Salt Kettle House

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salt kettle guesthouse

The Salt Kettle House is a well appointed, casual guest house in Salt Kettle Road, Paget Parish, Bermuda. This is a restful, relaxing Bed and Breakfast, where guests are always made to feel welcome.

This beautiful B and B is made up of rooms and warm, friendly cottages. They are ideal for couples, or parties of up to four people. Guests could also stay in a luxury apartment for two people. There are also a couple of double bedrooms available.

The rooms are fully air conditioned and are fitted with their own personal bathroom. They also have their own kitchen and cooking features, apart from the double bedrooms.

The guest house is run by Mrs Hazel Lowe, who is originally from the UK. She will make all new arrivals feel at home. The owner will provide any tourist information you require. This is along with answer any questions about what there is to see and do in the area. Salt Kettle House is close to the harbour and the wharf, where you can catch a ferry to Hamilton parish.

This will allow you to have a pleasant excursion, where you could visit the awe inspiring Elbow Beach. This is as well as taking in 18 holes at the Belmont Hills Golf Club. You could then head back for dinner at Salt Kettle House. This could be just the home base you were looking for, during your trip to Bermuda.

Salt Kettle House

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