Safety and Security

A few simple tips to make sure you have a trouble-free vacation – one you'll remember for many years to come.

We want your visit to Bermuda to be the best experience possible. So here’s our advice, when hiring a moped, scooter or bike to make sure you don’t experience any problems:

Lock your bike

All our bikes have extra-tough Kryptonite locks – please use them.
Always lock bikes when they are unattended.

Out of sight / out of mind

We recommend concealing all valuables when you are riding.
Always exercise due care with your personal effects when you are out and about.


Always place cameras, camcorders, personal gear and other valuables in the under seat storage box.

Leaving your bikes

Take your helmet(s) and any personal effects and valuables with you when your bike is unattended.
Lock your vehicle securely in a designated parking bay.

Driving Rules and Regulations

Even when living life to the full, we still have rules to follow. When driving the streets of Bermuda, it is important to be aware of the local laws and regulations .This leads to safe, accident free biking.

The wellbeing of our customers is always paramount. So here’s some information about regional speeding, driving regulations and tips to keep visitors informed. Then you’ll have a safe, amazing trip to Bermuda, in full accordance with the law!


DrivingSide: LEFT. Unlikely many other places where vehicles drive on the RIGHT hand side of the road, in Bermuda the driving convention is on the LEFT such as in countries like the UK, Japan, India and Australia.

Speed Limit

Island-wide: 22 miles per hour / 35 kilometres per hour.
Drive at whatever pace you find comfortable.


Everyone on Bermuda’s roads has the same road rights.
Ride in the middle of your lane for optimal control over your vehicle and maximum visibility.


Traffic on roundabouts have priority.
Give way to traffic approaching from the right.
On roundabouts you hold right of way until you exit.

Parking, signage and road markings

Motorized vehicles must be parked in specially marked bays.
Pay attention to all road signage.
On the roadside, a single yellow line means “no parking”.
A double yellow line means “absolutely no parking”.

Pedestrian crossings

Marked by black and white zebra stripes on the road.
Approach indicated by a large white zigzag.
Prepare to slow down should any pedestrian be waiting to cross.

Safety Helmets

Safety helmets MUST be worn at ALL times.
Safety helmets should fit properly.
Safety helmets MUST be fastened at all times when operating a vehicle.