Rustico Restaurant and Pizzeria Bermuda • The Best Pizza Is Still Italian

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Located next to the most visited Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo, the pizzeria was born a decade ago after its owner spotted a gap in the market. Odilio Angeli is an Italian from Lake Como installed in Bermuda for more than two decades. During a visit to the Aquarium, he was surprised by the lack of a good family place to eat around such a busy attraction.

So what makes Rustico’s pizza the best pizza on the island? Well mainly the restaurant is reputed for its thin crusted and crispy pizzas. There is no need for extravaganza to make the best pizza, just a great crust, an authentic tomato sauce and some fresh ingredients for the toppings. Rustico’s pizza is Italian cuisine at its best and that is why it is regularly fully booked in the summer.

Rustico is not just the home of the best pizza in Bermuda, it also has numerous pasta, sandwiches, panini, soups, salads, meat dishes and of course fresh seafood from the waters of the island. Add to this some Bermudian dishes such as the fish chowder and you have a brilliant fusion of Mediterranean and Bermudian cuisines. The décor follows the same combination of classic Italian heritage and inspiration of Bermuda, with warm red and yellow hues.

Rustico’s outdoor seating area offers some outstanding views of the typical Flatts Village. It is incredible that no one has ever thought of opening a restaurant here before Odilio Angeli. With the several tourists spots of the area, Rustico always have a good mix of tourists and local families who recognise the quality of the place.

The restaurant will also surprise you with its pieces, overall much lower than the majority of such places on Bermuda. It is common saying that the island can be expensive when it comes to food, but Rustico is one of the few exceptions. Still, you will not be disappointed with what you’ll eat. Another good surprise is the size of the wine list, quite extended for this type of place and with more choice than you would expect.

Following the success of the Rustico Restaurant and Pizzeria, many times rewarded for the best pizza in Bermuda, the owner has started extending its portfolio with the Flying Fish and The Dining Room, two other restaurants. The first is not surprisingly specialised in serving fresh fish, seafood and sushi. Located on Pitts Bay Road, in Hamilton, the Flying Fish offers fresh local fish as well as imported ones. The second outlet, The Dining Room, is in Southampton, by the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. In the premises of the former Lighthouse Tea Room, it serves mainly contemporary cuisine and some of the best views of the island.

In all of these three venues, you can be assured to find the quality of ingredients and cooking that gives the award of best pizza to Rustico. So even if you might be reticent to eat Italian during your time in Bermuda, do not miss this wonderful place and the best pizza in Bermuda!

Rustico Bermuda – 8 Northshore Road, Flatts, FL 08; 441 295 5212;

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