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Sea glass beaches of Bermuda

Sea glass collection is a hobby that consists in collecting pieces of man made glass naturally crafted by the sea.

This can be fragments of glass bottles, but also of jars and pottery thrown at sea or on the beach by careless people. However, the sea has transformed these pieces of glass and created good from bad. There are three major sea glass beaches in Bermuda where amateurs of sea glass can have the best chance to find some.

There isn’t any beach specifically called Sea Glass Beach, whether in Hamilton or anywhere in Bermuda. The one that is commonly thought of being the best Sea Glass and often mistaken for being in Hamilton is in fact located a mile outside the Royal Naval Dockyard, across from the Naval Cemetery and the Convict Cemetery. Fortunately for those who have a passion for collecting sea glass, this beach isn’t very known to tourists.

This place is actually called Black Bay Beach. When the British Navy was still in residence in Bermuda and in the Royal Naval Dockyard, they had their social facilities near the beach. It was then a habit for them to throw their empty bottles out of the window on the beach or in the sea.The sea glass beach is not suitable for swimming or sunbathing so it is always quiet apart from collectors of sea glass.

Although it is a good place to find many bits of sea glass, this beach has mostly green sea glass, along with white, clear and brown ones. Some people have reported findings of blue and even lavender sea glasses but it is quite rare here. The sea glass beach is completely covered at high tide so time your visit perfectly.

There are two other sea glass beaches in Bermuda, both on the east end of the island. The first is located below the fortifications of the Alexandra Battery, a fort dating from the 1860’s. This is a sea  glass beach well known for the presence of coloured glass.

The beach itself is rich in sea glass, but if you take the time to walk right when you reach the beach park, you will find many more in a cave. However, you will need to make your way through a few large rocks to access the cave. You will be then rewarded with pieces of soft sea glass, brown and amber ones, green and white ones but as well blue and some rare red ones if you’re lucky.

The third sea glass beach you should visit is the Building Beach right next to Alexandra Beach. The access is not easy and you will need to climb down carefully from the road across from a farm and a cemetery on your way to St. Catherine’s Fort. This sea glass beach is not known from the tourists and has many sea glass treasures to offer.

However, the best pieces of sea glass are to be found in the water by way of snorkelling. Or you can walk in the water and fish some with a net.It is better to go to any of these sea glass beaches wearing sand shoes or other shoes that you will not be scared to wet. Indeed, there are many of theses pieces of sea glass in the water or just at the limit of the shoreline.

The Sea Glass Beaches in Bermuda

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