Scooter Rental at Ordnance Island Dock, Bermuda

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Ordnance Island Dock,Bermuda, is one of the two commercial ports of St George’s used by cruise and traffic ships. It is on Ordnance Island, which is part of St George’s town and located very close from the shore, right across from the town’s King’s square.

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Ordnance Island was formed by joining together a few little islands, some of which used for execution in the first years of colonisation. The newly man-made island measured a mere 7,000 square meters and was used in the 19th century as a Royal Army Ordnance Corp depot that was supplying munitions to defence systems around St George’s. It then became a United States submarine base during the Second World War.

It was only after WWII that the island was joined to the mainland and the bridge you use to access to the King’s Square is so beautifully designed that you wouldn’t have noticed it is a bridge if we didn’t tell you so!

But before you go on your way to the town from the dock, take the time to visit the replica of the Deliverance. It was one of the two ships built by the crew of the Sea Venture which crashed in St George’s reef in 1609 and which eventually lead to the start of the Bermuda occupation. Below deck, you will see a small museum showing the life of sailors in the ship. The Memorial Park, opposite the replica, was inaugurated in 1997 as part as the ceremonies for the twinning the town with Lyme Regis, England.

Deliverance replica

The replica of the Deliverance

When you leave Ordnance Island Dock, you enter King’s Square, the heart of St George’s, with shops and historical monuments all around. You can see the town crier ringing the bell and announcing news to the town on Wednesdays and Saturdays, view reenactments of 18th century tribunals sending offenders to ducking stools and pillory, take a part in a candlelight walk, visit the weekly street festival, Market Nights, that occurs each Tuesday with craft stalls, live music and local dancers.

For those who want to see more of the beautiful waters of Bermuda, glass bottoms boats leave from Ordnance Island to explore the ocean and the reefs and you can also ride a glass-bottom catamaran to take you snorkelling through the reefs.

Scooter Rental at Ordnance Island Dock

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