is the Session House. This is the site of the House of Assembly. It is located in appropriately enough Parliament Street, in Hamilton.

This is where the Bermuda Parliament meets in session, on the upper floor. The ground floor is where you will find The Supreme Court of Bermuda. The Clock Tower, in red terra-cotta, was erected to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887.

Visitors are welcomed at the Bermuda Assembly House, or you can observe a session as it happens from the public gallery.This important local building has been in existence since 1817. This was after Hamilton was made capital of the island instead of St George in 1815. The interior is reminiscent of the British Houses of Parliament.

The two main parties, the government and the opposition, sit across from one another in a great hall. The speaker oversees the sessions. There are approximately 38000 people registered to vote on the island. They are represented by 35 elected members of the House. This is where tourists can observe the seat of power and decision making in Bermuda up close.

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